MDC-T on verge of split as VPs boycott meeting

Thokozani Khupe

Thokozani Khupe

Zvamaida Murwira/Nqobile Tshili, Harare Bureau/Chronicle Correspondent
THE embattled opposition MDC-T yesterday inched closer to a monumental split with co-vice presidents Engineer Elias Mudzuri and Dr Thokozani Khupe boycotting the opposition party’s standing committee meeting convened by vice president Advocate Nelson Chamisa.

Eng Mudzuri and Dr Khupe vowed to convene a parallel standing committee meeting today.

MDC-T national chairman Mr Lovemore Moyo, who of late has been playing low key, also boycotted yesterday’s meeting.

There is a serious fight in the MDC-T over who succeeds ailing party leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai, who is in a South African hospital battling cancer of the colon.

Yesterday’s meeting was attended by more than half of the members.

Adv Chamisa has also called for an extraordinary national executive and national council meeting set for tomorrow (Thursday) which according to sources is expected to endorse him as acting president of the party.

The MDC-T co-vice presidents are fighting over who is acting president.

Elias Mudzuri

Elias Mudzuri

Both Adv Chamisa and Eng Mudzuri claim to be acting president.

This come as the MDC-T youth assembly convened a press conference soon after holding a meeting with Adv Chamisa where they attacked party spokesperson, Mr Obert Gutu, who of late has aligned himself with Eng Mudzuri.

In an interview yesterday, Eng Mudzuri said he had called for a standing committee meeting today but slammed Adv Chamisa for calling a parallel meeting yesterday.

“I have called for a standing committee meeting to be held tomorrow (Wednesday) but Chamisa counter-called for the same meeting today. I am the one with the mandate to call for such a meeting as acting president. He is just being mischievous. My vision is to unite the party as mandated to me by president Tsvangirai and my wish is to ensure the attendance of everyone including Dr Khupe who has not been attending such meetings,” said Eng Mudzuri.

He said there was a need for a neutral person to mediate the dispute.

“I will soon be calling for a mediator to find common ground because we want the party to remain united. We cannot continue to have this,” said Eng Mudzuri.

Adv Chamisa said tomorrow’s meeting would end the current bickering in the party.

“We want to get over this bickering and concentrate on building the party and prepare for general elections. The national council, which is an organ in-between congress in terms of the party’s constitution, will put an end to this whole issue. It will define the future of the party. All these issues are now set to be solved on Thursday. The national council is the decision-making organ in between congress,” said Adv Chamisa.

Earlier, the two protagonists had escalated their bickering with blistering statements denigrating each other.

In his hard hitting statement, Eng Mudzuri described Adv Chamisa as too ambitious and trying to usurp power.

He accused Mr Chamisa and his lieutenants of trying to hijack the MDC-T through organising unsanctioned meetings to prop the lawyer as its de-facto leader.

“The shenanigans of fast-tracking Standing Committee, National Executive and National Council meetings by the self-appointed Nelson Chamisa and those who want immediate power at all costs at the expense of unity, constitutionalism and due process and in the absence of free and fair process to democratically make decisions cannot be tolerated or condoned by any right thinking Zimbabwean,” said Eng Mudzuri.

He said he was ready to take drastic measures to keep the party united.

“I will not be drawn into dog fights with my colleagues. No amount of vilification or denigration or provocation will draw me into any exchanges or activities that will tear our dear party apart or derail the people’s hope for a better future. I will not betray my president who has so much faith and trust in me. I am prepared to make sacrifices to keep the MDC-T united and alive. That is the only way.”

Eng Mudzuri said he was not power hungry and if a vacancy arises in the party’s presidency, democratic processes would be followed in electing a new leader.

“When the time comes that there is a vacancy in the presidency, everyone who wishes will have the opportunity to present themselves to the people who will make their choice. I will respect that choice and lend all my support to him/her,” he said.

In a counter statement, Mr Chamisa hit back at Eng Mudzuri defiantly saying he was in charge of the MDC-T with party structures supporting him.

“I’m overwhelmed by the support from all the party structures & organs in all the provinces. Also dealing with the noise from the cockpit! We will be meeting as leadership to find each other and iron out any differences. It is just a must!” Mr Chamisa posted on his Twitter account.

“We shall not be moved by irritating noise and misplaced criticism. We shall not resist good ideas and good advice. President Tsvangirai has given us the charge, vision and direction. We shall lead and we must inspire.”

Meanwhile, MDC-T national youth national chairperson Happymore Chidziva launched an attack on Mr Gutu accusing him of misrepresenting the party position.

Mr Chidziva said the national youth assembly had issued a warning to Mr Gutu that he risked disciplinary action for his conduct.

They laid several allegations of misdemeanour against him.

Mr Gutu declined to comment yesterday saying he was in a meeting.

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  • Tsumele Masenyane

    With due respect to the three protagonists, Chamisa has a compelling message for the people. His articulation ,party’s position on election alliances and just the general way forward for Zimbabwe, Chamisa seems to have it. I don’t see Mr Mudzuri and Ms Khupe being able to articulate the party’s vision the way Chamisa does it! What the other two are not telling us as to how and why they were in Cape Town? This also is the same with the secretary general of the party, Mr Mwonzora. These were all in Cape Town and who was in charge of the party? Ms Khupe had already caused a rift between herself and Mr Tsvangirai by having parrarell meetings on the alliance.Some family members are also worsening the situation by getting involved in party politics,especially the brother who seemed to suggest Mrs Elizabeth Tsvangirai was running around,do you really want your brother to recover or you want him gone

  • Msongelwa.

    No one to blame other than Tsvangirayi for all this mess as he appointed two extra vice presidents for no apparent reason, chaos is now order of the day and I bet my last cent if they will win these upcoming elections because people won’t vote for confused leaders, as for me my vote will be given to someone else this time who I believe can bring better future for our country , Chamisa lacks respect for party elders he can’t be senior to Khuphe and he should understand that this lady was elected at a party congress so how can he try to give her orders, come July Mnangagwa will win elections .



  • Ndlovu4482

    Why is NelsonChamisa anointing himself has e President , don’t they’ve a Constitution to guide them. Chamisa is a Zanu Pf project, let those with eyes see!!!

    • QB

      Very true. Tsvangirai too has no wisdom, he allows circumstances to give him direction. Calling to lead people doesn’t derive from mere human wisdom but God.

    • Wellington

      True this power hungry confused boy is an EDiot project

  • Mike Baramasimbe

    Fools and hypocrites, these MDC politicians. They have shredded their own constitution yet they are clamouring for free and fair national elections!!! National governance? Nope, they don’t deserve this mantle yet!!!

  • Pilato

    While MDC it’s busy fighting zanu is campaigning getting voter registration numbers in rural areas ,the next moment MDC will unite only when they are complaining about rigging ,in just a few months time

  • Mufaro Sibanda

    There is MDC-T, MDC(Welsh), MDC( Khupe) MDC(Mudzuri) MDC ( Chamisa)and MDC (Khupe) with five MDCs you need to organize a vote and lets see who wins.

    There is no way you guys will be ready for the 2018 in July! All is lost because Zimbabwe cannot have five presidents.
    The Nail on the coffin- you blew all the donated funds from your handlers

    Doomsday is nigh!

    • moyoza

      add MDC-Biti, MDC-Sikhala and MDC- Mangoma
      They are all idiots

  • Ntokozo Tshuma

    Its a sad scenario……why are leaders dousing the flame of democracy through these self-centred decisions….please STOP IT you are giving the enemy ground!

  • musa

    like i have always said, mdc is led by EDiots! zany pf will romp to victory with no rigging this time around. another 5 years of zany pf misery…

  • Nkunzebomvu

    Lets work together with ZANU PF to rebuild our nation to attract foreign investors and forget about these selfish power hungry MDCs. Sanctions should be shifted to these MDCs because they have for many years squandered donor funds for their selfish interests without delivering.

  • mkhonto kaNyangolo

    May these MDC-T protagonist, Mudzuri and Khupe join hands with Mujuru Alliance and we will vote for them. Its high time a lady leads Zimbabwe. We want leaders who unite people not Tsvangirai who divides on ethnic grounds. all women arise, use your numbers to vote in another woman, after all mothers care better than men.

  • Wellington

    Movement for Demochaotic Confusion

    Its high time there be a brand new vibrant opposition not tainted by zanu or these mdct Ediots.

  • Guest

    Power hungry Idiots

    Zanu Pf itori nani ine direction


    But why cant they just let Chamisa lead the party towards elections, for now? I mean, lets be honest Chamisa is the only one among the three who has a huge chance of leading the party to victory in the coming elections, owing in the main to his age. He is only 40 and nowadays the electorate loves young leaders – France is a case in point; and just recently Obama.

    Yes Mudzuri is also VP but he is not that well known and he hardly speaks – he is not as visible nor dynamic as Chamisa. Khuphe, might feel slighted and ignored as she has been the party’s only VP in the past but lets be honest, Shona tribalism rules in Zim lets not pretend – she will simply hand over victory to Mnangagwa. So, if we want real change and real Devolution – dont expect it from a Mnangagwa victory; expect it from a Chamisa victory. Enkosi!