Miracle baby survives winter dumping

Baby Nothando after she was rescued

Baby Nothando after she was rescued

Andile Tshuma, Chronicle Reporter
A NEWBORN baby who was stuffed with stones in the mouth, stashed in a black plastic refuse bag and dumped in Cowdray Park suburb in Bulawayo, was found alive.

The baby who was bleeding from the mouth, was rescued by Mrs Sithokozile Ngwenya.

Mrs Ngwenya and the nurses at Mpilo Central Hospital have since named the baby Nothando, meaning the mother of love.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango confirmed the incident.

She said stones were stuffed into the baby’s mouth and she was bleeding from the mouth.

“We are dealing with a case of a newborn baby that was found dumped at a dump site in Cowdray Park suburb,” said Insp Simango.

She said investigations were underway and appealed to members of the public who might have information leading to the arrest of the woman who dumped the baby to contact any nearest police station.

According to witnesses children playing at a rubbish dump on Thursday morning became curious when they realised that there was something moving inside the refuse bag.

“When they moved closer, they heard faint, muffled cries from the baby and ran away to alert neighbours,” said one of the witnesses.

A crowd gathered at the scene, but according to witnesses, they were all afraid to intervene.

Mrs Ngwenya then came forward and ripped open the refuse bag and took out the baby.

“People were scared but I gathered courage and opened the plastic bag and rescued the baby who was shivering as a result of the cold,” said Mrs Ngwenya.

She said she then asked one of the people gathered to fetch her a blanket which she used to wrap the baby before removing the stones from the mouth.

Police from Luveve Police Station rushed to the scene after receiving a report and then summoned an ambulance which rushed the baby to Mpilo Central Hospital.

“I have since offered to raise the baby and the hospital authorities said I will be assisted by social welfare workers who will make assessments before I take the baby under my custody,” said Mrs Ngwenya.

Cowdray Park residents who spoke to The Chronicle said they were shocked by the incident.

The newborn, who has since been dubbed “miracle baby” has been nicknamed ‘MuChina’ due to her light skin by nurses at the Paediatric ward where she is admitted.


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  • meme

    how does a mother manage to do such evil. these little people are so innocent and precious, its insane to think she managed to put stones in her mouth then just dump her like that

    • Thabani Nyoni

      It must have taken a lot of pain and suffering for the mother of this child to do what she did. May God have mercy on her. I wonder where the father is abd what time he had in this.

  • grace mubi

    Thank you Mrs Ngwenya.

  • Wellington

    The evil mother should be hunted and face full wrath of the law, how do you get courage of making a baby that you dont want and worse carrying it for 9months. Well done Mrs Ngwenya you are a hero

  • zimbabwean

    Thank you Mrs Ngwenya, you are a true mother.God bless you.

  • Nhunguru

    Its a matter of time before we get this criminal. Thank you Lord for leading these kids to discover one of ours. Time will tell. I can not personally find it in me to forgive such a character. She will face the law left right and center. She does not know how important a baby’s life is let alone baby did not choose to be on this earth.

  • Ziso

    Some people are devils. The plastic saved the baby. If you wrap yourself in a plastic and breath in it. Heat is created that you can sweat. God protect that innocent baby. The mother is following this. She will be hurt as she sees MuChina making it in life. Hope chando has no effect in her.

  • Dija

    Satani wabvepi ,Satani wajaira..chienda Satani ibva seri kwangu,Satani wakazitora kupi zimoyo rakadai… huroyi at its best