Mnangagwa assures ex-President, family of maximum security

Cde Robert Mugabe

Cde Robert Mugabe

Felex Share, Harare Bureau
PRESIDENT-DESIGNATE Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday spoke to outgoing President, Cde Robert Mugabe, and assured him and his family of maximum security and welfare as he apprised him of preparations for today’s inaguration ceremony.

The two leaders, however, agreed that given the hectic events of the past week and a half, the outgoing President needed time to rest and, therefore, may not attend the inauguration.

He, however, expressed his good wishes and support for the incoming President.

Information, Media and Broadcasting Services secretary Mr George Charamba confirmed the development.

“The President-elect and outgoing President spoke this afternoon firstly for the President-elect to formally indicate that he is now back in the country and secondly to brief President Mugabe on preparations for tomorrow’s event,” he said.

Mr Charamba said Cde Mnangagwa had guaranteed President Mugabe’s safety.

“He (Cde Mnangagwa) also assured the First Family not just of their own security and welfare but the preservation of law and order throughout the country,” he said.

“Both of them agreed that the former President needed time to rest after the hectic events of the week and half that has gone by and that therefore he may not be attending tomorrow’s inauguration. He (President Mugabe) gave the incoming President his good wishes and support.”

Cde Mnangagwa is set to be sworn-in as Head of State and Government, and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces at the National Sports Stadium today.

This follows his nomination by the ruling party, Zanu-PF, for him to lead both the party and Government.

Cde Mnangagwa is taking over from President Mugabe who resigned on Tuesday.

President Mugabe stepped down after the Central Committee, Zanu-PF’s highest decision-making body in between Congresses, recalled him.

The Central Committee said President Mugabe (93) needed time to rest as criminals who had surrounded him were causing chaos in the country.

The volatile situation which was being created by the criminals going by the moniker G40 saw the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) intervening.

The ZDF said the intervention, executed in a peaceful manner, was meant to address a political, social and economic situation that could have ended in violent conflict.

The timely intervention by the ZDF has since been hailed by Sadc and the international community as no blood was shed.

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  • Bongani Dlamini

    early days but we may be headed to worse OR the same OR worse of the same. soyicela isivuthiwe eyembila zantabanye.

  • koka

    no surprises here, Mugabe will be protected because he has ED file as well. ED don’t not have the nerve to unravel the corruption in zanu because his hands are dirty as well.

    • God of War

      Since you know so much; where and what is on the file. Stop writing things that you know nothing of.

      • zibulo

        but we have all seen them opening files for tjhose they fire, meanig the files for all do exist , and are opened when friendship ends !! So wena uthini kanti ????

        • God of War

          Don’t assume, bring facts.

  • musa

    criminals? why are they not in prison then?

  • Joy

    Who is Mugabe`s enemy? Real or Imaginary?

  • Tom

    How can you say Bob was recalled? Zanu could not recall Bob!! They would have tried to impeach him and he could have given them a run for their money if he had the energy but he chose o resign-under duress i dare say. In the circumstances,Ed should not be the one being sworn in today if the truth be told. Mphoko should be the acting pres but isitsotsi! While it may be late to file an injunction there is plenty of time to have this presidential appointment set aside!!

    • God of War

      Go hang moron!

  • modimo moyo

    War vets have protected Mugabe all their life and Mnangagwa was Mugabe `s body guard and Mzenda`s body guard as well but Mugabe wanted to eliminate him in the end

  • zibulo

    USD15 billion still “missing”and the leader of the crooked regime will “be granted immunity” . Immunity agains’t what ? Where did funds to party and Sandton , Dubai , etc come from? What lifestyle are the Mgabes living ?What properties do they have the world over ? Obert Mpofu said “he worships Mgabe, he’s my father” i see hi now sloganeering behind Mgagwaga , hey madoda !!! The Big Question : WILL MGANGWAGWA INSTITUTE COMMISSIONS OF ENQUIRY TO INVESTIGATE HOW WE ARRIVED AT THIS SORRY SORDID STATE ; no currency, industryu closed, looting of Parastatals? Will he ??? Since he was part of the machinery, will he ?WE WANT TO KNOW WHAT MAGBE IS WORTH IN TYERMS OF MONEY AND PROPERTY WEALTH FIRST. Why rush to give immunity ? So the new regime will cover up a lot of dirt, thieving , looting , etc, and this means we are still in the same state.


    Thank you Mr would be president for your concerns, we want one Zimbabwe, one ZANU PF. We don’t want you to take the same root that was being taken to discard people from our party. We still love Mugabe he is Nkrumah of Zimbabwe, of cause he has made mistakes but he does not deserve to be punished he only deserved to be removed from his position. Mr Mnangagwa we remind you that you are nolonger standing for ZANU but for the people, make slogans at rallies not at places where you meet people who are affiliated to you disjointed from ZANU

  • God of War

    Hang them all. As soon as Mgabe is dead, all those promises will be forgotten. If i was DisGrace, i’d sell that dairy asap while she still can