Moyo, Malinga visit Khutshwekhaya

Auxilia Katongomara Chronicle Reporter
ZANU-PF Politburo members Professor Jonathan Moyo and Joshua Malinga yesterday visited former Senate deputy president Cde Naison Khutshwekhaya Ndlovu who is recuperating at his home in Luveve suburb.

Prof Moyo said he was touched when he learned about the 85-year-old’s illness through the media.

Prof Moyo, who is the secretary for science and technology and Cde Malinga, the secretary for the disabled and disadvantaged persons in the Zanu-PF politburo, said the visit was meant to give Cde Ndlovu moral support.

Prof Moyo said Cde Ndlovu’s wife was suffering alone yet the former Senate deputy president had touched the lives of so many.

“I was very apprehensive because I got very worried when I heard it, it was through the media. It was Mrs Ndlovu sharing with the community at large. She was sharing that she was struggling alone yet she knows that ubaba (father) has a national family,” said Prof Moyo.

“Umama (Mother) was asking herself aloud ukuthi izihlobo zikababa zingaphi (Where are his relatives?). We were touched so much, we can’t tell a real story of who we are without people like him.”

He said Cde Ndlovu’s family should take courage and know that they are not alone before offering them $1,000.

Prof Moyo said it was difficult for him to visit Cde Ndlovu’s family alone, which is why he had gone with Cde Malinga who has been updating them on Cde Ndlovu’s condition following the media reports.

“I was apprehensive against that background. I didn’t have the courage to come here alone, so I had to ask my brother (Cde Malinga) to come here with me because he’s the one who had been giving us updates,” Prof Moyo said.

He said it was encouraging to find that Cde Ndlovu was on a recovery path.

“Against that apprehension, I’m happy to find him in this physical state, strong, this is what is called as a fit as a fiddle. He’s not only stronger physically but stronger in spirit. He’s a fountain of wisdom about our political history and liberation struggle. He’s also a fountain of wisdom in terms of our traditions, of who we are as a people,” he said.

Prof Moyo urged fellow comrades to visit Cde Ndlovu and assist if possible saying culturally it is incorrect not to listen when the elderly speak.

“Her words touched us, her words were not wasted. We’re a product of the culture that says when the elders speak we listen. We are proud to have people like him,” said Prof Moyo.

“The best medicine is community spirit and being each other’s keepers.”

He said Bulawayo is one of the best run cities because of the foundation laid by the likes of Cdes Ndlovu and Malinga who are both former mayors.

Cde Ndlovu was grateful saying the money he was given by Prof Moyo will come in handy in buying his medication.

“I’m fine like other people. There’re some people who are sicker than I’m. I’m on the better side,” said Cde Ndlovu.

Cde Malinga said Cde Ndlovu, whom he visits regularly, has greatly improved and enjoys talking about history and the past like every politician.

In an interview earlier this month, Cde Ndlovu’s wife, Sithokozile, said they needed support.

“In times like these, you need support from others. This is seen by visits and even phone calls that strengthens you when your loved one is ill. When it seems like you are alone, it’s tough.

“Khulu (Ndlovu) is a man of integrity and served the country well and he also deserves to have people coming in to visit during this difficult time.”


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  • Jotham

    I doubt that statement. If it is true – why did he die in Govt. as a VP?. You are contradicting yourself.

  • Jotham

    How did he stand against BOBO?.

  • Jotham

    Why don’t you pick a proper name rather than resorting to imitations.