MP in mystery hotel death

The late Cde Edgar Chidavaenzi

The late Cde Edgar Chidavaenzi

Harare Bureau
Mazowe North legislator Cde Edgar Chidavaenzi (Zanu-PF) was yesterday found dead in a city hotel room. He is believed to have been in his 50s. His colleagues said that Cde Chidavaenzi was a diabetic and hypertension patient.

Sources close to the matter revealed yesterday that pathologists examined the body and took some samples for investigations.

They said more details were likely to be released today after a post-mortem.

National police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba confirmed the death of Cde Chidavaenzi yesterday, but could not give details.

“I can confirm the death of Edgar Chidavaenzi and the Zimbabwe Republic Police together with a pathologist are at the scene. Investigations are still in progress,” she said last night.

When our Harare Bureau news crew arrived at the scene last night, several Members of Parliament were milling outside the hotel building trying to figure out what could have caused the death of their colleague.

Police details could be seen accompanied by senior hotel management, running around as investigations continued.

The crew was denied access to the room on the sixth floor as police cordoned off the area and its surroundings to stop people from compromising evidence.

However, sources at the hotel said Cde Chidavaenzi’s body was discovered by the house-keeping team conducting their chores who then alerted their superiors.

Zanu-PF chief whip Cde Lovemore Matuke said the death was a blow not only to the ruling party, but to the government.

He said Cde Chidavaenzi was diabetic.

“He was an engineer and that qualification enhanced Parliament’s oversight, legislative and representative role. He wasn’t controversial but a national builder,” said Cde Matuke who is also Gutu Central legislator.

Mazowe West legislator Kazembe-Kazembe (Zanu-PF), said he was saddened and shocked by Cde Chidavaenzi’s passing on.

He said he had received the news from the Clerk of Parliament Kennedy Chokuda.

“I received a call from the Clerk of Parliament around 6pm. He said there is an emergency and that MP Chidavaenzi has died. Chokuda said he had to alert me because I’m the legislator for Mazowe West Constituency,” he said.

“We’re yet to find out what really transpired and I’ve noticed that his other relatives are here. His wife is yet to come. I’m told she will be arriving soon.”

Wedza North legislator Cde David Musabayana (Zanu-PF) said he was in disbelief since he had spent the previous day with Cde Chidavaenzi in Parliament.

“It’s painful. I was with him yesterday in Parliament during the question and answer session. He rose from his usual sitting position, to make way for one of the deputy ministers and finding an alternative seat in the house. Cde Chidavaenzi looked happy and I’m traumatised to hear that he has passed on,” he said.

Mutasa Central MP Trevor Saruwaka (MDC-T) said: “It’s sad to lose one of our sociable MPs who interacted with everyone across the political divide. Personally, I had a healthy relationship with him and he was also part of the sports team in Parliament. He was one guy who enjoyed sport and I was recently encouraged by him to participate. May his soul rest in peace.”

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  • Mpisi

    Only in a country run by Robert Gabriel Mgodoyi do you find people who die from diseases that can be controlled , disgusting!

    • MakhosiXamu

      Death all affects all, even your Pink Gods, the Brishity with their technologies , dead bodies are spilling in their graves, ulibhetshu lo muntu.

      • Joe Bloggs

        Its funny how people like MakhosiXamu think. you are running away from reality and introducing immetial issues. What have the “Pink Gods” and the “Brishity” (and I assume you mean white British) got to do with with people dying of controllable diseases? Just be objective in thinking MakhosiXamu.

        • Zebron Dube

          He is a mad man. I think his sister was married to a pink pig.

        • MakhosiXamu

          Diabetes is killing millions in England/USA and other European countries. What is exceptional in this case. Ungabo tsheka so early.

          • Mpisi

            Do not display your ignorance in this forum. Asifani lawe owathola umsebenzi lowo wobuntulo ngoba unyoko waye pipwa ngushefu weZANU.

          • MakhosiXamu

            Mpisi you are such a pathetic commentator. Why do you insult people outside this platform?. I can insult your parents as well and don’t fool yourself by assuming I am not capable. I greater respect for women…. therefore I will not insult your mother cause I no coward. I will insult you in person – uyinja mgodoyi olo bhova. Uphila sa ngulube yeganga. I don’t work for Zn(PF) or any political party. If ever I worked for Zn(PF) I wouldn’t be in a position to insult war veterans. Inengi lama war veterans( you included) liyizinja …… you asssume that ngoba lagaxa imi bhohbvho kule abantu aba ngcono – people who must be hero worshipped every where. You were not forced to go empini. You volunteered to go. Voluntary work is never paid for.

          • Mpisi

            Ok, you can wipe your tears now, I know your feelings were hurt. I was in a bad mood.

          • landulwe

            pipi mpisi kutheni

          • mbolton

            a foolish zanu peee f dog

      • Zuze

        Oh shut your mouth gwababa. Why do you connect everything with these people? You need your head read. You are like a scratched record.

        • MakhosiXamu

          Why are you protecting the Pink thugs

          • Zuze

            Don’t you see how foolish you sound speaking seeing a white ghost in every corner? What has that got to do with the article at hand? You go on and on about one stupid song PINK PIGS PINK PIGS what about the black pigs


          • Dooks

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          • Dooks

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      • mhlathutshekile

        Let him die, die for ever, at least he died in a hotel. my father was killed ngokugigwa.

        • MakhosiXamu

          All humans die. No one can stop the death of another person. Ukubana ufele phi……. is not the issue. Njalo ubulewe yini. Changes nothing. What I don’t subscribe to is the mockery of another person who has passed on. All of us(those still living) …….. we don’t know what will take our lives. Are you going to die through murder/ accident / fire/ food poisoning/ being shot …. the list is endless. Are you going to die in a hospital?. Doctors and nurses hovering around like mad bees in a hive. Are you going to die in a Hotel?. Like what happened in this case. Udliwe yi ngewnya?. Death comes in various forms. We were created never to last forever here on earth. So don’t like fool in the public domain, mgodoyi. Wena you must live forever so that you have a good register of all deaths here on earth.

          • Mpisi

            What is your take that Robert Gabriel Mgodoyi and his whore Grace Mgodoyi benefitted from the $15 Billion theft of Diamonds from Chiadzwa?

          • MakhosiXamu

            The President is the one who suspected that these diamond mining companies looted. You are twisting issues in order to sound like a sane political person of sound maturity. Mujuru(the divorcee) got 10% stake from those companies and other gold mining firms- remember this amounts to billions of USA Dollars. That issue of $15 billion is an amount stolen by Mujuru and Morgan Tsvangirai in order to fund their upcoming election campaigns.

          • Zuze

            What a liar you are. Where does Tswangirayi come into it? The man is battling to buy a scud.

          • MakhosiXamu

            I hope Blarazonke is not your brother. You sound the same. MT battling to buy a scud?. Grow up man was paid handsomely by the former Mayor of Gweru- the $186 000,00 being the rate payers’s money. The man is living pretty for your information.

  • Jonso

    Government and hotels in their own land. Is this not one area which draining state coffers.? How much is the government loosing in hotel bills annually instead of just building state houses. May his soul rest in peace.

  • Yimi Engikhulumayo Phela

    Ofileyo ufile phansi kumanzi siza mgebhela.

    • MakhosiXamu

      Death is no joke – Uyinja .

  • Department 6

    shame, what was he doing at eh hotel in the first place?
    why are they not naming the hotel?

  • blarazonke

    Lets hope there was no lil girl in that room. I know of someone who died like that and they found a condom on his pipi.

    • ntaba kayibhodwa

      l also suspect the same

      • blarazonke

        Kkkkk, blue pills and a weak heart….boom..

    • MakhosiXamu

      Wild assumptions……… that are basically meant to please the Pink thugs of Europe.

      • blarazonke

        Jotham as usual.

      • ntaba kayibhodwa

        maybe he over did something, okungumuntu kuseqa laye engathi uphezu kwebhalabhala umuntu omdala angasala ephila khonapho

  • my zanupf

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  • malubimbi

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  • Zololo

    Uyazi abantu abafana loMakhosixamu bafana lempukane. Muntu uhlala entshuma sonke isikhathi lokho kungenziwa ngumuntu obhadhalwayo ukuvoxa ingxoxo.