Msipa hails Politburo Team appointment

Dr Cephas Msipa

Dr Cephas Msipa

Kamangeni Phiri Midlands Bureau Chief
ZANU-PF Politburo member Dr Cephas Msipa has applauded the revolutionary party for making a bold move to nip factionalism in the bud by appointing 10 Politburo members to oversee processes leading to the revolutionary party’s 6th National People’s Congress in December. The veteran nationalist said the decision was welcome as it promoted unity and fairness within the party.

Said Dr Msipa: “The 10-member Politburo committee was recommended to the Politburo by President Mugabe himself and we accepted it. It is a decision that augurs well for unity within the party and it ushers in a spirit of team work. This committee cuts across factions as it promotes unity and fairness within the party.”

The 10-member team appointed by the Politburo to supervise the Elective congress preparations is made up of Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa (Midlands), Cde Sikhanyiso Ndlovu (Bulawayo), Cde Cleveria Chizema (Harare), Cde Dzikamai Mavhaire (Masvingo), Cde Didymus Mutasa (Manicaland), Cde Sydney Sekeramayi (Mashonaland East), Cde Nicholas Goche (Mashonaland Central), Cde Abigail Damasane (Matabeleland South), Cde Obert Mpofu (Matabeleland North) and Cde Ignatius Chombo (Mashonaland West).

The 10 will be leading teams made up of provincial chairpersons, women’s league and youth wing chairpersons as well as Politburo members from their respective areas.

Dr Msipa urged party members to give unity a chance by allowing the committee to perform its duties.
Some party members had expressed doubts on the effectiveness of the committees in dealing with factionalism, intimidation and vote buying ahead of the Elective Congress in December.

Dr Msipa allayed fears of the committee leaders promoting interests aligned to their factions.
He said there would be checks and balances in the teams.

“We are all equal as politburo members. It doesn’t matter to me who leads the committee. The teams are well balanced and factionalism is not an issue at all. We are still to see our terms of reference but we should give it (the committee) a chance. This is an effort to unite people. It is a very significant effort in my view. We are bringing people together for the good of the party, government and the country. I personally see no reason why these committees should fail to attain their objectives of uniting people. For example, in the Midlands, Cde Mnangagwa will lead our committee and when he presents his report to the Politburo, we will be there as Politburo members,” said Dr Msipa.

In mid October, Dr Msipa called on President Mugabe to decisively deal with factionalism to avert a possible breakaway by disgruntled members.
Dr Msipa, who was a key player in the Unity Accord negotiations between Zanu-PF and PF-Zapu, said factionalism linked to succession was rendering the party dysfunctional.

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