MSU lecturer ‘killer’ discovered wife was cheating since 2015

Fred Nyamhanga Shavi

Fred Nyamhanga Shavi

Patrick Chitumba, Midlands Bureau Chief
MIDLANDS provincial education inspector Fred Nyamhanga Shavi (64) who last year allegedy murdered his wife of 14 years, Ms Netsai Ncube, a lecturer at Midlands State University, said he discovered she was cheating on him in 2015.

Shavi of Southdowns low-density suburb in Gweru yesterday told High Court Judge Justice Martin Makonese who is on circuit in Gweru that he discovered in November 2015 that his wife was having an affair.

Through his pro-deo lawyer Mr Esau Mandipa, Shavi who is facing murder charges, has pleaded guilty to a lesser crime of culpable homicide.

He is arguing that he killed his wife in self defence after she tried to attack him with an iron hoe in their bedroom following differences over extra-marital issues.

Shavi said he married his wife in 2001.

“Their marriage relationship was a good one until 2005 when the deceased started to behave differently in that sometimes she would come home late at night and sometimes she would not come home. It was clear that the deceased was engaging in an extra-marital affair. Towards the end of November 2015, the accused discovered that the deceased was having an extra marital affair with one Prosper Maburo. He engaged the deceased over the affair and she promised to stop the relationship,” said the lawyer.

Shavi said when the two continued with the affair, he engaged Maburo but nothing changed.

He said he also engaged his pastor over the same issue and asked him to talk to Ms Ncube.

“During the evening of February 26 last year, Pastors Xmas Mutero and Artwell Tapera went to the accused’s matrimonial home together with the deceased so as to solve the marital problem between the two. Some discussions were held but the deceased said she wanted more time to think about the issue before the pastors left around 9PM,”reads the defence outline.

“My wife later joined me in bed after a long time. She later went to the toilet where she again took a long time before coming back armed with an iron hoe which she raised to hit me on the chest while I lay in bed. I blocked the blow before grabbing the tool and hitting her back.”

Prosecutor Mr Mirirai Shumba told the court that on February 27 last year at house number 33 Wentworth Road in Southdowns, Shavi had a misunderstanding with Ms Ncube after suspecting she was cheating on him.

The court heard that Shavi struck Ncube three times on the head using an iron hoe before she fell on the bed.

“After the attack on his wife, Shavi fled to Sanyati, leaving the deceased in a pool of blood and later phoned Pastor Mutero instructing him to go to his home where he found Ncube lying in a pool of blood.

Pastor Mutero then rushed the injured Ms Ncube to Gweru General Hospital, where she later died,” said Mr Shumba.

He said Shavi later handed himself over to the police in Sanyati.


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  • dingani

    Shavi has to pay 23 head of cattle to try and stop ngozi on time, we are Africans he knows the consequences of deliberately killing someone than sending her back to her relatives, why take the law into his own hands.Once the family seeks the services of kamwelo banda asazi

    • makhosi

      Are you worth 23 cattle? C’mon.

      • Tormenta

        That’s not the significance of the cattle – you Westernized fool

        • makhosi

          Then what’s the significance sir? We sometimes call it relief.

  • dingani

    what example is he setting to the children at his age

  • moven mahachi

    kavalelwe afele ejele, he killed someone, he should face the gallows

    • MakhosiXamu

      BUT they mitigating factors that need consideration.

  • Jotham

    He should have just divorced swiftly and moved on.

    • big


    • MakhosiXamu

      when emotions run high no person can think in a rational manner. One’s senses returns when the crime has already been committed. from the story the man tried his level best to solve the challenges with his wife. Educated women are by and large a big problem when it comes to illicit affairs.

  • makhosi

    ”Self defense” by hitting 3 times on the head and fleeing the scene. The defense counsel has mammoth task.
    Typical crime of passion.

    • Ton van Der Parker

      Five years !!! Really would you feel that was fair justice if it was your sister? He deserves to be sentenced to death if not life in prison with hard labour. Make him work in Road building for nothing.

      • makhosi

        What if it was really self defense? Don’t mention my sister! are appealing to my sorrow and not justice, c’mon.

        • Sibbs

          He is the one who was having extra marital affairs with different women. Doing it at home while the woman would be in spare bedroom. This man is a liar. If you come to Gweru and by chance meet a reliable source, you will get the whole truth. He must rot in jail.

          • makhosi

            Unfortunately the ”whole truth” does not work in court, only evidence.

  • nhlambabaloyi

    abadala abanje balamanga egxenye wamtshayela ukuthi waye ngafidanga untikolotshe kkkkkkkkkkkkk