Mubaiwa eyes PSL top post

kenny Mubaiwa

kenny Mubaiwa

Grace Chingoma Harare Bureau
DYNAMOS president, Kenny Mubaiwa, has revealed that he is vying for the Premier Soccer League chairmanship and will be among the candidates submitting their papers before the nomination closes. A candidate needs at least two clubs to support his nomination papers. It was not clear yesterday whether the acting PSL chairperson Peter Dube will contest for the post.

Yesterday Mubaiwa said he believes the time is ripe for him to lead the PSL. “I can’t really say much at the moment as I’m going to submit my papers tomorrow (today) and only then would I be at liberty to talk about it.

“But I feel I should give it a try and go for it. My papers are in order and some clubs have already nominated and seconded my signature though I can’t name the clubs now but maybe tomorrow (today) after submitting my papers there won’t be any problems in doing that,” said Mubaiwa.

In the last PSL election in 2014, Mubaiwa contested against Twine Phiri and he was trounced after garnering only three votes. Phiri got 12 votes. One club did not vote.

It could not be established yesterday whether Phiri will be among those fighting for the post because, as it stands, his candidature might be deemed to have flaws given that he is neither the president nor chairman of Caps United.

The Green Machine president is Farai Jere while the chairman is lawyer Lewis Uriri and, according to the PSL constitution, they are the only ones who can decide to fight for the PSL chairmanship.

Meanwhile, elections for the leadership of women football have been scrapped. This follows a ruling made by the Zifa Constitutional Review chairman Itayi Ndudzo.

“Little regard has been given to the provisions of the Zifa Constitution which ought to be the sole guide in understanding the apex governing structure of women’s football in Zimbabwe,” Ndudzo wrote in his advice to the Zifa Board.

“Which entity of women’s football is recognised as a member of Zifa? “Article 10 of the constitution exhaustively lists the members of Zifa. Any claim of existence as a member of Zifa outside the article is obviously baseless .

“Article 10(1)(i) of the constitution unequivocally states that an entity known as The Zimbabwe Women Soccer League is a member of ZIFA. There is no other body of women in football that enjoys ZIFA’s membership except the sole and exclusive Zimbabwe Women Soccer League (“the league”). Any other body that claims an existence or a leadership cannot be recognised by ZIFA if it is not the league.

“It is only members of ZIFA that are listed in Article 10 that enjoy the rights provided in Article 12 particularly participation in the supreme and legislative bodies of ZIFA, namely the Assembly.

“For the avoidance of doubt the constitution specifically provides in Article 21(1)(u) as read with Article 21(4) that, the four female football delegates to the ZIFA congress shall all be from the Zimbabwe Women league. This is exactly the sole member of ZIFA established in Article 10. The 62 Delegates to the ZIFA Congress are all exclusively drawn from members of ZIFA. What merely varies is the number a member can bring, with the league allowed four members.

“As a member of ZIFA, the league further enjoys the right to appoint one female person for installation by the Congress into the ZIFA executive committee in terms of Article 32(1) as read with Article 32(6) of the constitution. The same person also automatically becomes the chairperson of a standing committee of ZIFA established as the Women’s Football Committee in terms of Article 41(1)(f) as read with Article 47 of the constitution.

“The Women’s Football Committee is responsible for organising women’s football competitions and deals with all matters relating to women’s football. It is the supreme and central body for women’s football and is only subordinate to the ZIFA executive committee as a standing committee. It is distinct but related to the league in two ways:

“1 — Its chairperson is appointed by the league by virtue of the effect of Article 32(1) as read with Article 41(1)(f). “2 — Its deputy chairperson and three committee members are appointed by the Executive Committee on the proposal of the league or the president of ZIFA as per Article 41(2).”

He also outlined what can happen when conflict arises.

“The constitution pre-supposes the existence of a legitimate, functional, orderly and sole league from which the appointment of a person to the executive committee for installation by Congress and the proposal for appointment into the Women’s Football Committee is made,” said Ndudzo.

“In the event that there is any confusion or conflict on the status of the league, the ZIFA president can lawfully propose to the ZIFA executive committee the deputy chairperson and three members to constitute the Women’s Football Committee in terms of article 41(2) of the ZIFA constitution.

“Whereas Article 41(2) when read in isolation gives the impression that the ZIFA president can also propose to the executive committee the appointment of the Women’s Football Committee Article 32(1) as read with Article 47 precludes the president from appointing the chairperson of the Women’s Football Committee.

“In the worst scenario the lawfully appointed Deputy Chairperson of the Women’s Football Committee can at best be the acting Chairperson.

“The important question to be asked is wether there actually exists one legitimate, functional orderly league? If the honest answer is yes then it is solely that league that can act as the electoral college for appointing a person for installation by congress as a member of the executive committee who then automatically chairs the Women’s Football Committee.

“Equally that league must be the body that appoints four Congress delegates, the deputy chairperson and three members of Women’s Football Committee.

“However, if the answer is in the negative, then the ZIFA executive committee must promptly put measures to have such a league with the ZIFA president making the proposals for appointment into the Women’s Football Committee as discussed in detail above.

“Claims of the existence of a so-called Zimbabwe Women’s Football with affiliate regions, structures and ‘councillors’ constitute total hogwash in terms of the constitution. Elections, appointments, revocations, decisions and battles within that ZIFA unrelated entity are absolutely of no legal consequence to ZIFA.”

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