Mujuru ready to accept West funding

Nduduzo Tshuma Political Editor
FORMER Vice President and Zimbabwe People First leader, Joice Mujuru, yesterday declared that her party was open to Western funding, confirming allegations before her sacking that she had sacrificed her soul on the altar of regime change agents.

Speaking in an interview with South African Broadcasting Corporation’s SAfm radio station, Mujuru also revealed that they were willing to “make friends” with anyone in the world.

In the interview which started on the false premise that Mujuru left Zanu-PF when in actual fact she and members of her cabal were expelled from the revolutionary party over allegations of plotting to topple President Robert Mugabe, Mujuru said they had approached and been approached by some people around the world to back them.

Asked who was funding her party Mujuru said: “We’re a wholly Zimbabwean party. We’re going to look after ourselves, we’ve Zimbabweans within the country and we’ve Zimbabweans who are working outside the country so we’ll look after ourselves.”

Pressed if they were getting any funding from Western agencies, Mujuru said: “Not as yet, if we’re going to get anybody who will come with a gesture then why not, we’ll accept.”

Mujuru said her party was going to make friends with all those that are ready to make friends with them.

Asked who in particular, the former VP said: “World over. A lot of people have approached us and we’ve approached a lot of people.”

In a bid to justify her machinations ahead of the 6th Zanu-PF national People’s Congress in 2014, Mujuru said:

“When someone tells you that there is one centre of power which is not what we fought for, we fought for majority, we knew it was you and I, we are very important in what we do in the formation and development of the country and it had been long forgotten.

“ It was all me, me,me me, my party and my people and once you hear someone talking about my party and my people, you begin to wonder whether it’s a private thing or whether he is talking in terms of being the leader of the country or you would then have to conclude when you see that a lot of those he fought with or a lot of those he was with in the liberation movement are now beginning to be victimised, then you will begin to know that all that you fought for is now going down the drain. (Sic)”

Mujuru, in the interview punctuated by stutters and incoherent statements, went on to allege that the President initially silently and subtly “clung” to power until 2013 to 2014 when everything came to the fore.

“I can’t say which year exactly but it can’t be just in 2014 but it was being done silently, it was being done in a subtle manner and so on but all of a sudden in 2013-2014, it reared its ugly head,” she said.

“Some of these things, you know, when they are said and as a party you begin to dispel them by showing people that no, no, no, the policy of the party is that we go for elections, the policy of the party is that we use the majority decisions and so on and you begin to believe what the party has always been telling people, teaching the people or have been campaigning about. Only in 2014 when they started talking about one centre of power, that’s when it was real to some of us. (Sic)”

Ironically, Mujuru was part of respective party conferences and congresses that since independence endorsed President Mugabe as the First Secretary and sole candidate representing Zanu PF in the Presidential elections.

She also claimed to have initiated projects around the country, one of them being the Bulawayo Kraal in Binga which was recently rescued from near collapse by First Lady Grace Mugabe.

Under Mujuru’s watch, the project almost folded with critical equipment to start the irrigation project being stolen and vandalised.

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  • Brigadier Siyasutha Belamba

    This is plain nonsense ,what is wrong with receiving Westerrn funding? The Mugabe government is currently receiving more funding from the West than East.Even the anti-sanctions gospel is meant to enable Zimbabwe to access more Western funding
    Is the West not feeding our poor?Why do you want to be used as propaganda tools all the time.Most Zimbabweans have secondary education and wont swallow this nonsense.Why not onterogate the Mujuru economic policies vs ZANU-PF policies so you enable Zimbabweans to make the right selection.We are not fools madoda kanti kutheni lixova kanje.

    • N. Sithole

      The journalist is the opposite of what is contained in your name. The tragedy of it is that he doesn’t see it. Uyalamba abanye besutha but kakuboni. Each time I see your name, it reminds me of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. What a novel!

      • Dr Fayke PHD

        Well said

  • Asa

    I dont see anything wrong with what she said.

  • samas

    Only daft people can listen to this rubbish.Zimbabwe has been in isolation for years now.What have we achieved other than poverty.Multi million pound question why are we using the usd????? I have always said the fall out between mujuru and Mugabe is not because she wanted to kill him.Mugabe our living spirit bless him hates to admit that he has failed.He hates policies that will make Zimbabwe prosper.He knows the more especially Zimbabweans suffer the more he stays in power.All men and women in zanupf are cowards.Thats why some big men will always say “G40 a group of 4 namely moyo,kasukiwere and zhuwawo “scared to even mention grace.Joyce had the balls to challenge him.

  • Lunga

    So what if she receives funding from abroad?This article is a waste of time.

  • cde cher

    The report is excately what Mujuru said, & the other facts about her are true. Stupid people can not tell the difference between a
    traitor & a revolutionary. Mujuru just stinks
    and only idiots will respect that frog. Zimbabwe has better people to take over from Mugabe than these oppositipn wolves being cheered by a few idiotic people.

    • World Citizen

      As long as the “better people” are silent when they are needed to speak out against this ZANU government they are useless. Which better leaders do we have in this country? At least Mujuru is standing up to be counted. She could have chosen to stay in Dotito and farm but she is taking the monster head on. At least if you want to argue have some suggestions instead of just opposing for the sake of it

  • Good stuff

    Excellent Mujuru! hope you can remove these current bumbling idiot clowns running the circus here!