Municipal cops threaten to shoot sheriff official

Gweru City Council municipal police wrestle with a deputy sherrif official after service vehicles had been towed away from the Town House yesterday

Gweru City Council municipal police wrestle with a deputy sherrif official after service vehicles had been towed away from the Town House yesterday

Midlands Bureau
GWERU City Council security guards yesterday threatened to shoot an official from the deputy sheriff’s office as he tried to attach the local authority’s vehicles over $69,000 owed to former workers.

Police picked up two security guards for questioning following the scuffle at the revenue hall.

The Chronicle observed a senior official from the deputy sheriff’s office only identified as Kapfudzaruva desperately trying to escape from the clutches of the council’s cash-in-transit security officers.

“We don’t know you. You could be a robber. We’ll deal with you,” one of the security guards shouted.

The deputy sheriff had already attached more than 10 vehicles including Toyota Rangers and Toyota Hiluxes belonging to the directors of finance and acting chamber secretary. Refuse trucks and inspection vehicles were towed away at around 9AM, bringing service delivery to a standstill.

The chairperson of the commission running the affairs of Gweru, Tsunga Mhangami, was at a loss for words over the development.

He cast a lonely figure at the Town House car park, watching as the service vehicles were being towed away. He said he knew nothing about the writ of execution.

“I know nothing about this. I’m shocked,” is all Mhangami could say before calling an emergency meeting.

However, it was later established that council lost a case against 10 of its former workers at Go Beer Breweries Company.

Sources at Town House said the former workers, led by Professor Bhebhe, took the local authority to court demanding $69,000 in outstanding salaries, bonuses and back pay.

Go Beer Breweries, which was wholly owned by the City of Gweru, shut down in March 2014 due to technical and financial constraints.

Go Beer Breweries employed 188 employees full time and more than 20 on contract.

The company comprised a brewery, 13 beerhalls and numerous outlets in and around Gweru.

The city council is saddled with a $33 million debt to service providers and workers.

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  • Abel Ntakana

    All these vehicles just to raise $69000? Hope the Sheriff’s Dept in Gweru is not as corrupt as the one in Bulawayo. ONdebele in Bulawayo are rotten to the core. Apart from charging way above the prescribed rate they are also rude and they do not send summons on time. They also give defendants bad advice to delay court due processes so that they keep on making money. How does someone advice the defendant not to file a plea so that the plaintiff sends a ‘request for a plea’. Abalamakhanda la madoda. Abulawa yikunatha emsebenzini.

  • vusumuzi

    i have said before that City Council Officials are employed on conditions that fit Scarce Labor, which is a fallacy!!! Same applies to Parastatal Bosses!!. For an Institution like a City Council , struggling to survive viably , to splash such luxurious vehicles to officials , knowing very well that little reveune comes from Rates due to our self-destructed economy . The salaries , they are public matter , need to be published so that Citizens see how they are being screwed by Authorities both in Councils and Govt/Parastatals . We have a lot of retrechees and graduates who are qualified and experienced to work in these Organisations for even half of what they earn and be better productive than these thieving bastards. All Councils used to operate viably till oyr Economic mess , with BCC and Gweru running beer production and selling to finance a lot of operations, gone are those days. I repeat my Question; Why are Posts in Concils offered to workers as Scarce Labor thus attracting all these unneccessary vulgar SALARIES AND PERKS OF FORD RANGERS ETC??? The labor market situation is that there more Supply of all Types of Labor now , therefore the Price of Labor which salaries and perks should be low !!!!. Thoise who employ will not enforce this as it will affect them as well so they will let the status quo of milking citizens prevail. Wake up you so-called Educated Zimbabweans. Lidliwa libhekile njemamatemba!!!!

  • theza

    the workers should be compensated

  • Concerned Citizen of Zimbabwe

    lafa elikaMthania sibhekile, Lo owaletha ukuhlupheka ngulowowadalimali esithi uletha ukuhlakanipha ngayo lemali thina sithwelubuzima. Abalemali yibo ababhebhayo, Baya jabula abadla izambane lika mpondo