MURDER IN JOBURG: Three Zimbos to appear in SA court

Thupeyo Muleya, Beitbridge

Three Zimbabwean men and a South African woman are expected to go for trial at the Palm Ridge High Court in Johannesburg on 4 April, charged with killing two Zimbabwean women, raping three others and kidnapping 28 fellow countrymen in South Africa.

Charles Cecil Brewer (36) aka Boss, of Nketa 7 in Bulawayo and his South African wife Madida Petition Sicelo (30) aka Sister accompanied by Jaheni Luphahla (28) aka Satan of Old Lobengula in Bulawayo and Phathumuzi Sibanda (27) of Emakhandeni in Bulawayo are accused of committing the crimes between 30 May and 11 July 2015.

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The four have already been languishing in remand prison since their arrest in July last year and were denied bail at the Thembisa magistrate court in Johannesburg before the matter was transferred to the High Court. The matter has however been dragging on as the accused struggled to get a lawyer after dumping free state legal practitioners. Sources close to investigations said the four have since been positively identified by six victims.


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  • ryan

    Lock them up for good and throw the keys in the Indian ocean

  • This side of X.

    Three ‘Zimbos’???
    Come on, regardless of what the articles is about, is it okay to call Zimbabweans -Zimbo’s…
    it sounds a bit derogative, and has a tinge of xenophobia attached to it’s ‘meaning’. or are we calling all Zimbabweans……’Zimbos’ from now on?

    • vusumuzi

      every nation , whether white black brown or whatever , has a nickname for other nations. Its known. Here in Zim kulamaSwina , amaDwiti , its a TRUTH govt pretends is not there but it will always be there, and futhi as long as they force other Tribes on Others , it will exist perpetually !!. Funny enough it was kept low-key by all tribes and never reared its ugly head in Zim till ZANU came

  • Tonde

    Even before i read the story i already knew that the suspects would be Southerners!

    • Ghost of Sparta

      I wonder how you were brought up?

      • Mvuzo

        Wena tonde you are suffering from hatred and you need to learn to be objective in your approach of issues.Do you mean to tell me that you are so shallow in airing views or you are being provocative deliberately?

        • vusumuzi

          he is not suffering from hate. He is just enjoying rouble-rousing and the way you will respond , as he feels it makes him a centre of attraction!!!. Respond t him and he feels high. Ignore him and he comes with more of this, just try it IGNORE HIM AND HE WILL BE FRUSTRATED.

          • Tonde

            Thanks for the free psychoanalysis. Mush appreciated!

    • Wolves Witches and Giants

      My cousin was kidnapped by these malaitshas in a Ford Bakkie at Musina. Shona/Ndebele driver, 1 pedi speaking south african and 6 kalanga/ndebeles. He was taken to Hillbrow near The Summit Club and held there for close to 18 hours till we deposited R 2000 via Shoprite.
      What did people say about Gukurahundi again?

    • vagician


  • my zanupf