Murder, suicide in domestic row

The Pumula South house in Bulawayo where the murder-suicide occured

The Pumula South house in Bulawayo where the murder-suicide occured

Nqobile Tshili, Chronicle Correspondent
A COMMUTER omnibus driver from Bulawayo’s Pumula South suburb allegedly murdered his wife before committing suicide following a domestic dispute on Tuesday afternoon.

Mlungisi Moyo (40) allegedly strangled his wife Thandiwe Sibanda (33), a nurse, with a wet towel before using a piece of wire to hang himself on the roof trusses of their bedroom where he had locked the two of them inside as they fought.

The incident occurred at the height of 16 days of Activism against Gender Based Violence whose aim is to promote peaceful relations between men and women.

It is alleged that the couple started fighting around 3PM and when the noise died down, one of their five children called out to them but did not get a response.

One of their neighbours reported the case to the police who attended the scene after 7PM and removed the bodies towards midnight.

Yesterday neighbours were still in shock over the incident with relatives claiming to be in the dark over what could have led to the tragic deaths.

A Chronicle news crew arrived at the house around 11:30AM yesterday and found both the Moyo and Sibanda families discussing the matter.

Moyo is said to have left a suicide note.

“He wrote that both of them should be buried at their rural home and they have a funeral policy which will take care of the expenses.

“Police have also encouraged us to work as a unit,” a relative was overheard saying.

A family spokesperson who identified himself as Mr C Moyo said the families had no idea what caused Moyo to kill his wife and later commit suicide.

“We don’t live here and we only came after learning about this tragedy. We don’t know Mlungisi as a violent person. This could just be a dark cloud over this family,” said Mr Moyo.

One of their neighbours, who is also a pastor at a local church Apostle Nehemiah Madzivanyika, said he learned about the tragedy after one of the deceased couple’s children raised  the alarm.

He said the child approached his family informing them that his parents who had been fighting in their locked bedroom, were no longer responding.

“I sensed that something bad could have happened so I decided that we drive to Pumula Police Station and report the matter. After reporting, police officers accompanied us.

They had to break the door and the woman’s strangled body was lying on the bed while he was hanging from the roof trusses,” he said.

Apostle Madzivanyika said the couple was having serious domestic problems and Sibanda was on the verge of leaving Moyo.

He said she had already sought a protection order against Moyo who she said had threatened to kill her.

Apostle Madzivanyika said last Friday Sibanda left her matrimonial home and returned to her family in Nkulumane.

He said she only returned on Tuesday, the day of the tragedy.

“We’re told that Moyo called her saying the children wanted to see her but when she arrived he locked her in the bedroom and killed her before killing himself. This is a very sad situation. They had scheduled a counselling session with me today but unfortunately Moyo could not be patient,” he said.

Apostle Madzivanyika said the couple had not known peace for a very long time describing Moyo as a violent person.


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  • cele

    Commuter omnibus driver married to a nurse! The,tragedy befell them the day they married. The psychological disparity between the two is too wide to lead the driver to suffer from inferiority complex.

    • Bongozvozvo

      Indeed, vele kakuhambelani ngitsho.The malayitsha may not have heard the proper social training of handling any conflict decently because of the environment he operates in and how his sub-culture believes violence is the peacemaking tool in most conflictual situations. I have seen many failed marriages where a lady lawyer married a money changer-cum-dealer and the relationship was atrocious. After three children, the lady lawyer walked out of the marriage simply because she could not endure the inferiority complex the dealer suffered from. The tendency is a man tends to feel inferior when the woman he is married to commands a higher paying job, holds a position of authority and has a much visible profile than the man. Those elements on their own incubate high undercover pressure of mistrust, fear, jealousy and outright hate in cases where the man may also not be well educated. Compounded by ignorance on the part of the lumpen husband, the marriage tends to succumb with time. If the problems have been diagnosed quickly as n this case, the wife must have chosen a neutral venue where they would have met as a protection order had already been given and this was evidence enough that all was not well in this family. Death threats from either party in a volcanic marriage must be taken very seriously at all times.

      • Masvingo Zimuto

        Parents, please do not allow your daughters to be married to commuter omnibus drivers. Those people have no respect. The way they drive, the way they talk to you as parents. Its not about how much they earn no. But its about discipline and respect. If your daughter is going to be married to security officer or city council street sweeper who are also lowly paid it is okay.
        A few years ago we read in this same newspaper a lady who had a degree in accounts and was employed by the city council at the revenue hall was also murdered by his boy friend who was a commuter omnibus driver leaving a baby behind.

    • God of War

      You are very right. Omnibus bus drivers are known for their very low IQ and having a nurse for a wife was just too much for that fellow.

      • Danny

        Your low IQ makes you think nurse can’t be married to an omnibus driver.

        • God of War

          This is exactly what i meant; look at you, your mother a nurse married your father a gardenboy and look what they produced. YOU. Your IQ is even less than your useless father if you even know who he is.

          • Danny

            Do you even know what IQ means? Please don’t expose your ignorance.

          • God of War

            Go ask your mother what IQ means. Moron

    • Ras Makate (Mutunhu une Mago)

      I know of a commuter omnibus driver who holds a Bsc Economics and already working on his masters program, a result of the economic meltdown and prevailing unemployment in the country. Iwould suggest that we don’t be judgemental and look down on others before verifying facts…

  • qondani

    The child who heard them arguing must tell what they were saying it’s so sad lives have been lost

    • Unathi Makhetha

      Fuseki wena mdidi wakho the child is traumatised yet you’re suggesting they ask her shiet, shiti yomuntu

      • qondani

        Ungthethiselani u don’t even know these people saveza sika yihlo lento eyafetshwayo. Ishiti ligwayana likanyoko eliyingudule. Ukhulumile akuzwileyo manje. Uzbambe

        • Maphila Samuel Nhlabatsi

          Are taking beta blockers? If so, this medication causes medium to severe erectile dysfunction.This then explains your frustrations.