Murdered woman’s family demand 11 cattle

Sukulwenkosi Dube Plumtree Correspondent
THE family of a Bulilima woman who was allegedly stabbed to death by her boyfriend is demanding 11 head of cattle as compensation for their daughter’s death.
Jabhisani Sibanda, 39, of Ndolwane allegedly stabbed Doubt Nleya, 33, eight times all over the body and ripped her stomach open.
Nleya’s employer is also demanding a goat and 200 rand for cleansing his homestead, it has emerged.

A close relative said the families met on Wednesday to discuss the matter.
“The Sibanda and Nleya family have been at each other’s throats ever since the incident occurred. The Nleya family is demanding 11 cattle as payment for their daughter’s death but the Sibandas are refusing to pay,” area counsellor Ian Matiwaza said.

He said the Sibanda family was denying responsibility for their son’s actions saying he was a grown up man.
Matiwaza said the Sibanda family boycotted the meeting.

“The Nleya family thronged the Sibanda homestead and caused a scene as they exchanged harsh words in public,” he said.
A member of the Sibanda family said his family had made it clear that they would not give in to the demands of the Nleya family.
“We will not be held accountable for our son’s actions because at the time he committed this offence he had fled from home. The deceased is the one who took him in willingly and decided to harbour a criminal at her home,” fumed the relative.

Sibanda allegedly killed his girlfriend after she dumped him and refused to have sex with him.
Sibanda allegedly stabbed Nleya in full view of her employer’s two children aged four and nine.

Villagers who were alerted by the screams of the two children found her lying dead in a pool of blood.
Sibanda was arrested and found in possession of two knives. He appeared in court and was remanded in custody awaiting trial.

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