Must you follow every trend? Absolutely NO!

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Yoliswa Dube

IT was at Private Lounge Night Club, the venue for the Harare International Carnival Samba Night 2015, that I decided once and for all that the T-shirt slit dress was just not my thing.

It was in October and by then, the trend had people going crazy but I still couldn’t get my head around it.

After seeing this woman at Private Lounge wearing this dress with a pair of leggings and sandals – I was absolutely sure I didn’t like the dress.

She had the front part of the dress tied in a knot and I could tell she really felt good about herself.

Then she started dancing to Jah Prayzah’s Eriza, I kept staring, unashamedly.

That knot was distracting as it moved back and forth while she danced.

It was like an extension of her stomach. Actually, more like that extra layer of fabric women would tie around their waists as they danced to kwasa kwasa music back in the day.

Just for the definition – to ensure the waist is undoubtedly visible and for the illusion that you’re dancing better than you actually are.

I just couldn’t figure out how anyone would think this was a hot trend.

I mean, people wore the T-shirt slit dress with not only leggings but shorts and even skirts.

It went with high heels, Converse All Stars, sandals and practically any other pair of shoes you can think of.

All because Beyonce had appeared in a video wearing it did women go crazy with the T-shirt slit dress?

It’s not the only piece of clothing I failed to understand.

There are many other fashion pieces that I’ve really let slip past me and it’s quite okay.

It’s not just clothing.

I still can’t stand eye-liner especially when it overlaps the eye and looks like something around the eyes of a leopard.

Besides the fact that it makes my eyes teary, I just don’t get the obsession with which women will paint their faces black with that pencil.

Same thing with mascara – do we really understand its purpose? That it’s meant to define your eyes and not to be applied randomly.

Just the other day, someone was doing a poll about long artificial toe nails on Facebook.

It really wouldn’t be shocking to see some women embracing this trend. But will I? Certainly not!

Right now, I’ve noticed how earrings resembling those worn by the Masai people of Kenya have become quite the hot thing to wear.

It’s great if you like them but you really shouldn’t be pressured into getting them because the next person has them.

Fashion is not all about copying trends you see on television or from the next person.

Of course we don’t live in a vacuum and are bound to get inspiration from our various interactions but the last thing you need is pressure.

Decide on your own whether or not you like a particular trend. If you’re not feeling it – it’s really okay, no one will crucify you for choosing not to join the masses.

This will be aided by your ability to be true to yourself and your style.

There’s nothing as rough on your pocket as trying to buy every new thing you find on the market.

Sometimes sticking to the basics and buying one or two elaborate pieces is all you’ll need.

Just make sure you’re fresh and clean and you’re good to go.

Fashion keeps evolving and you really can’t keep up with every single trend that comes your way.

Going into 2016, keep your eyes open for what’s new and what’s fresh but remember – you don’t have to get something because it’s the in thing.

Decide whether or not you actually like it before you spend your hard earned cash on something you’ll probably wear just once.

Don’t feel pressured by the people around you and what they’re wearing. When you go clothes shopping, ask yourself this: must I follow every fashion trend? Remember the answer is “absolutely no!”

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