Mutsvangwa lashes out at Moyo

Lovemore Mataire Harare Bureau
WAR veterans leader Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa has launched an unrestrained attack on Zanu-PF politburo member Professor Jonathan Moyo, accusing him of leading a faction in the party and fomenting disunity.
Cde Mutsvangwa said leaders without institutional memory and emotional attachment to the liberation struggle were behind the current disharmony in the revolutionary party.
Cde Mutsvangwa, who is the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association chairperson and also the Minister of Welfare Services for War Veterans, War Collaborators, Former Political Detainees and Restrictees, accused Prof Moyo and other unnamed leaders of trying to “refashion” Zanu-PF.
“There’re certain people with dubious histories who’re causing divisions in the party. Like all opportunists, all these so-called G40s (Generation 40s) must have the courage of their convictions and form their own party like what Morgan Tsvangirai did. They must not try to appropriate a party that so many people worked and died for, to refashion it into their own images,” said Cde Mutsvangwa.
He said some “arrivists” with “overblown egos” had hatched a plan to purge all former freedom fighters in the vain hope of one day taking over the revolutionary party.
“There’s a certain professor who thinks that the status and glories accorded to him in the party and with an overblown ego thinks that he can one day be the leader. He suffers from mental amnesia about his truancy at the crucial stage of the armed struggle [war of independence],” Cde Mutsvangwa said.
Cde Mutsvangwa claimed the so-called G40 was the brainchild of Professor Jonathan Moyo, the Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development who penned an article advocating a new shift in Zanu-PF politics to embrace the youth as a strategy of survival — a population demographic he dubbed ‘Generation 40’.
“The criteria for its identification and existence can be traced to the person who authored it. It was in an article, which recently appeared in the Press, where the same professor talked about the G40. How do you deny something which has been penned by the person who organises it? How do you deny it for him?” Cde Mutsvangwa said.
He said Prof Moyo and his associates were irreverent to those who fought the war in the 1950s and 1960s, and was patronising young people in order to claim leadership based on age and experience as he could not confront his peers.
“We’re not surprised that he’s brazenly questioning the ethos, conduct and inheritance of a war which he absconded from, which he was a coward to fight. Now he wants the glory of that victory to become his pedestal to become a new power broker in Zimbabwe.
“We’ll not accept Moyo as a power broker in Zimbabwe. If he wanted to be a power broker he should’ve remained throughout the struggle and, if he had remained in the struggle, I want to question whether he would’ve remained with his life, because in the struggle, there was a lottery for lives and many people perished.”
Cde Mutsvangwa said the vote of no confidence recently passed against him by the Mashonaland West provincial executive was of no consequence as the people behind it lacked knowledge of party procedures and ethos. He said the vote of no confidence was an extrapolation of power as he was a direct appointee of President Mugabe.
The war veterans’ leader said some young and ambitious people were taking advantage of the vulnerability of some former freedom fighters wallowing in poverty to instigate divisions within the association.
In a statement on Monday, Prof Moyo said Cde Mutsvangwa had “gone rogue in pursuit of not just a factionalist agenda but also a desperate succession plot”.

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  • Zimbabwe Forever!

    Hear, hear, Cde Mutsvangwa!

    Given the disloyalty within the ruling party the only honest outcome would be to let the people decide between ZANU-Baba, ZANU-Amai/G40/Ndonga, ZANU-Ngwena and PF-Mujuru.

    I trust the people to make the right decision!

  • Department 6

    knowing that ZPF unites to fight MDC-T…how are the going to win when they are fightinh each other like this…..truth be told the G40 does not see the future in the ZPF old(er) guard and the old ZPF does not see the G40 in the past/
    so here they are today (present) fighting. today its a war of words but tomorrow blood has to flow
    People Firt/MDC-T get to feed on the corpses//

  • Cde Castro (AO1978)

    Dear Kiristofa
    It with is deep sadness that I write this short letter in response to your comment above. For someone of your calibre to try to cover up for your past misconducts during and after the war by castigating Professor Moyo is an big insult to all Zimbabweans especially those who know you very well. Remember how many people you ruthlessly murdered during the war with some families that you heartlessly burnt alive in their thatched rooms. We were fighting against the imperialists not ordinary which you took pleasure in hearing their scream in the midst of burning houses. After independence everybody knows of your ZBC scandals which rendered the corporation beyond redemption. Who are you today to accuse Professor Jonathan Moyo of factionalism within ZANU PF when you yourself is chairing those meeting day and night with little charambas trying to push for E.D Mnangwagwa to be the next president. Who told you that President Mugabe is going to die before Mnangwagwa for you to start your treasonous moves. We are watching you and you will soon regret all these things. We have been quite for sometime when you have been ranting of your liberation credentials as if you were the only person fighting for liberation. Concentrate on trying to ostrocise yourself from the evil spirits of those you needless killed during the war not to come and tell us your rubbish. Nobody is buying your story even if you climb on a mountain.

  • Mixed Race

    This minister will soon understand how brainy people can destroy him and his semi-skilled war vets.We are here to give J Moyo total morale support to neutralise this vocal minister and his war vets.He praises a little war collaborator for trying to act big when he is really worth nothing politically.The problem is that these people lack common sense and wisdom to foresee what is happening around them.Without J Moyo, that party would be greatly weakened.Now that the defamation laws are being repealed,more stories about these dubious politicians will surface to expose them about their claimed war hero status.