Mutsvangwa, Moyo war escalates

JONATHAN MOYOPamela Shumba Senior Reporter
A verbal war between Zanu-PF Politburo members Professor Jonathan Moyo and Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa escalated yesterday with Mutsvangwa challenging Prof Moyo to go for a DNA test, claiming the Tsholotsho North MP was the son of the late Zanu (Ndonga) leader Reverend Ndabaningi Sithole.

Cde Mutsvangwa was addressing representatives of war veterans, ex-political detainees and restrictees during a regional stakeholder consultation workshop in Bulawayo when he fired his latest salvo at Prof Moyo, claiming the Higher and Tertiary Education Minister was a chameleon, whose life needs to be unpacked.

In an earlier interview published by NewsDay last month, Mutsvangwa said Moyo was Sithole’s nephew, which the denies.

Cde Mutsvangwa, who appeared to be responding to media reports that Prof Moyo had threatened, through micro-blogging site Twitter, to take him to court, added: “I’m ready to go to court.

Jonathan should shut up and stop commenting about the war. He went to America to follow his father. I’m now told that Sithole is actually his father. I want him to go for a DNA test and prove that he’s not a member of the Sithole family.

“Just yesterday, I was talking to a member of the Sithole family. Jonathan’s stepmother has relatives who went to war. They know of Jonathan visiting Waterfalls in Harare, his father’s home. He’s a family thief. His stepmother says he stole some radios and other things when he left for Tanzania and the United States,” said Cde Mutsvangwa, who insists he has a clean record after Prof Moyo accused him of “being famed for stealing female underwear” during the war of independence in camps in Mozambique.

He added: “I can’t have a personality clash with someone who was not at war. All I know is that he’s trying to talk ill about the war veterans. Just because he’s Sithole’s son, he thinks he’s royal blood, therefore, President Mugabe must defend him.

He went to war thinking he will become a commander. When Sithole was removed, his dream of becoming a commander was dashed so he left the war.

“We had to embrace people like Jonathan because the enemy had become so strong.

“We had to broaden our front. We’ve gone through this before and we’ve enough experience of how to deal with such kind of situations. This is a new challenge, but we have seen worse before, where chancers come in and try to subvert an organisation.”

The war veterans leader said as a diplomat, he related well with everybody except for Prof Moyo, whom he claims wants to be a dictator in the party.

“He’s a stranger to the war and we’re not worried about him. Zanu-PF is a very strong party. I relate well with everybody except for some Professor who’s creating divisions in the party.

“He can take me to court; I’ve no problem with that because that’s where he’ll be exposed. These are things that I don’t apologise for as the chairman of war veterans. We can’t have people from nowhere dictating what should happen in the party and the Government,” said Cde Mutsvangwa.

When reached for comment Prof Moyo described Cde Mutsvangwa as a psychiatric patient adding: “Please don’t bother me with nonsense from a person who clearly needs everyone’s prayers as each day he opens his mouth he sounds like a serious candidate for Ingutsheni (psychiatric hospital).

“When a chap starts telling you different things about the same thing on a daily basis, you know he has stopped taking his medication.”

Prof Moyo added he will not be “scared by a guy who plays Rambo 36 years after the struggle”.

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  • Zarura Zimbabgwe

    Political bantering, so that they can loot even more; else its divide and rule from puppeteer Bob.⁉

  • Nhene Ntamonkulu

    Yes in the meantime looting continues. they are dedicating all the the energy to nothing but looting while barking at each other. It makes one imagine coward dogs at night.

    • Observer gonzo

      They may have learnt the practice of public insults from ZIm1 himself – just as his verbal insults to the West escalated recently. After all the insults to the “white faced, pink nosed bullies” & their NGOs only to return home and declare a state of disaster for a broke Gvt to mobilise aid…come on guys, nothing is being achieved just like the two learned id**ts above are doing. Only embarrassment and unnecessary alienation and suffering. Interestingly as Zim1 was hurling insults at the west and their NGOs, Chiefs in Masvingo where on ZTV begging Gvt to to seek aid from the same NGOs to save their starving populace.

  • rupiah

    what if the allegations being made by mutsvangwa are true, that the guy is ndabaningi’s son

    • Zebron Dube

      If he is Ndabaningi’s so so what? Maybe the two are even stepbrothers so what? These are just two clowns in a circus.

  • Bambanani

    Yasuka yahlala………..!

  • Department 6

    these verbal tiffs are meant to divert attention from the ISSUES that are affecting the ordinary citizen.
    this meant for us citizens to forget our hunger, being broke. they are busy ‘fighting’yet we are buring//

    • xhiba

      thats a good point dept 6 kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk and they should not forget the peoples bonus

  • Mahlabathi

    Mutswangwa is definitely insane. if politics can damage some people’s faculties then Mutswangwa has gone bananas.

    • Zuze

      They are both insane.

      • rupiah

        Mutsvangwa has let the cat out of the bag

        • Mbikokayise Masuku

          Mutswanga is just going made because Jonathan is ndebele, why cant he take on the like of Zhuwawo and kasukuwere,

          • rupiah

            is he not ndau?

          • Mbikokayise Masuku

            What we know is that both Jonathan Moyos Parents are from Tsholotsho, you can dispute this if you are Mutswangwa yourself, Ndabaningi is 100% ndebele both his parents were Ndebele he was born in Mguza they relocated to Chipinge by whites to pave way for their farms, Most of those people in Filabusi, Lupane, Vic falls, Mberengwa, shabanie, Chipinge were moved from area around Bulawayo from Mguza to Matopo hills and Insiza between the 1930s and 1940s,

          • Mbikokayise Masuku

            Ndabaningi Sithole was born in Mguza

          • rupiah

            lam trying to look at the point being raised by Mutsvangwa that he is the son of the late Ndabaningi, we cant just brush it aside because this could be hidden information of someone trying to dis associate himself with his blood relatives. Moyo has to come out and clear the atmosphere

          • rupiah

            ungakhangelisisa isiphaqa salo ubaba ubuye ukhangele esika ndabaningi ungaphose uthi kuleqiniso

          • Mbikokayise Masuku

            ayikho leyo Umoyo uzalwa ko Mswigana, but the generaly accepted truth is that Jonathan Moyos parents separated when he was young and his mother then moved to Bulawayo where jonathan grew up and attended Mpopoma high school, thats time when his mother had an interaction with Sithole

          • rupiah

            you see from what you are saying there could be some truth from Mutsvangwa’s allegation, parents separated, mother meets Sithole, khonapho ungani sesilibambile iqiniso, maybe they separated because of Sithole’s son kkkkkkkkkk

          • Mbikokayise Masuku

            No he is not Sotholes child, myself somehow Im related to Jonathan moyo kodwa sihlukana ngezindlu,

          • rupiah

            but if the mother happenned to be near sithole and these allegations emerging, we now need to see at least a photo of the late Sithole and we compare. May be the elders know more about this. Okulempondo akufihlwa emgodleni bakithi, even the intelligence of the two says something, so it means’ leadership runs in their family’kkkkkkkkkk. l doubt if Mutsvangwa is lying he is merely releasing the truth so that it doesn’t remain worrying them in their hearts

          • Mbikokayise Masuku

            Mutswanga is really not sure, what he only knows is that Moyos mother was interacting with Sithole, but he is not really show what was putting them together of which myself im not prepared to tell you also, but what i can tell you is that Jonathan was born in tsholotsho and grew up with his mother in Bulawayo, you must also remember that Jonathan used to hide his true identity in the 90s most people didnt know whether he was shona or Ndebele he didn’t want people to know that he was from tsholotsho, it only surfaced on his CV when he was in South Africa,

          • rupiah

            but the photos, the similarity kkkkkkkkk

          • orange chileshe

            Hold your laughter. The circus is still pitching the tents. Kkkkkk

          • Mbikokayise Masuku

            What I know is that Jonathan moyos mother was close to Sithole,

          • orange chileshe

            Point of correction: Ndabaningi was born in Nyamandlovu

          • Mbikokayise Masuku

            Nyamandlovu is under Mguza

          • Bhonklanti

            teach them PROPER HISTORY and the Chigwedere bullshit

          • xhiba

            just recently we heard the former Minister Chigwedere owns tikoloshes and now these revelations

          • rupiah

            l have always wondered why some people in chipinge have ndebele names maybe what you say could be true that the sitholes were moved from umguza to chipinge by the whites

  • Mbla

    Lets clean our party continue shooting Mutsvangwa

  • Mbla

    This youngman has gone too much

  • Mbikokayise Masuku

    Ozonda omunye kambulale,

  • clement moyo

    I think Jonathan is right, Mutsvangwa looks a complete psychiatric patient with a schizophrenic condition. He speaks and behaves lunatic like. I also think there is something wrong with the so called war veterans organization who claim to have liberated some country somewhere and I honestly don’t know which country that might be – how do you elect a leader like Mutsvangwa and expect to remain relevant and objective. It all comes together so well – they are just a bunch of fools who gather to think and speak air. The unfortunate part is that this all happens at the expense of the nation. Some have never even touched a gun in their lives yet they earn money monthly for contributing in a war and Gods know what war that was.

  • clement moyo

    Poor Mutsvangwa – he cannot fit in Jonathan’s league – he is too small a boy. Jonathan may be a bad apple but he has far too much guts to be compared with Mutsvangwa. Kaguli lokhuyana nje okunye lokhuyana – hayi ngitso lokhuyana okunye lokhuyana. Mbone engathi.

  • Nkulu

    This Mustwanga chap must tell the nation what they did with Moyo’s daughter. The silly chap seems to threaten people with removing them. The bloody Zanu Pf thug. Mustwanga your sins are catching up with you, igazi lontwana elambulalayo lisilwa loy Ioyise selisilwa. As for Moyo, your prayers and singing on that sad day was heard by the Lord. He is a consuming fire and will avenge for you.

  • mtshayisa

    Jonso is alive.Nkosi sisize siqondane lezinto ezakhayo.

  • Zololo

    For sho prof he has skipped his medication kkkkk

    • xhiba

      who of the two

      • Bhonklanti

        Chris has NOT been taking his meds

  • truths

    Honestly analyzing the 2, Mugabe BY NOW MUST KNOW THAT THIS MUTSVANGA IS a true psychiatric case. Ever since he became a Minister, he has never said anything meaningful except verbal nonsense. The war veterans are in need of a lot of assistance in serious economic issues and this idiot is busy shouting nonsense like someone who takes zed. Even his wife’s voice is so hoarse, that proves a lot of alcohol abuse by this couple. Proff Moyo, continue with the sterling work you are doing at institutes of higher learning and leave this mental case to doctors.

  • Mugavimbi_Naledi

    khwezelani kosane bantu ….!!!!

  • Lunga

    Bwahahaha!!airing the dirty sh*t in public!!chickens are coming home to roost!

  • Membathisi

    Most of the Sithole people are very brilliant,very articulate and so on.So what is all this noise about? Just carry out a survey of the Sitholes- very brilliant people!

  • Membathisi

    If it is possible,Prof. J.Moyo should just ignore these insults from Mutsvangwa.I doubt whether serious minds pay that much attention to Chris except as one to regale the political fraternity-nothing more.

  • Mkhokheli

    I am really surprised why national media continue to give this Christopher guy space to talk rubbish when the whole nation is concerned about drought and the state our economy. Since when did Professor Moyo start being and economic blue print to an extent that all dogs are barking his name. Last week it was little charamba (secretary) and this week it is another sick Christopher wimping like puppies at the shadow of Professor Moyo whom everyone in his normal senses knows that he is the brain behind the very existence on ZANU PF. Let is be known that Professor Jonathan Moyo represent the future, and I don’t know what these lunatics (chrisopher & charamba) stand for. We are tired of their rubbish!

  • Mdavi

    If Jonathan Moyo is indeed the son of the late great Ndabaningi Sithole so what? How does that affect our modern politics? What is it that the Matsanga want to achieve? I say to Jonathan soldier on and prove them wrong, if they think they took you back in ZANU PF so you can assist them fight their perceived enemies and they won then they are obliged to tow your line! Batshele! Use a shot stabbing spear (an assegai) and remain armed while them fools think throwing long spears will finish you yet its them who remain unarmed. I personally would be happy if one would say Ndabaningi Sithole is my father or uncle and can’t imagine myself being alleged to be distantly related to either Matsanga and Charamba! Ngingavuka ngiwisa inkunzi ngisiya geziswa umnyama!


    when a person starts to tell you different things about the same things, its a sign of a serious pysch problem. Bayethe Jonae – you are really a prof

  • Jojochenjera

    I don’t particularly like both of these pretenders (Moyo and Mutswanga)…my gripe is that they are both petty and vindictive. Going to war is not a license to disabuse anyone. Every Zimbabwean was affected by the liberation war, in one way or the other. For Chris to claim monopoly over it’s narrative is just unfortunate and narcissist

    • truths

      idiot, someone started this, and if you were following its Mutsvangwa, the man hates the Prof to unprecedented levels, but its high time the Proff hits back and expose this lunatic thief.

      • Jojochenjera

        Idiot is your mother!

  • magents

    Zanu must fall

  • Bhonklanti

    Deal with that fool Prof. Show him that he is a small boy…..

  • blarazonke

    Mutsvangwa needs cleansing. Too much innocent blood was spilt. He still suffers from post war trauma and it’d have been good to keep far away in China. But then prof Moyo has reduced himself to the same level of an idiot. Ppl can’t see the difference now.

    • qili

      lam on mutsvangwa’s side, he seems to be speaking some sense

      • blarazonke

        He seems to fantasize everything. But then he was the first one who destroyed the Mujuru chopper heroics myth and put her down to earth. Now he is bringing this Ndabaningi ( a sell out) link to try and bring down the prof. Lets see wht happens during the next poliburo meeting. Some will definitely go down via suspensions.

      • blarazonke

        His loud mouth will fell him very soon like a gum tree. I guess thats why they found him unfit to represent the country as a diplomat and dump him into some useless puppet ministry.