Mutsvangwa’s woes continue to mount…war vets drop chris

Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa

Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa

Nqobile Tshili Chronicle Correspondent—
FIRED War Veterans Minister Christopher Mutsvangwa has lost his position as chairman of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWA) as former freedom fighters cannot be led by someone who has been suspended from Zanu-PF, a senior official said yesterday. The Minister of Welfare Services for War Veterans, War Collaborators, Former Political Detainees and Restrictees, Retired Colonel Tshinga Dube, said war veterans should hold an emergency meeting to elect a new leader following Mutsvangwa’s suspension from Zanu-PF for three years for gross misconduct and disloyalty.

The Politburo found Mutsvangwa guilty of undermining the authority of Zanu-PF’s President and First Secretary, and insulting the First Family. He will not hold any party position during his suspension, though he can remain a Zanu-PF member and National Assembly representative.

The announcement by Rtd Col Dube comes as a blow to Mutsvangwa who told a private weekly newspaper that he does not care about political appointments after he was sacked as War Veterans Minister, but was content to be Norton MP and ZNLWA chairperson.

Rtd Col Dube said war veterans should elect a new chairman after their proposed meeting with their patron President Robert Mugabe. “They’ve to elect a new chairman. I’ll only facilitate the process as their Minister. This will happen after the meeting with the President. They should elect another chairman because they can’t work under someone who has been suspended from the party,” he said.

Rtd Col Dube said war veterans should be patient if they want to hold a meeting with the President. “Meeting the President should be taken seriously. You can’t just decide that today or tomorrow you want to meet the President. You should have an agenda first not to just say you want to meet the President, for what?” he asked.

Rtd Col Dube said infighting among war veterans must end if they want their grievances to be addressed.

“They should stop going after each other’s throats. We’re planning that their meeting be turned into a conference so that it may take a day or two. We will invite other ministers like for example the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Lands and the Minister of Mines so that we can address their problems. All this can’t happen if they’re divided,” he said.

Mutsvangwa told a privately-owned weekly newspaper that President Robert Mugabe cannot be trusted following their meeting last week.

“The man I had trusted and served for 40 years was no longer there. I came out unsure of whether I could hang onto his word. I left with a distinct feeling of mistrust,” Mutsvangwa was quoted as saying. War veterans’ council of elders’ member Cde George Mlala blasted Mutsvangwa saying his statements were tantamount to insulting the President.

He told The Chronicle war veterans still believed in President Mugabe and those defending Mutsvangwa were free to join him as the association has no business working with people who are against the President. “These are insults directed at the President. The generality of the war veterans can’t accept that.

“If you’re saying the President can’t be trusted, it’s simply unacceptable,” said Cde Mlala. He said Mutsvangwa should return to his senses because only a drunkard could utter such statements about President Mugabe who is trusted by Africans at large.

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  • Brigadier Siyasutha Belamba

    Comrade Mlala let us suppose that Mugabe is promoting Ntoimbizodwa to take over from him when he retires would you still trust the President?I think all can see that this is what is happening and we accept it with our eyes fully open. In other ways we want Grace to inflict the same misery on our people for another 40 years!Heyi Madoda

    • MakhosiXamu

      Uyindoda yolahleko, shame.

      • Mugavimbi_Naledi

        Actually kukhohlakele wena MakhosiXamu ….
        And what a fitting second part of your name too … perhaps true even if you didn’t plead it, as you have just done here!!!

        • Zuze

          He is a cross between uXamu and uNtulo

          • MakhosiXamu

            Ndoda wangisukulela nje kutheni?.

          • Mgoli

            Uyazisukela wena wedwa akekho okusukelayo. …

  • musa

    & mnangagwa just sits there like a duck while his backers are being decimated left right & center. #crocoduck

    • MakhosiXamu

      What a funny analysis from an idiot.

      • musa

        jotham, you can change your name a million times but you can never change your character

        • MakhosiXamu

          You are imagining things- You are entitled to your dreams

          • musa


      • Mgoli

        Actually u r d funny one

  • MakhosiXamu

    Mutsvangwa has a holier than thou attitude. It serves him right. He had grown too big for his boots. He was acting like a War lord in the bush. No body is better than or bigger than the masses who perished during the war. Jabulani Sibanda is laughing uncontrollable right now. Kikikikikikikikikikikiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

    • Zuze

      Bakukute njani wena Nwangu.

      • MakhosiXamu

        You meant :Ndwangu?.

        • Zuze

          No Nwangu. It’s a Ndwangu without a D.

  • blarazonke

    Poor Mutsvangwa and Monica. Next, they will take the multiple farms and then pick out the dusty files which Mujuru was referring to. And then jail time or would he rather go the Midzi way? The pharmacists should not allow him to buy any blue liquid from now onwards. But then they could sell a whole drum to him and we won’t care much. (even Albert Mutasa wouldn’t)

    • majetsha

      takambozvitaura izvi kuti makwidzwa ndege yemashanga vaMutsvangwa. kana musisadiwe munofumurwa saizvozvi. asi ngenyi mai Chatunga vachingofarira kutuka maWar Vets. Pane akambodya sadza kumazoe here varume tiudzei.

      • blarazonke

        kkkkkk, wataura chishona chakadzama. But I don’t think kuti pana akapiwa sadza regunhere. Maybe chimutsa ne dako.

  • samas

    What if the war vets vote him back,what is going to be the situation.If I was Tshinga I will play my cards right.Think of what happened to Jabu,simply because he didn’t agree with Grace,he got kicked out.Now Grace goes around insulting war vets”No-one asked you to go to war” and when Mtsvangwa who at one point thought he was the best cried wolf,he got fired.How are you going to react when on her next rally dhe calls you an idiot for not kneeling for her.Stop throwing stones ,your house is made of glass.The so called G40 are in control.Monica only said that kasukiwere can’t involve himself in women’s affairs,forgetting that in one article I once read he was referred to several times as gay,and she got fired.Never celebrate for getting a zanu post unless you leak grace’s feet.

  • Manti

    Has any one of you read the book called THE EMPEROR on Haile Selassie….Its exactly the same thing happening in Zim….Alfa and Omega shit….divide and rule..vurayi maziso Ana Jabulani vakozosvinura vakunze kikikiki toko….Ana Mutswangwa..

  • Mugavimbi_Naledi

    OMlala … unguMlala vele wena kumbe unguMarira? Kanti ukuwumana ke … sokutheni?

    all we want to know is when these Zanoids will start KILLING EACH OTHER!! That’s all … including getting rid of the Mariras or Malas of our time …

  • mike Ndlovu

    Let dog eat dog we fed up with this party thank God it’s dying a natural death

  • Mdavi

    Oku Mutswangwa sokuphonguthi bori bori amehlo angathi lijuba selisuzile!

    • Mafira kurewa

      ah Mdavi lijuba selisuzile

    • Zololo

      Kkkk hayi wena uyaziwumanela shem

  • zwanalema

    loosing zanu pf membership does it take away being a war vetran

  • Lunga

    Who really gives a damn about this crap anyway????

  • guest

    bhu ntwi fushu, bhu ntwi fushu, bhu ntwi fushu,ngahleka ngaze ngasuza