Mutuma divides Highlanders

Former Dynamos striker Rodrick Mutuma (second from left) trains with the Highlanders camp after joining the outfit at Barbourfields Stadium, Bulawayo yesterday. — Picture by Dennis Mudzamiri

Former Dynamos striker Rodrick Mutuma (second from left) trains with the Highlanders camp after joining the outfit at Barbourfields Stadium, Bulawayo yesterday. — Picture by Dennis Mudzamiri

Sikhumbuzo Moyo, Senior Sports Reporter
THE Highlanders executive is deeply divided on whether or not to sign temperamental former Dynamos hitman Rodrick Mutuma, who trained with the Bulawayo giants yesterday morning.

Sources said club treasurer Donald Ndebele and secretary-general Emmett Ndlovu are against signing the wayward forward, while acting chairman Modern Ngwenya and committee member Wisdom Mabhena want Mutuma.

The anti-Mutuma camp is pointing to the striker’s wayward behaviour despite coach Erol Akbay declaring that he would deal with it.

Ngwenya rubbished claims of division within the executive over Mutuma, insisting that negotiations with the player are still in progress.

He said the Bosso coach first wanted to have a look at him in action before coming up with a concrete position.

“The coach has openly told us that he wants the boy although he needed to see him first which he has done today, so we will stand guided by his input,” said Ngwenya.

Akbay expressed satisfaction with the lanky Mutuma after a two-hour training session at Barbourfields Stadium, with the Dutchman boldly declaring, “keep this guy, he fits into our high tempo football”.

He was responding to questions from the media following the training session after being asked about what his recommendation to the Highlanders’ leadership on Mutuma would be.

The Dutchman also said he would have wanted big Francesco Zekumbawire, as he felt his combination with Mutuma would be ideal for Highlanders who are eyeing their first Premiership title in 11 years this year.

“The two guys would have been perfect for us; one has speed and aggression, while the other’s precision in front of goal is superb. Unfortunately, Zekumbawire has since signed for ZPC Kariba, but I hope we will be able to sign Mutuma,” said Akbay.

A source said if results do not come their way, Akbay and his technical team can always argue that the executive failed to give them the players they wanted after Gift Mbweti, who was top of his wish list, ended up at FC Platinum and Zekumbawire joined ZPC Kariba.

Well placed sources within the Highlanders’ system however, said Mutuma could become a victim of football politics involving the continued suspension of club chairman Peter Dube by Zifa.

“It’s a clear case of flexing muscles here at the expense of Highlanders. We have third forces that are sympathetic to Dube and believe Zifa are punishing Highlanders, but how does the puzzle come together? Mutuma stays with a city businessman who is also close to Zifa vice-president Omega Sibanda and those sympathetic to Dube are unhappy with that set up as they believe Sibanda is failing to use his influence to have Dube’s suspension lifted — a misplaced wish if you ask me — because Sibanda can’t make that decision as an individual,” said the source.

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  • BossoAyihlome!

    The value of having an Executive Committee is in its diversity of opinions on matters but are all able to exercise doctrine of collective responsibility once a decision is reached. It is therefore not division, cracks or factionalism! The challenge we need to fix at Bosso is having these valuable different opinions of the Committee shared with the press instead of only communicating the final decision taken.

  • Omo Gezani

    In my small humble contribution to the Mutuma saga, I beg the powers that be at Bosso not to sign this very ill-disciplined guy! The guy is a problem child and he is not that good at all. How Akbay thinks this guy can solve his frontline problems defies logic. Last season players like Prince Dube and Banda, I mean juniors promoted from the developmental side showed a lot of promise which has always been a good tradition at Bosso. Please don’t abandon the juniors by bringing these spent forces! Bosso has always been known for churning out good players from its juniors or at least getting a couple of players from Hwange. Remember years past when Bosso called on Rodrick Simwanza and Barton Mwalukuka who came and made great contributions to the Bosso cause. How did Gift Mbweti slip through Bosso’s fingers and land at FC Platinum? I don’t think Peter Dube would let this happen.

  • Bongani Dlamini

    Signing this idiot will be a major mistake that this seemingly clueless executive would have done. Our club will be dragged into the mud by this sob who has no manners.

  • Phaqa

    This idiot is bringing confusion now. Am even confused ngiyamfuna or not!

    • bh

      kkkkkk lawe

  • vusumuzi

    If clubs like Bosso or Pirates do not listen to us , it means we are nothing to them. They only care about their positions,.Then what happened at Luftus between Pirates and Sundowns will happen at stadia, and whether threats of arrest are made , we do not care . We are past the ages of Threats , compromise is the way. Where are you going to take our graduates from Juniors/ under 18s ? You mean even in the B side, there are no Strikers?If so then dismantle the Bside. Why dont Dembare want him?? Uzalitshaya one day . No matter how skilled , supporters dont want him. Lets see if you are a People’s Team and listen to those who fill up BF

  • koka

    the coach is making a big mistake bringing this mutuma to bosso. firstly he is linked to the likes of omega and siyangwa which is bad for bosso. we all know that these people want to destroy bosso. secondly this clown is ill disciplined and a spent force, if ever he was a force. we need new blood not second hand boys dumped by dynamos of all teams. If bosso signs this clown then I am not stepping into BF for the entire season.

    • Joy

      You are NOT a Highlanders supporter then


        i think that guy is a shona

      • koka

        thats your opinion you are entitled to it.

    • Mpini Ndoda

      Am a strong Bosso supporter, have no problem with Mutuma coming to BF,Lovemore Ncube,Makwinji Soma,Dazy Kapenya etc went to play for Dynamos, Mutuma will show Dynamos that they made a big mistake by letting him go,welcome to BF Rodric…

  • uMkhonto

    Madoda, the colour of the cat does’nt matter as long as it catches the mice. Let’s see what Mutuma brings to Bossolorna.

  • NIX

    Abantu sebekhulumile. UMtuma kafuneki.

  • Jokonia

    I think this is about Tribalism.

    • Wellington

      Prove it with facts dude

  • gwa

    kabuye umutuma coz wakhulela laaa lishona le hatshi loo

  • player

    our problem is we do not look beyond the game, we look along tribal lines then we will never aspire the goodness of the game. if we say we are zimbos together, then tribal will follow later we will succeed, but if we say i am shona and i am ndebele the we are pushing ourselves backwards, why hating one another so much in football people swap clubs even in home of football in England rivals exchange players.
    we dont want to see it as a blessing to have many tribals in our land but as curse thats why we are always backwards.

    • Bongani Dlamini

      Mutuma is an indisciplined idiot which no decent club would want to sign. What will Mutuma teach to our young stars? I don’t care if Mutuma is Shona or Korekore or Manyika. If he was a decent, respected disciplined footballer he would be welcome but he is a rogue. We don’t want him even if he is a brilliant striker. We would rather have no goals that goals from Mutuma. Bosso has had many players from across the tribal divide in this country, all decent people and nothing in the making of the fool and idiot that Mutuma is.

      • DeKepekepe

        I know you Ndebele highlanders supporters. You hate shonas I remember one time when you said shonas are dogs. you are still saying Mutuma is a shona dog

        • tinevimbo

          try to support your allegations with evidence

  • Heraldo Tinhadzirwe

    Why is he leaving Dynamos ?.

    • Fred Moyo


    • Osvaldo Tinhadzigwe

      Indiscipline & poor personal hygiene

  • bh

    No matter how good he is – leave him out. I Bosso yi Bosso ngenkani

  • Danny

    Please lets leave it to the coach to decide who he wants to sign or not because this is not social soccer. Kalimfuni lingobani kanti? Please don’t expose your ignorance. players are not signed according to likes they are signed for specific purposes.

  • Omo Gezani

    Those who say this is tribalism-NO NO! Bosso has a mixture of all tribes,Mutuma would not bring value to the team. Those who have short memories just go back to last season and check on statistics on this player. The fellow made more news on bad behaviour than scoring goals.I honestly don’t know how Bosso can get desperate to get this guy? He will give coaches lots of headaches and the guy is too old. He is well over 38 years,don’t listern to what he says about soccer years because its a known fact that many players alter their birth dates so they become marketable,especially overseas where they consider age before signing a player. The guy is a BAD INFLUENCE! If Peter Dube was back,I don’t think he would allow this to happen and those who are in the forefront of bringing this guy will regret the decision.

    • Tawanda Muyendi

      You are right about his age- he’s over 35. I know him personally.

  • zim 2

    i told people about shona administrators @ bosso using ndebele names. morden and omega sibanda are shonas, how can they consider that savage shona in the first place

  • Omo Gezani

    The coach Akbay may think that he has got a great fit in Mutuma but unfortunately he has made a bad judgement. Besides Akbay has not been around long enough to know all of Mutuma’s past bad acts. This is where Tsano and Amin could help and genuinely
    advise the coach against signing Mutuma. Tsano is a well known disciplinarian but why he would let this saga engulf Bosso, I don’t know! Remember too he has shuttled between Dynamos and Caps,some of his moves didn’t even last more than a week, just to show the confusion that he is. Very few referees,if any,will say anything positive about this guy!

  • man

    problem by signing especially Shona players who did not grew up in Bulawayo especially those from Dynamos and Harare they are mostly not professionals but tribalist and can easly be bought. yes we had some great Shona players but most of them are very bad. bathanda imali and they can easly lose to Dynamos. that’s why we were failing to beat Dynamos because of having so many of these players. let us not forget dzukambanja; Masimba mampara ; and This goal keeper at how mine. highlandres failed to win the league two times and lost to Dynamos on goal differences because of these people like diya and simba mampara who sold the game against Harare city. but our own bulawayo born Shonas like Mudzingwa; Knox mutizwa they have proven to be very dependable players. In mashonaland its rare to find the Matemas and kapinis of today’s those the later are Zambians

    • Supa Mandiwanzira

      Bloody tribalist! We don’t have time for people like you who want to divide our nation!!!

      • man

        the nation is already devided you son of isifebe. dont you know that shonas are very tribalist

  • Mpini Ndoda

    Phambili loku signer uMutuma…welcome to BF Rodric…