#NAMA2016 red carpet — ‘E’ for Effort

The Hosts of NAMA 2016

The Hosts of NAMA 2016

Yoliswa Dube

MY favourite look on the red carpet at this year’s National Arts Merit Awards (Nama) ceremony held at the 7 Arts Theatre in Harare was that of ZiFM Stereo’s news reader Candice Mwakalyelye.

She simply looked divine!

She wore a sleeveless black mermaid gown with a high neckline and asymmetrical shoulders.

Her makeup was on fleek — especially the red lipstick. Her hair was elegantly done up to bring out her facial features perfectly.

The girl looked really pretty – she was giving me life!

By the time she opened her mouth to announce the nominees in the category she was presenting, I was long in awe of what she had done with herself – it was sheer perfection.

After last year’s edition I was one of the first people to criticise Patience Musa’s hair, make-up and dress to the same event. I’m glad I did.

She went all out and looked absolutely stunning in all three of her outfits this year. All the dresses did wonders for her figure — particularly her tiny waist.

She had her box braids tied in a bun — a classic and timeless look, again accentuating her beautiful eyes. The woman, her outfits and the work blended together just the right way!

This year around, she owned the stage alongside comedian Babongile Sikhonjwa who I think needs to revisit his suit size. Somebody needs to introduce him to the slim fit trend. Such a handsome face needs a good slim fit suit to accompany it. Both suits he was in were ill-fitting and did absolutely nothing for his masculinity. The jackets and pants were plain baggy — they looked like something out of cartoon character Hammerman’s closet. Please, pay better attention to your suit size for the next event Sikhonjwa — it’ll make a world of a difference!

I hope Josphat Somanje takes the same advice. After he gets rid of that hideous yellow blazer he wore this year of course. That was just beyond disastrous! The man could have just stuck to the basics — simple black and white and he would have been set.

In trying to be unique — I’m glad Winky D and Jah Prayzah didn’t lose the plot.

The Ninja President was in a red ensemble whose jacket had some intricate embroidery on the front.

The shoes were a lovely touch and of course the red woollen hat for his dreadlocks. But I wait for the day he gets his beard tamed and neatly trimmed — the Gafa would look 10 times more handsome than he already does and I’m not even ashamed to say it.

Jah Prayzah hung his camouflage uniform but did not do away with the military regalia all together. He wore a dress uniform — which I think worked quite well. A red detailed blazer, black pants, black shoes and red beret were what a soldier should look like on a red carpet.

But Cal_Vin in trying to embrace his hip hop culture missed the plot completely. Like somebody said — he looked like he went straight to the awards ceremony en-route from a jogging session. The track bottom and bandana were just too laid back. You can’t tracksuit your way on a red carpet!

Cal_Vin justified himself saying he was dressed to perform but what was the rush Mr Rapper — you could have simply worn a tux and changed into your stage attire when it was time for your performance!

Which human being is advising you? You need to appreciate that appearance is everything. Yes, the content of the music matters but you don’t want to be found dressed like a hiker!

When a red carpet is laid, it means one thing – SLAY.

It means do nothing but dress to impress. Go out of your way to get a good suit, the perfect dress, hair and make-up and turn some heads.

You shouldn’t be embarrassed to look at the pictures afterwards — make yourself a brand that stylists and clothing shop owners want to be associated with.

There’s plenty of time to plan for these national events — do just that and plan.

Don’t rock up in anything and give us the excuse that you’re expressing your individuality and creativity. Represent.

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