New cattle law on cards

Whinsley Masara Chronicle Reporter
THE government is working on a law that will bar people from selling or slaughtering cattle that are not branded to curb stock theft, Police National Anti-Stock Theft Coordinator, Senior Assistant Commissioner Erasmus Makodza, has said.

Nationally, police say they receive an average of at least twenty cases of stock theft daily, crime figures which law enforcement wants to bring down.

Snr Asst Comm Makodza, speaking at Phathalika Business Centre in Pumula, Tsholotsho, during an anti-stock theft awareness campaign — said the new law should be operational by December 2017.

Snr Asst Com Makodza said communities must be enlightened on livestock security as livestock was a major source of wealth. Farmers who live close to major roads, he said, should find ways of containing their cattle through fencing or employing herders to avoid accidents.

He said there was resolution arrived at a meeting with neighbouring countries to ensure that all cattle along the country’s borders are branded.

A recent meeting with Botswana Police revealed that the neighbouring country was ahead when it came to branding.

As a result, when their cattle stray into Zimbabwe, they are easily identified.

“Before you do personal branding, one should get a brand certificate which is acquired at the registrar’s office, then purchase a branding iron. The new brand irons should include a lot of details which make a beast easily identifiable,” Snr Asst Comm Makodza told villagers in his first stop on his tour of Matabeleland North Province.

He added: “The branding makes it easy for the owners when they sell their herds. Thieves will think twice before stealing branded cattle as people will quickly notice.”

He said Zimbabwe could also learn lessons from Namibia where cattle are fully branded and calves get ear tags at six months.

“Everything to do with their livestock is computerised and a computer will reflect the cow’s name, when it was born and its owner. When it’s sold, details change immediately and when it’s killed, everything is immediately deleted,” he said.


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  • khu

    save the cattle from the branding iron aren’t there any friendly means than the hot red iron for mercilessly marking the cow

  • Mendeka

    This new regulation of branding all cattle one has will make it very difficult for poor rural folks to brand theirs as the cost is above their means. Is there no cheaper means around this issue?

  • Pastor Farie


  • dumisani

    What branding Inkomo zilophawu once its killed isigogo bayasilahla how will branding help??????????

  • malalegqokile

    l think branding in a friendly manner is essential as it allows the owners to know their cattle through these marks, its some form of classification that makes one able to identify their livestock should they mix with some one’s

  • sa

    what about making it a calpeble homicde offence to leave your cattle on the road causing accident

  • Nkunzemnyama

    Nxaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, this law has been in practice in my home area in Matebeleland South for almost 3
    years now when it has not been passed. In this period , police have been refusing to clear unbranded stock. Where did they get the authority from? These zanu thugs?

  • nsingo

    they mention computerisation yet it is causing some confusion in some places like all files were deleted unintentionally, network is down, it was saved in the wrong location we cant find any cows but goats only, the memory stick containing confidential files was lost, there is no record in the computer, the officer who has the pass word is no where to be found, the computers are down due to black out so there is no assistance you can be given

  • blarazonke

    We slaughter cattle. We don’t kill them. We kill snakes and lions.