‘New education curriculum won’t be reversed despite Dokora sacking’

Paul Mavima.

Paul Mavima

Patrick Chitumba, Midlands Bureau Chief
THE dropping of Dr Lazarus Dokora from Cabinet does not mean that Government will reverse the new education curriculum introduced early this year, a Cabinet minister said yesterday.

President Mnangagwa made some adjustments to the original list of Cabinet ministers that was announced on Thursday last week in order “to ensure compliance with the Constitution and considerations of gender, demography and special needs” — a development that saw Dr Dokora being dropped as Minister of Primary and Secondary Education and his replacement by his former deputy, Professor Paul Mavima.

The development was met with wild celebrations by some parents and teachers who thought that Government was going to reverse the implementation of the new curriculum.

However, in an interview yesterday, Prof Mavima said the new curriculum was irreversible because it was not started by Dr Dokora but was a product of recommendations made by the Nziramasanga Commission set up in 1998 under the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into Education and Training (CEIT).

The commission was chaired by Dr Caiphas Nziramasanga, a lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe.

Rather, Prof Mavima said his ministry was going full ahead in implementation of the programme after Government released $9million for material to be used, especially by schools in the rural areas.

“There is no going back on the new curriculum and that should be clearly emphasised to the nation. This is not or was it a product of Dr Dokora as an individual,” said Prof Mavima. “It’s a Government policy aimed at aligning our education stands in line with international best practices which now focus of technical, engineering, art, mathematics, physical science with emphasis on public displays and our national pride as being Zimbabweans. That is the essence of the new curriculum unless the nation wants us to go back to the 1990s,” he said.

Prof Mavima said the education system had taken a new trajectory in the 21st century and Government must migrate from the outmoded curriculum used in the post-colonial period.

“Zimbabwe has to be at par with the rest of the world and that is only possible through this new curriculum which is not reversible. We are rather going full speed ahead with issues to do with implementation and equipping or resourcing of especially the marginalised schools so that they are able to implement this new curriculum. As you know Government released $9million for the purchase of materials to equip marginalised schools so that they are able to implement the new curriculum with ease,” he said.

Prof Mavima said the new curriculum included motivating learners to cherish their Zimbabwean identity and value their heritage, history and cultural tradition and preparing them for participatory citizenship.

It will also prepare learners for life and work in an indigenised economy and increasingly globalised and competitive environment and ensuring learners demonstrate desirable literacy and numeracy skills, including practical competencies necessary for life.

Other aims of the new system are preparing and orienting learners for participation in voluntary service and leadership and fostering life-long learning in line with the emerging opportunities and challenges of the knowledge society.

The new curriculum was introduced at the beginning of the year and transitional classes — Early Childhood Development, Grade One, Grade Three, Form One, Form Three and Lower Six — are implementing it.

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  • Willy

    Mnxxx same like fanana. Laye lo akulanto azayitshintsha uyesaba uxamu vele what can you expect?

    • Voice of People

      Is it true that the new minister wants to continue with the Dokora path of destroying our world renowned education system. Maybe he was misquoted. Let’s give him time to put his mind together before he comes back with a proper statement and way forward. The minister must go back to the drawing board since there are a lot of nonsense that came from Dokora himself into the new curriculum like banning Scripture Union from schools among other outrageous things.

      • C10

        Munangagwa , Mavhima is your enemy, G40. C10 pick Mavhima for some lessons of a lifetime

      • Tirikuzvionawo

        You can ask that question again.

  • Chazunguza

    It is very important that the Government through the parent Ministry, do consultations with all stakeholders for progress.
    After this first year, we obviously need to look back/take notes and map way forward…

  • Dumakude

    Useless. Manje umsebenzi wakhe ngowani

  • Wellington

    Nothing wrong with curriculum but resources, please allocate adequate resources at the moment the poor unemployed parent is burdened and also listen to advice from those around you minister otherwise you risk becoming same like your predecessor

  • Martin Chipimo

    So Cdes, wwhats the point of firing Dr. Dokora and still perpetuate his educational ideologies or curricular? Prof. Mavima should be initiative in addressing the views of the stakeholders. The government is there to serve the desires and aspirations of its citizenry? So whose are you serving Prof? Zanu Pf?


    I need clarity over this issue of pride in being Zimbabwean and culture that is meant to be instilled into Zim youngsters by this new Curriculum. The thing is, there is no such a thing as a Zimbabwean culture. Zim is a culturally and linguistically diverse society.

    Please, lets not straight jacket people and force people to adopt other people’s cultures and languages in the name of being Zimbabwean. The constitution provides for unity in diversity; lets avoid confusing assimilation with unity. This is what we in Mthwakazi provinces have been fighting against for decades. Our languages are being mispelt but we are being told we are too sensitive.

    If such things are allowed to pass, what will become of the languages in 20 years time? Funny enough, its only the languages in Matebeleland that are mispelt and are seemingly not given the public prominence they deserve; yet the Shona languages are never mispelt and continue to be foisted on all and sundry by the powers that be – in schools, offices and public spaces as in mass rallies – even right in Matebeleland itself, including the rural areas such as Lupane. Lets all please respect our Constitution and every citizen’s Human Rights – Culture and language are a Human Right!!

  • mambo

    Honourable minister, ask yourself first why Dokora was unpopular? Do you want to move in his unpopularity shoes? You can help us, at least by addressing these: -
    1. What heritage are you talking about? Zimbabwe is predominantrly christian nation now. Heritage that invokes communication with a spirit is not heritage – You are tainnting our heritage at the expense of your heritage and the traditional healer Nziramasanga. Take away that from the classroom through ancestral doctrination of our kids; islamising poor innocent souls. When did Islam became our heritage?
    2. Can we keep the kids in the classroom, esp the girl child. What business does a vulnerable kid has to do roaming companies asking sensitive data of whole month sales day books, source documents etc?
    3. We have trained our kids that they leave cell phones at home when they go to school; or carry mbudzi phones for basic communication. This issue of smart phones pregnant with data for “research” to me is nonsense. Lets put computers at the schools for that kind of guided research.

    • Haunyare

      I agree with you Mambo. Mavhima needs to go back to school

  • November 24

    The new curriculum was meant to sanitise a failed dispensation of pavement economy,poverty,indoctrination and a tool for oppression.The new government promised a clean departure from failed programmes of this nature that goes against the national sentiments.How I wish Prof Mavima was to lend a listening ear ….

  • Sekular Skeptik

    The new curriculum is one of the best things that has happened to Zim in a long time.Most of those who oppose it do so out of ignorance. Either they have not read it and if they read it they did not understand

    • Fungawo

      Are you seriously joining the clique of idiotd

    • Unknown

      mukoma or sisi do u know how much trouble we goin thru as form 3s we are forced to sleep with managers jus to get a so called source document as gals we are loosing our diginity and pride jus becaz of that new new method of learning , we are spending more time on industries rather than at school .is that our heritage or their jus promoting prostituation ? dont be a fool for sure u are joining a clique of idiots

  • Chinja

    Iwe Mavhima you are stupid. Tinokubvisa isu. President remove G40 Mavhima . HE IS NOT HELPFUL. THROW HIM IN CHIKURUBHI

  • Command

    We give Mavhima 1 week to address people’s concerns. Was your American degree honorary like Grace? Stupid fool.

  • Bhooo

    Urimbwa yemunhu

  • Zero tolerance to idiocy

    It’s obvious this Mavhims idiot does not have a clue of what international standards are. I we Mnanfagwa remove this idiot before you lose elections. Education is our no.1 priority and we won’t joke about idiotic principles.

  • Kyle

    Like seriously?