Njube teacher ‘impregnates’ maid


Yemurai Ushamba, Chronicle Reporter
A CHEATING debt-ridden Njube High School teacher allegedly impregnated the family’s maid, his ex–wife has told the Maintenance Court.
Sandra Munarwo dragged her ex-husband Vincent Nyathi to court for the upkeep of their two children.

Munarwo, a nurse at Mpilo Central Hospital was demanding $344 for child support.

“He has not been taking care of his children for the past three years.

“I am a nurse and my net salary is $350 a month. He has other children but they are all above 18. I am requesting $344 for the upkeep of my children,” she said.

When Nyathi said he had another minor child, Munarwo said she was aware of that.

“The other minor child he is talking about, he impregnated a maid when we were still together. The child came to stay with him after I had left,” she said.
Nyathi offered $40 for the upkeep of his children aged four and twelve years old.

“It’s almost two years since we separated. In the event that she needs something she calls me. Sometimes I send her about $10 on EcoCash. I took two loans that I am still servicing and my take home is $272. When she left the house she took everything with her and I am starting afresh. I recently bought a fridge on credit,” he said.

“She deserted me because she did not want to take care of my mother who is terminally ill. I am taking care of my three sons, two of them are above 18 and the other one is in Grade Six. I also pay rentals where I stay. For the mean time, I am offering $40 for the upkeep of my children. I will review the amount once I finish servicing the loans.”

Bulawayo magistrate Mr Usheunesu Matova ordered Nyathi to pay $60 for the upkeep of his two children.

“From what I can see from his pay slip he has nothing, he is deep in debt. He will pay $60 for the upkeep of three minor children. You can come for an upward variation once he finishes servicing the loans,” he said. — @YUshamba

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  • mvelasi inkisela ka 41 mtupane

    The learened magistrate precisly delivered a fair judgement, becoz the former wives tend to want to strip men totally. They tend to adopt a grudging stance,though men must play their role anywhere and remain responsible.

  • Brutal Truth

    $60 per month for 3 children is a LUXURY by Byo standards,she must be ululating all the way to the bank every monthend.Most men that side flee to South Africa after impregnanting their girlfriends & then be sending biscuits, zapnax,a few jeans & some takkies once every Dec

    • Ndondo

      Uyanya kugcwele okungamaNortherners eSA just like the people from the south.

    • Caston Zimunhu

      lol wakanyanya truth hates

    • mx

      yet South Africa is now a refuge to many zimbos of ALL tribes when a decacde ago u used to castigate Byo men for running to RSA!! your tribalisim will be your downfall!! if what u think is right, then the white man has a right to think themselves as superior to you and all blacks are uneducated!!

    • chazi dlamini

      when it cmes to thinking yu are very unlucky young man

      • Brutal Truth

        & you the lucky one what are you doing besides reading the headline & scrolling down to the comments section to read my comments & without even going through the article like the lazy semi-literate you are???

        • zibulo

          the Literate of this country are 2 categories (they claim to be literate by the way) there is the Looting brigade which has looted and stolen all of zimbabweans’ wealth and live rich lives like the White which the Public/povo fought agains’t. Then there is the so-called literate, in which category you “brutal” ( noma ungelamazinyo) belong. your lot is suffering like me and you , shona ndebele khalanga tonga venda, all in the same boat , and have a common enemy, ZANU which has stolen for 40 years. your lot then seeks refuge in this part of the country, you find favor and are accomodated in whichever way, then usuyaqala ukusuza ke. literate as you are you could not free yourself kini khonale , then you run this side, which is not wrong, but ufika udle usuthe usuyakaka manje. the villages you left khoanle empumalanga are just like we have here, nmothing to show ukuthi kuhlala ama literate, and uyanya, you have never castigated the thieves who cause me and you misery, with degrees and diplomas, learnt for the purpose of cheating their own. so whatever you say uyinsimbi encencethayo , icence elicencethayo , kuphela, your parents suffer from ZANU misery , your brothers are full all over RSA up to cape town, some were roasted alive, i dont like it but say it, if only they had learnt isiNdebele whilst here. Your fellow men down RSA now speak fluent Zulu, Xhosa, Venda, after realising it will give them bread, asnd bayaphila kahle, except UKUPHAPHA nje, you been there too i know, and you benefit from repatriated funds from the diaspora, not only RSA. Tribalism is dangerous, explosive , time bomb !!! you are warned. someone is watching you. Stop jokes which degrade other humans , you are known !!! pls help at this time to pray for a peaceful Zim, so that God comes to us and blesses the nation

    • Reason

      Brutal my brother, you know how to tell the truth.! In fact those men come back in december driving hired cars and quantum combi’s and impregnate them again. Then in January send the women a pair of MaTommyy and a Trompies cd and Zodwa waBantu video.

      • Treason

        Whilst the ones from North send their women Roli Manyatelas , Parrafinni Scarfs and Gringo tooth picks to clear their teeth from Rodent meat.

        • Simon


        • me


          • Treason


  • Nkunzemnyama

    $344 ??? Yeka leyo mbanje,,iyakukhulela .

  • Bird Eye Chilli

    How did this story make it into the newspapers, Chronicle in particular???

  • Mzezuru

    Shona people seem to be on a pregnanting spree in bulawayo.

  • Wellington

    very clever guy and fair judgement, abafazi they think maintenance is fixing a man not knowing that you are making the kids suffer yet if you were to talk out of court it can be better those kids would have been kept with more than $60

  • 1975

    stupid story