No holds barred indaba… President sets April date for war vets’ meeting

1903-1-1-PRESIDENT AT CHIPADZE RALLYFelex Share in Bindura—
President Robert Mugabe yesterday said he will meet war veterans during the first week of April for a frank and candid interaction which will allow the freedom fighters to air their grievances on all aspects. Addressing thousands of Zanu-PF supporters at Chipadze Stadium here, he said the planned meeting would be all encompassing as it would feature Cabinet Ministers and commanders in charge of the country’s security sectors in their capacity as war veterans.

This comes after the war veterans, under the leadership of Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association chairperson Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa, had their meeting cancelled last month because it was not sanctioned by the police.

The President said the meeting would be an opportunity to correct some war veterans who, of late, have gone rogue and displayed wayward behaviour. “We want all the war veterans to come to Harare during the first week of April, you will be informed about the date,” he said.

“Come and let us discuss and we will also want to hear all your grievances. But we would also want to correct the awful thoughts among some of us who’ve imparted these appalling opinions to the youths who have gone to the extent of denigrating the First Lady and the President publicly.

“A lot of dirt is being said through the internet denigrating the leadership as a result of the influence of people like Mutsvangwa,” he said. President Mugabe said such terrible and selfish agendas were being driven by ambitious party cadres who wanted leadership positions, including the Presidency.

He said he was free to step down from his post as long as people removed him at the right time and following laid down procedures. “Such thinking is emanating from the belief that the President has overstayed and therefore should therefore stepdown”.

“If that’s the case, why did we go for the elections in 2013? You want me to leave in the middle of my term? Wait for the congress. If you’ve individuals you think can do better that the President then you can forward their names. So, war veterans, come to Harare and we talk about these issues.

“We shouldn’t fear each other because we want you to say what’s deep down your hearts). President Mugabe said it was unfortunate that some people, who should be championing development in the country, were mudslinging the country’s leadership to investors. “That’s where we’re differing,” he said.

“And some of you’re going as far as China telling them that we need a new leader. At the African Union we’re trying to elevate our country and yet here, you’re busy pulling me down. We should’ve respect to our leadership. If there are contradictions, we sit down and iron out the differences.”

He added: “War veterans, we know you’ve the capacity, as displayed during the liberation struggle, to mobilise people. We want you to persuade, through our ideology, people to be our members not to elect yourselves and disassociate yourselves from the party. No!”

President Mugabe said greedy party cadres would go the Mujuru cabal way, whose recently formed Zimbabwe People First would not last the distance. He said former Vice President Joice Mujuru, who was fired for planning to topple him, had for long tried to destroy the party with the “bhora musango” concept but failed.

“It’s surprising that now she claims that the elections were rigged,” President Mugabe said. “You tell (Morgan) Tsvangirai (MDC-T leader) that the elections were rigged and where were you when they were being rigged? We’ll never steal elections because we’ve the support.”

President Mugabe went on: “We tried to develop her and even encouraged her to go to school but aah, we saw a lot. This issue of being ambitious is problematic. I was elected in 2013 for five years. We’ll go for elections at our next congress and those who want to takeover should come forward. If you’re voted for by the people then its okay,”

President Mugabe said while the Zanu-PF Women’s League was united, there was need for the Youth League to iron out differences and move in one direction.

Meanwhile, President Mugabe said something needed to be done at Altena Farm in Centenary, a place where liberation fighters marked the beginning of the second and decisive phase of the liberation struggle in 1972.

“If nothing has been done, we’ve to sit down and see what can be done. The farm should be in our hands,” President Mugabe said.

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  • Mpisi

    The only acceptable outcome of the April meeting is for you to step down, we want to fix the country Mgodoyi!

    • Bongani Dlamini

      Step down as if he has energy to do that if he can not even walk. maybe he just has to ”fall down”

    • Tshayekanda

      u lack the capacity to analyse situations mpisi…uyi mpisi sibili. akutshiyane lo Mugabe

      • Zuze

        Mpisi has more capacity in his little finger than you have in your whole body. You lack common sense in that the one you glorify has failed to deliver and will not leave. To people like you he has delivered. He delivered corruption,Theft, incompetence and wealth for those on the gravy train. Your time is coming to an end. I WOULD BE VERY AFRAID WERE I YOU. But not being you I am at peace knowing that we were right all along. Many of us predicted that okungpeliyo kuyahlola . Loku soku pela.

      • Mixed Race

        Give us your so-called proper analysis then we will respond to you with ours.

      • Dooks

        Mr Tshayekanda how can anybody tshiyana lo Mugabe when he won’t tshiyana with us?

        • Zuze

          Dooks Tshayekanda has crawled back under his rock. kikikikikik

    • truths

      msundukanyaoko, idiot mwana wehure!

      • truths

        truths of insults idiot plus stupidity

        • Zuze

          The stupid one is you. You follow a mere man like his a God. You are truly shallow. Instead of putting forward your argument why you think Mpisi is wrong you come into a debate and expect people to chant slogans. Your team lacoste or team amai or weavils and gamatox is of no consequence to many of us. They are all failures and if natural causes don’t retire them we the people will retire them. It is only a matter of time. Ask Saddam.

  • Team Amai President (Thandiwe)

    Now that you know who’s home province of Midlands has booted out the successionists, the War Veterans body is next.

    Wake up before it it too late – you don’t want to be on the losing team in this struggle.

    • Zuze

      As long as you are in any faction you already lost.

    • Mpisi

      By the year end we will be pulling Team Amai by their little balls watch this space!

    • my zanupf


  • Tshayekanda

    Mugabe has his short comings…but as a leader he is the best that this country has ever produced….

    • Zuze

      The country as Zimbabwe has only produced one leader and he is completely useless.

      • Mpisi

        He is not a leader, just a piece of crap!

        • Zuze

          The only time I will disagree with you my friend. He is a leader. A leader of doom and failure. A leader of idiots. Not our leader but a leader.

          • Mpisi

            Lol! I concur!

        • Zuze

          This Tshayekanda dude sounds very much like that gwababa Jotham. Even horses are not that blinkered.

          • Mpisi

            True, they are running scared, they have made their living from buttressing Robert Gabriel Mgodoyi’s grip on power, now they see red. Jotham and gang are defecating bricks right now, the Zimbabweans will get their country from these low lives watch this space!

        • my zanupf


    • Mpisi

      You will carry your dark glasses in a plastic bag, I told you! Robert Gabriel Mgodoyi needs to GET OUT OF TOWN Now! He should not stay a day longer!

    • Zuze

      Tell us about his LONG COMINGS if the term exists. ZERO.

    • matshobane

      dude , you need to check into a mental health cottage.Best leader?.Uphambene

      • Tshayekanda

        u are crazy lousy monkey matshwabhana

        • matshobane

          what can you say since you are Grace and Mgabi’s tea boy

    • Zatta Zvayi

      Best compared to who???How can you use a superlative when there has only one person to compare?
      There are more competent people out there dude…it is only that they have not been given a chance. Some who were competent thought if you cant beat them, join them and thus we have a country in morass. Instead of working harder on their visions and dreams they cowed into the gravy train and now sing his master’s voice.

  • Bekithemba Ncube

    This is bullshit.

  • Mpisi

    Kicking and screaming , mooing and bleating Robert Gabriel Mgodoyi and his thieving whore Grace Mgodoyi will go! The whore is packing right now. We need to fix the damage that has been done to Zimbabwe once a great country. We want to get Zimbabwe working again!

  • matshobane

    He is a vile geriatric patient.So as Jonathan Gay Boy Moyo

  • Andrea

    so if the man who lead he attack on Altena farm tells you to retire, is it worth listening to that man?