No resolution at Bosso EGM

Donald Ndebele

Donald Ndebele

Sikhumbuzo Moyo, Senior Sports Reporter
NO tangible resolution was reached by Highlanders members after a six-hour largely non-productive meeting at the club house yesterday, as they again failed to come up with any meaningful debt extinguishing measures.

The meeting was poorly attended, with less than 50 club members turning up.

After a presentation by treasurer Donald Ndebele, who told members that the club’s debt stood at $816 606, members spent more than two hours arguing instead of suggesting ways of arresting the debt, which went up from $793 215.

Not even a proposal by one member, Njabulo Bango, who proposed that the meeting comes up with a 10-point plan to reduce the debt, got backing from the few members that attended yesterday’s extraordinary general meeting.

Bango had proposed that the meeting adopt ways of reducing the debt, but his proposal was initially said to have been shelved until the treasurer’s report had been presented.  His suggestion was, however, never revisited.

Instead, some members raised the suspension of chairman Peter Dube and alleged that the club wasn’t doing anything to have the matter resolved.

“I am proposing that we adopt measures on how to extinguish this debt, let this meeting come up with noted points on what we need to do to reduce this debt instead of just acknowledging that we are in debt,” Bango said.

Dube was suspended by Zifa nine months ago and his case is yet to be heard by the Zifa congress.  Highlanders members were agitated that other individuals that had been suspended had their bans lifted.

Bosso board chairman Mgcini Nkolomi, however, assured members that a lot was being done behind the scenes to have the Dube issue addressed.

“I know it’s an emotional matter, you are angry and so are we, but we don’t want to fall into a trap as an institution. We are seized with the matter as your board,” said Nkolomi.

However, the worrying factor is failure by members to tackle key issues such as debt reduction and the executive’s failure to present its own proposal to members on ways of reducing and eventually extinguishing the debt.

Another member Brian Moyo suggested that the club reduces some of its expenses by not transporting senior players to and from training sessions, arguing that the players were on full salary and should, therefore, transport themselves.

“Very few companies do what we are doing as Highlanders and I want to propose that we stop transporting the senior players because they are on full salary,” said Moyo.

His proposal too, was not adopted.  Instead, members moved on to another matter without exhausting Moyo’s suggestion.

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  • Ayihlome Bosso

    Your expectations on Bosso AGM outputs are not correct, an AGM cannot workshop a 10 point plan on debt reduction strategies, it is too big and varied in terms of composition to be able to that, rather the executive or a working group can do that and then recommend to an AGM or to the Board. The issue of Peter Dube was also not raised instead of the 10 point plan but it was raised as AOB when the meeting was about to close after adopting the Treasurer’ s report….there were other positive discussions in the meeting such as about the new constitution, the issue of foreign players …….it was not just a waste of our time.

  • Mbla

    Yoooh close to $1m bosso supporters redeem your team from this mess. Remember you contributed towards the debt through fines