No spot fines for traceable drivers: Minister

Nqobile Tshili Chronicle Correspondent
HOME Affairs Deputy Minister Obedingwa Mguni has said there is room for police not to demand spot fines if a driver is traceable. The Deputy Minister also defended police roadblocks across the country saying each roadblock was serving a purpose to promote peace and security. Mguni said this while responding to MPs during the National Assembly’s question and answer session.

MDC-T MPs Nelson Chamisa and Elias Mudzuri asked Mguni why police were allegedly harassing motorists over minor issues.

Mguni said people have to realise that being asked to obey rules is not harassment.

On the issue of fines, he said: “Yes, there is room that people can’t be charged and spot fines demanded if the driver has full particulars.

“For example, if he has committed a crime of not putting on his seat belt, he should have a driver’s licence, his identity card and a proof of address.

“The fine could be paid somewhere else or if the fine is above $20 he has to go and pay somewhere else but if the driver is untraceable, a spot fine will be issued.”

He said there was a lot of negativity among Zimbabweans when it comes to the issue of roadblocks but the nation was not looking at the bigger picture.

“Zimbabwe is so peaceful. I think people must appreciate that. Don’t look always at the negative side of it because those roadblocks have now maintained that peaceful status in Zimbabwe due to the fact that people are scared to carry firearms in this country,” Mguni said.

“The roadblocks, some people will say they are too many yet they have got various purposes. Some are looking for offenders that are moving in the cars, some roadblocks will be checking the status of the cars, some roadblocks will be looking for smuggled goods, so they have got various purposes.

“Therefore, I think Zimbabweans must cooperate, especially MPs. They must uphold the work that is done by the police.”

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  • musa

    indicating left & then turning right. lip service. the police on the ground actually don’t give an f about what ministers or courts say, they do as they please, they’re a law unto themselves.

  • NWA

    NWA sang a track back in the days called “%^&* the police” i dedicate that track to zrp and the deputy minister nguni. Nonsense

  • Umzila Kawulandelwa

    Proof of Address!!! Minister are you listening to yourself. Have you ever driven with a proof of address???

  • tocha

    We are in a regime of a police state their corruption is sanctioned and as far as we a concerned the police are just like a mafia

  • Max

    The peace and security we are enjoying is nothing to do with the police roadblocks, it is the behaviour of Zimbabweans, we are a leaned lot, Zimboz are educated and they love peace. Its nothing to do with roadblocks instead the roadblocks have taught us to be rude because the caliber of the police on the road show signs of lack of education and courtesy. Anyone who knows plumtree road from Bulawayo, just 2 days ago i drove from Bulawayo to Plumtree, just at Bellevie shops, there was a roadblock, they stopped me, never greeted me but just ask for my license, fair and fine i produced it. I proceeded and just right at Emganwini turn off, another roadblock, a difference of about 800m, the same happens, i produce the license, car checked everything and was even asked to open my bonnet as if these guys are now from VID. All was fine with my car but still i was not greeted and neither was i thanked for my co-operation. In proceeded and only to be stopped just after Mbokodo, about 1km from the previous roadblock, was stopped again. What is it that they check that hasn’t been checked and addressed by the previous 2 roadblock, is this the security that you talk of, this is gross harassment and unnecessary delays. These guys lack respect, just a few are decent guys, i salute the female police, they are sometimes reasonable and still have little ethics. Most have the guts to tell you that ” paRoadblock hauna kodzero” thats an insult to motorists.

  • Fake

    This minister is talking rubbish.All these cops are interested in is lining their pockets with money from bribes !! It is not true that these road blocks have got various purposes. I personally think it is just a fundraising vehicle for them.I do not see how they are helping bring peace !! Ngamanga lawo.

  • Ghost of Sparta

    If what she is saying is true, that different road blocks have different purposes; then why do they have certain targets for fines in dollar terms.

  • cimbi

    if only people were aware that road blocks save lives as the driver has to reduce speed, l have always noticed this whilst travelling the more they are the better other wise most drivers will speed like racing cars

  • chinos

    It seems majority of polce personnel resources are dedicated to roadblocks as if that was major source of crime.