NO TRIALS AT BOSSO. . . Promotion for juniors to first team

Madinda Ndlovu

Madinda Ndlovu

Sikhumbuzo Moyo, Senior Sports Reporter
HIGHLANDERS will not be holding any pre-season trials for the first time in years after deciding to rely on players from their junior structures.

Bosso, now under their legendary former player Madinda Ndlovu and Mandla Mpofu, are believed to have promoted about 11 players from the Under-18s and the developmental side Bosso 90, while four senior players, including the long serving Erick “Tsiba” Mudzingwa were chopped. Other senior players that were shown the exit door include Simon Munawa, Tendai Ngulube and Ralph Matema, while pint-sized King Nadolo packed his bags for South African National First Division side Witbank Spurs.

“They have a process of player identification and assessment, which does not have trials. Remember you have a whole developmental side and the Under-18s. Any player coming through for assessment is looked at in a structured way,” said Highlanders chief executive officer Nhlanhla Dube.

He said the team would be holding its early pre-season preparations in a secret location, but the new squad would be unveiled to the public sometime next week.

“We are keeping the team away from the public for now, but next week it will be possible because there will be guest speakers,” said Dube.

The Bulawayo giants are on a massive rebuilding exercise after taking a deliberate move to resort to their junior structures in a bid to recapture their lost glory, which has seen them going for more than a decade without lifting the league title.

The majority of the 2006 squad that last lifted the league title was made up of players that came through the junior structures and played many games together resulting in mutual and proper bonding, as they understood each other and what it meant to don the black and white jersey.


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  • sad

    Don’t be too extreme Madinda, you might leave to regret, you need the old horses, you should have kept at least 50 per cent of the old horses, experience is required everywhere

    • mkhulekelwa Mangena

      Madinda has always been doing that & it will be hard at first but ekucineni kuyalunga

      • Nyoniyezwe Tshabangu

        Uyitshaye ekhaleni Mangena. Remember when he did this last time, they kicked him out but Rahman Gumpo and even Eddie May went on to win Leagues with the majority of his squad. Let’s build one or two seasons of build should be manageable rather that years of mercenary players and going nowhere.

        • bh

          Exactly. This strategy may not necessarily bring us the league this year, or even the next, but when we do win it, it will be for keeps

    • Wellington

      Right now extreme measures are needed at Bosso, seeing that these makhehlas were given chance and were ring leaders in misleading juniors

  • Thomas weDembare

    Commendable and brave decision, Madinda. If this project adequately and patiently supported, it will certainly be a huge success.

  • bh

    We support this

  • zibulo

    Being a Junior developmet product himself , i am happy that Madinda has brought sense to Bosso. He knows it all , and i hope he does what his mentor, Ali Dube did, when he groomed all those mighty Bosso players. Its not a bad idea, excellent , sorry to the mecenary officials/ and others who always wanted to use Bosso as a springboard for players they owned by getting them to feature at bosso thus marketing them to RSA clubs. One or two outsiders, and one or two old horses , mix with some hungry “Lions” from the juniors side and you have something like Ibutho LeMbizo !!! Good luck Madinda , Good luck Bosso Family – this is good news , if true .

    • Shlama

      He loses 4 games in a row & he is out

      • Bosso4Life (the actual deal)

        Who said that? Is it your personal suggestion?

      • Zikode waseManxeleni

        Vele uyisihlama nje neti so

      • Doctor Do little

        I doubt that. Bobby Clarke lost so many games that we needed to win the last 6 games to be safe from relegation. There after came one of the strongest team ever seen at Highlanders. We won the last 6 games beating teams like Pisa Pisa by wide margins and there after Highlanders went on to win the league and several other trophies with Clarks influence visible years after he left. Madinda was in that team.

        • Essexvale

          Pardon the digression good doctor; but I’ve noticed that the uncouth multi-charactered person who used to hound your comments has ceased to do so. Is this because you’ve discovered and utilised the block option on the Disqus?

          • Doctor Do little

            Not for the other one. I just started calling him Nhlabathi and he stopped.

      • zibulo

        a coach is hired to win , and in Madinda we trust. Lose he might but we will be observig how we are playing. you can lose games yet you have an upper hand , so dont just come here and blab blab nonsense. Akbay was Mr Thatha amaChance, never consistant. as long as he keeps his eyes on the Hungry Lions at development when they play , he will always pick out the right guys. Thats how it was during Ali Dube/James Nxumalo’s days . James would cme watch juniors practice and praise them , and select some for the first team. The whole of Byo has plenty of them players ,plenty , and not “soldiers for hire”, so at the Junior level there must Ali-minded persons in charge there

        • Doctor Do little

          The other thing is that if we promote our football regionally we gain in that the talent spotted by foreign teams will always benefit the club first, the region next and of course the country generally. If we keep on buying established players you have to ask if they are that good why haven’t they been approached by these clubs. At this time and point the biggest teams supporter wise have to be “selling teams” to survive the financial rut that we are in. To be a selling team you have to produce a good “Product” and Highlanders Juniors have been that for years if you look at all the local Bulawayo teams who benefited in the old days from the surplus at Highlanders. If it is true that Marko Ndlovu is also in some capacity at the Highlanders set up and then I am glad. Knowing the man, and although he did not reach the heights of his brothers mine and his love for highlanders has never wavered.Madinda will do well if he is supported by supporters and the Highlanders leadership. Don’t be too surprised if he starts off with a bang.

  • Bosso4Life (the actual deal)

    My opinion is that the decision to revive the junior policy and promote its products, is probably Bosso’s wisest move to date! Still; perhaps it would be better to fire more, if not all of the old players! Personally, I’m chuffed to see the removal of Mudzingwa and Munawa – Good riddance!!

  • The Observer

    We would rather lose than win games with merciless and mercenary attitudes

    • Zikode waseManxeleni

      KKK kkkk ngiyakuzwa mnakwethu

  • Zikode waseManxeleni

    Khala Mantengwane , ongafuniyo kayekele , ibhoso tshilamoya.

  • Zikode waseManxeleni

    Ngubani owayekhona mzukwana kudlali ibhoso tshilamoya ……. eziculela umfoka Zikokode . Kwasasekuhle singakadlalelwa ngabathengisi lamamecenary. Kodwa mfokaMadinda siyakwethemba BoyabeNyathi. Letha imvuselelo sizokweseka thina abangaphakathi .

  • Rider~

    There is politics right from the grass roots. Sizabona!

    • Zikode waseManxeleni

      Egwaziweyo izwakala ngokubongolela , thina amastakeholders sigrand ngale decision . Dividends will come this time around.