NRZ equipment arrives from South Africa

One of the locomotives that were delivered to the National Railways of Zimbabwe at the weekend as part of the parastatal’s $400 million recapitalisation programme. — (Picture by Thupeyo Muleya)

One of the locomotives that were delivered to the National Railways of Zimbabwe at the weekend as part of the parastatal’s $400 million recapitalisation programme. — (Picture by Thupeyo Muleya)

Thupeyo Muleya, Beitbridge Bureau
A Total of 108 wagons and seven locomotives that were acquired from South Africa as part of the resuscitation of the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) have arrived in the country through Beitbridge border post.

Their arrival is part of a $400 million recapitalisation deal sealed between Government, South African firm Transnet and the Diaspora Infrastructure Development Group.

The Chronicle is reliably informed that the wagons started arriving on Saturday evening.

Sources close to the deal said a total of seven diesel powered locomotives, 108 wagons and five passenger coaches are expected to have reached Bulawayo by the end of this week.

They said another 92 wagons and six more locomotives would be delivered at the end of this month. By the end of day yesterday one locomotive with 50 wagons had left Beitbridge for Bulawayo.

DIDG chief executive officer Mr Donavan Chimhandamba said the wagons are being leased from Spoornet and will be replaced by new ones which are being manufactured by Transnet Engineering.

“The initial batch of seven locomotives and 108 wagons has crossed into Zimbabwe. These will be heading for Bulawayo between Monday and Tuesday. In addition we are expecting more locomotives and passenger coaches to arrive in Musina, South Africa, by end of day on Tuesday,” he said.

“These are on lease from Spoornet and will be replaced by new ones which are being manufactured by Transnet Engineering and shall be delivered within 18 months”.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa is expected to commission the 200 coaches and 13 locomotives in Bulawayo this week.

Government has prioritised resuscitation of rail infrastructure as one of the pillars of economic revival.

Transnet and DIDG will administer NRZ trains under a build-operate-transfer arrangement and will assist to raise freight capacity, operate and maintain existing and new infrastructure as well as generate revenue.

NRZ board chairperson, Cde Larry Mavima said they were expecting more deliveries of equipment by the end of the week.

“We have received the initial consignment as we move a gear up towards resuscitating NRZ. We expect more locomotives, wagons and coaches by the end of the week. The whole package includes 10 locomotives, three shunt locomotives, 34 passenger coaches and 200 wagons,” he said.

Cde Mavima said the revival of NRZ would also breathe life into several organisations which depend on the transport and logistics sector.

He said they had brought in the equipment as part of an interim solution to capacitate the country’s rail transport while they await the delivery of new equipment which has already been ordered.

“So far we have ordered new wagons and locomotives, which we expect to be delivered in the next six months and two years respectively.

“These are the fruits of a new Government led by President Mnangagwa, and our mandate as NRZ is to contribute to national economic development through relatively cheaper transport and logistics facilities,”said Cde Mavima.


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  • Bob Marley

    Why our writers so patronizing? In as much as ED deservers our support, bootlicking will not get us a good leader but another greedy despot. Just write the story without telling us that this is the fruits of the new government led by Mnangagwa. I will give him credit for something that is tangible.

    • Moyos

      True Bob, very true mankind

    • Rodgers Makaza

      I agree. We need to stop the culture of announcing things that have not been completed.


        Failures always do that. They are always desperate for public appreciation!

  • Department 6

    i thot the reporter would be professional enough to show us the pictures of the wagons n locomotives…but DOLOLO


      SA has its own problems with wrong trains it ordered under its previous CEO Lucky Montana. PRASA is chaotic right now with corruption cases, the Guptas and no substantive leadership. I dont know where these NRZ guys got these locomotives and wagons from – they might be old stuff that Transnet and Prasa probably wanted to get rid of. That could explain why there are no pictures!


    There is nothing to write home about here. These things were about to be finalised at the time Alvord Mabhena was the Chairperson of the NRZ Board during Obert Mpofu’s tenure as Minister of Transport under the Mugabe regime; if only the new Minister after the reshuffle Gumbo had not reversed everything that was about to be finalised under his predecessor. Now, through this Mavima guy they are crediting themselves for nothing really and making it look like they have done the impossible under Coup leader Mnangagwa. Zimbabweans, please can you try to get rid of your short memories. You will end up hoodwinked by politicians and then praising the wrong people. There is nothing new here. These XCoup people still have to deliver – so far it almost three months and they have done nothing except make promises and talking nicely!

  • Wellington

    Such kind of laziness by these reporters is unacceptable, these are the kind who wrote leaked papers but still failed to attain the right marks. Why not give the actual picture of the new locomotives instead of recycling this old pic of 1980

  • Wellington

    Buying wagons and locomotives when you do not have proper rail infrastructure, whats that? Why not invest all that money at ZECO who used to manufacture those stuff, and create jobs for locals and increase your tax base

    • zibulo

      most plausible comment, you took them words right out of my mouth. instead of creating jobs, part of the usd400 could have gone to a local manufacturer like ZECO, hopefully under different ownership, and employed our qualified unemployed children. Spoornet scrapping its fleet , even that locomotive looks third hand , not even second !!!. The same thieves who looted NRZ and RMS will receive these properties !!.

    • Ayah Zoza

      Its a sad story i tell u.. Zeco gets the contract ,zisco benefits by supplying the required steel and other small players,we retain the scarce forex
      but alas master they are so happy to import everything from he needle to train whilist we have the capacity to do some of these things .
      where are we going really !!!