Nust student blows fees, hangs self

George Bonomali

George Bonomali

Midlands Bureau Chief
A NATIONAL University of Science and Technology (Nust) student hanged himself in his father’s house after blowing his college fees with a woman he met in a nightclub.

George Bonomali, 26, of Mkoba 15 in Gweru, hanged himself in his bedroom with a satellite dish cable on Monday at around 11AM.

Bonomali was, according to the police summary of death, a student at the National University of Science and Technology in Bulawayo.

Sources said he was doing his final year studies in marketing.

The police report shows his girlfriend found him hanged, on the verge of death.

“Bonomali hanged himself in his bedroom with a satellite dish cable which was suspended from the roof truss. He was found by his girlfriend but it was too late to save his life,” reads part of the sudden death police report.

Neighbours yesterday told The Chronicle that Bonomali received an undisclosed amount of money from his aunt, who is based in the United Kingdom, for university fees.

The neighbours said instead of paying the fees, Bonomali squandered the money with a woman that he met in a Gweru nightclub.

“What we understand is that he had squandered his college tuition fees with a lady of the night and that didn’t go well with his father, a teacher at a local school,” said a neighbour, who did not wish to be named.

The neighbour said on March 14, at around 10AM, Bonomali was at his parents’ house waiting for his girlfriend only identified as Tanya

“He asked me if I had seen Tanya but I said ‘no’. He told me that he was tired with life and wanted to sleep. So I asked him if there was anything I could do to help but he said ‘no’. An hour later, I was surprised to hear that he had hanged himself in his bedroom. When I rushed there, I found his motionless body on the floor after Tanya had cut the cable from the truss and also removed the noose from his neck in an attempt to save his life,” the neighbour added.

He said George’s father, who teaches at Mpumelelo Primary School in Mkoba 15, got wind of the incident and rushed him to Mkoba Poly Clinic where the nurses pronounced him dead.

Joseph Salim Bonomali, the father, declined to speak to The Chronicle.

Nust’s director of information and public relations, Felix Moyo, said he could not comment as he was on leave.

Acting Midlands police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Ethel Mukwende said investigations into the death were underway.

“I urge members of the public to attach value to life and taking one’s life is never an answer. There’s always a choice,” she said.


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  • GodlwayoMahlabayithwale

    intozoku ketsha amawule azbhadali futhi maybe the cd burst etshaya izinto.

    • shacks

      ya cd burst

      • mlugulu

        what if circumcised

  • Citizen

    At his age, it was very immature of him to spend more than $2 and a night, on a hooker from Gweru. He died a loser unfortunately.

    • simbo

      the hooker could have searched and stole part of the money

  • Max

    Ever wondered why people have degrees but have narrow view points too. Education without Christ creates better devils.

    • Tatenda Khumalo

      or please . .. Christ my toe . . its not that straightforward … . .mental

  • Mpisi

    It’s all Robert Gabriel Mgodoyi’s fault!

    • Bambanani

      Yah lami angimthandi mpela uMgodoyi, kodwa hayi kulindaba asimxoleleni bafethu. The guy could have chosen life. He died a loser.

      Robert Gabriel Mugabe or Robethi Gabhaliyele Mgodoyi… I still choose life.


        masende ako wena dissident. amliaqacha

        • nodumoehlezi kamenzi

          remember the meaning of Easter which is upon us, Jesus Christ died for us so that whomsoever believes in him will not perish but will lead an everlasting life

        • Bambanani

          Read my comment again before you insult.

    • Ghost of Sparta

      I don’t support Mugabe, but please enlighten me as to how its his fault that a 26 year old man spent his fees on a hooker. Lets not just blame Mugabe for things that he has no knowledge of.

      • Mpisi

        Robert Gabriel Mgodoyi is the author of all misery in this great country. That piece of crap must go now!

        • nodumoehlezi kamenzi

          uxolo bakwethu sokutheni

          • Bongani Dlamini

            wena hlukana lo Mpisi. uthengiwe yini?

    • Chokwadi chinorwadza

      MUSUNDUKANYOKO, Dissident, tinokupamha futi. SIYANA navaMUGABE!

      • Mpisi

        How much is Mgodoyi paying you?
        It is Robert Gabriel Mgodoyi’s fault!

        • nodumoehlezi kamenzi

          mpisi minimize bad language, the story is about a young man who committed suicide, peace begins with…………

          • Mpisi

            A lot of our young people here in Zimbabwe feel disenfranchised by this rubbish govt. that has shattered the dreams of many. This young man doing his final year at 26 , had a girlfriend and was receiving handouts from UK, probably looked at the prospects of his future and they were just doom and gloom. Why because of prevailing rough conditions in Zimbabwe. He was fed up with life in Zimbabwe. Mgodoyi is destroying our young people’s dreams. He must go now!

      • nodumoehlezi kamenzi

        love your neighbour as you love your self

  • theza

    hanging wasn’t a solution surely his father could have forgiven him, if he had chosen life

  • Sociopath

    haiwa, anopenga uyo.

  • Ghost of Sparta

    For someone at university, this guy was did not think.

  • blarazonke

    University fee bill is less than $500, very stupid. Dreadman and ganja.

  • Mgoli

    Jus wondering a 26 yr old Stl doing undergrad

    • job 50

      you are very ignorant #####is there any cut of age for tertiary education and this guy was on the last year. undergrad can be done as a second degree look at the cv of proffesors i doubt you level of thinking are you normal?

    • Mpisi


  • zaburoni

    ibhabhalazi liyakwenza…….

  • Emru Kunanti

    Fees is $500. A hooker usually costs $5 short time. For the fees amount one can have 100 short times. At the rate of 1 short time per day it means $500 can only be finished after 100 days!! So how really did this guy squander this fees money?? LESSON: Never pay a hooker more than the gazetted price. You can never solve all her problems!!

    • Dombodema

      Gazetteered Prices hawu is now gazette Mr?

  • my zanupf

    Shame poor man. pliz don’t fight over politics it is the affluent’s game

  • Mpisi

    Who said he paid 500 for a hooker. You cannot comprehend what you read. You are the one who should go back to school, you Mgodoyi Academy student!

    • Tshayekanda

      you are very narrow minded. You wil even think RG is responsible for ur Fart-talk

      • Mpisi

        Fart talk has been from Robert Gabriel Mgodoyi for 4 decades! You will carry your dark glasses in a plastic bag nja!