Open air cinema a hit in Hwange

Open air cinema

Tobias Mandoreba in Hwange
Movie lovers in Hwange are a step ahead of those in big cities as they are enjoying watching their favourite movies in an open air environment – a new phenomenon in the country after the demise of the popular Drive Thru in Bulawayo.

Having been revived in Victoria Falls recently, the open air cinema concept has now been spread to the coal mining town and is being conducted at the Hwange Colliery Club.

The movies are shown on the big screen mounted at the club’s gardens, starting at 7PM.

By providing this sort of entertainment, the club’s management are hoping to regain the status of being a family entertainment centre.

The brains behind the project, Deliverance Nyoni of Ecstasy Entertainment said: “The Hwange Colliery Club committee has a shared vision to make the place a family entertainment centre so that we take away the “beerhall” feel it had adopted in recent years hence why we’ve ventured into this movie business.

“I was already offering my services as a DJ at the spot every Friday and Saturday but after some consultations, this cinema under the night sky project roared into life and immediately made an impact since the first movie was shown on October 14 this year.”

Movies that have been shown include The Spiderman, Baby Driver and The Hitman’s Bodyguard.

The attendance has been very encouraging showing that the club is doing something right for the Hwange community.

He said he was glad they had brought back this entertainment which was popular in the 90s at villages around Hwange, namely Lwendulu, Madumabisa, Makwika, Lusumbami and Sinderella.

Other than the open air cinema introduction, the Colliery Club has been spruced up with the swimming pool (set to open soon) being renovated while the VIP Blackrock Bar has been spruced up.

Swings at the premises have also been repaired to ensure that children have a good time when they patronise the spot. – @tobymandox

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  • SNgwenya

    The new Government need to move fast on state enterprises like Hwange colliery, NRZ, Air Zim and ZESA to root out all the corruption plantedt by Grace and the Cartel. Please fire Thomas Makore for starters the town is dying despite all efforts by the community. Local politicians can agree with me that this man has stalled progress in this town since he arrived in 2014. We beg the new Government to please please replace this man with someone knowledgeable in mining.

    • Cde Dambudzo

      You are very correct CDE Ngwenya. We request the Government to carry out a forensic audit on what Thomas Makore did with the $150M alocated to HCCL by the minister of Finance CDE Chinamasa because less that 6months after that he is failing to pay salaries and big Contractor Mota-Engil stopped work due to non-payment. There is no coal exposed at the mine and very subdued coal sales but he has been lying to the nation that he is now producing 300,000t which equates to $12M/month but where is he sending that money if he is failing to meet a wage bill of $2M/ month. He is due to pay debtors and retrenched workers buy end of December but we know he is trying to craft an excuse. Please investigate this man. He is a mercenary because since he joined Hwange Colliery in 2014 he never brought his family with him meaning he just came to loot. Him Chifamba of ZESA Holdings, Chidhakwa, Grace and Mugabe are all related. Please setup a commission of enquiry like what’s happening on Eskom in SA please please we beg of you our new government that Cabal was up to destruction of the country.

    • benjamin

      Very true,,, employees of giants like Hwange and NRZ must once again walk tall… It used to be so prestigious being employed by such companies. Hwange used to be full of very happy people.