Overzealous traffic cop flees angry mob

The Sizinda suburb house where the traffic policeman sought refuge yesterday

The Sizinda suburb house where the traffic policeman sought refuge yesterday

Nqobile Tshili, Chronicle Correspondent
A TRAFFIC police officer allegedly stormed a house in Bulawayo’s Sizinda suburb and locked himself in one of the rooms after being assaulted by a dreadlocked pirate Honda Fit driver he had tried to arrest.

The incident occurred yesterday at about 10AM along the Nketa Drive near Ihlathi High School in Sizinda. The vehicle was coming from Nketa headed towards Entumbane.

The route has become a cash cow for pirate taxis because it is not serviced by formal public transporters.

Residents said the Honda Fit driver started fighting with the cop who had pulled the hand brake of his car while it was in motion.

“The vehicle made a sudden U-turn, almost veering off the road. Before we could even figure out what was happening. We saw a police officer and the driver tumbling out of the vehicle locked in combat,” said a resident who declined to be named.

“We were later told the cop tried to arrest the defiant Honda Fit driver. He pulled the hand brake, almost crashing the car as it nearly veered of the road before making a U-turn.”

He said a crowd gathered around the fighting men, with some people carrying metal bars baying for the officer’s blood.

Fearing for his life, the resident said, the officer took to his heels and barged into a nearby house where he locked himself in.

The Chronicle visited the house where the cop sought refuge and a granny who identified herself as Mrs Madziembesa narrated how the officer invaded the house.

Mrs Madziembesa who comes from Zaka in Masvingo had visited her relatives when the incident occurred.

She said a heavily sweating man dressed in a police tracksuit shot into the house and locked himself in.

“We were just watching everything from a distance within our yard. In a split second, he streaked into the house and locked us outside. He was in a bad shape. He was breathing heavily and was bleeding because he had been head-butted several times by a dreadlocked man,” said Mrs Madziembesa.

She said his assailants who were armed with iron bars came after him.

“I’m a visitor in this city so what was happening was strange to me. I was afraid he would die in the house while its owners were away. Is that not a bad omen for me or those who live here? What were they going to say if I told them that someone had died in their house? I shook so badly as I didn’t know what to do,” she said.

Mrs Madziembesa said after the mob had dispersed, the officer staggered out and asked for water saying he was feeling dizzy.

She said with neighbours’ assistance, she requested the cop to leave the house.

“He made a phone call to his colleagues who came and picked him up. I’ve never seen such a thing in my life. The dread-locked man was very ruthless,” she said.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango said she had not received a report on the matter.

Last month, an angry mob rained blows on a police officer who had allegedly caused an accident by grabbing the steering wheel from a driver whose commuter omnibus he had impounded.—@nqotshili

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  • Ndlovu4482

    Serves him well!!!

    • nxumalo

      uyagula wena khanda lenja

      • Zapalala

        Laws shlama

    • Makokoba The Dirty Township

      Uqinisile njani, lishona ngoba ubehamba ngemoto, amandebele alemali ahamba ngamabhayisikili aphendwe black & white for highlanders whilst the rest bayaquma ngenyawo.

  • Vumani
  • AbaseLowerGweru

    How possible is it to pull up a handbrake of a mobile vehicle from outside?

    • Zim – Resident

      ….”we saw the police officer and the driver tumbling out of the vehicle in combat’………………….

  • QB

    Imagine in good olden days people used to assist cops to arrest criminals nowadays everything has turned viseversa. These cops know very very well that people are now extremely anti police but they don’t bother to stop their unruly behavior. They read newspapers everyday and they know the outcome there after but its just hogwash to them. Let them face the mob

  • Mjondolo wase Mjondolo

    I think this guy got one quarter of what was due to him. they should have either broke his leg or that hand endonsa i hand brake, kabatshaywe, izinja lezi

  • Fairer

    These road blocks should be reduced on our roads since we are not in a war situation.Even during the days of Ian Smith there were not so many road blocks.

  • Gxabhashe

    Lakho abambambanga mina i wud have locked him outside bambalambe strong ,why pull i hand brake ungabulala umuntu ngenxa ye$20…??nxaaa lakho ingabambhulile heavy,….

  • Zvekuhondo Zvinodazvivindi

    Some of these vehicles have no number plates. How do you suggest the police to deal with such lawlessness. The dreadlock must be arrested and arraigned before the courts. Much should be done to restore public confidence on the traffic police. I think traffic police should be given their uniform which is different from those of officers in different sections because maintaining the same uniform will tarnish the good name of our republic police

    • Danny

      In most cases its the police officers and their bosses who own these Honda fit with no numbers or hidden with mutton cloth. So why is it such a bad thing when the police are on the loosing side. These are just effects of corruption.

    • Zapalala

      Kkkk u are hallucinating . What good name do zrp have . May be u live in mars. They should have killed that skunk

  • Madzibaba Jajah

    Thought our dreadlocked cousins were peace-loving people, even under the influence of spliff. No?

    • benjamin

      Hahahaha,,, A Rasta once told told me that “You will never see Rasta Farians fighting”…. And to some extent I have actually observed that it’s very rare to find an incident in which a Rasta Farian is violent. So in this case, perhaps the Dreadlock was just a hair style, not Rasta…

      • Nteletsha

        They are human. They fight. Although I doubt this one is a rastafarian.

  • nxumalo

    bazafunda kodwa isifundo they ill be afraid very soon of harassing hungry citizens

  • wiseman

    both these idiot cops with no brains but only the ability to budget and count their loot from pillaging and the honda fit idiots who behave like savages deserve each other its just a pity that the passengers have to experience the collateral damage….. cannot side with either of them they are all scum….

  • Mr Bee

    should have beat the idiot to death.

  • Question Mark?

    Jah Dread sooka; Ha aa uyazi!!! So dreadlocks are useful for headbutting rogue cops ruthlessly until they sweat heavily and run for cover?

  • #19

    Ugogo uthi kakaze akubone okunje, kukoNtuthu laaa asifuni bumbulu


    “we fought against these things now we practice them. why, why, why?”- the Late Father Zimbabwe Joshua N Nkomo

    corruption at its peak, castigating from the top to the bottom…..”i should have died in the hands of the enemies of my people, i wish i had died when Ian Smith’s raiders had attacked my house” – JNN

  • The Observer

    During the old good days police officers were revered, respected, honoured and represented law and order, but now, eish!, they represent disorder and anarchy. It will take a long time for that organisation to retain its dignity.

    • Zapalala

      Forget bro sanity will never return . There is no more hope there in that cursed country