Pablo’z Club Gweru building nears completion

Kiyapili Sibanda, Showbiz Reporter
CONSTRUCTION of the exquisite Pablo’z Club & VIP in Gweru is at an advanced stage with proprietors saying contractors and designers are putting final touches.

The club, headquartered in Harare, is well known for being patronised by “big spenders” with nothing less expected from the Gweru outlet located at the New Megawatt complex.

Gweru representative, Lyndon Kapuya, said they were not rushing the opening of the club as they want to deliver a world class venue. Initially, the launch had been set for this month.

“Everything is coming along well as we’re nearing completion. A launch date will be announced shortly. We’re not rushing the opening because we want to stay true to our brand and deliver a world class quality venue for Gweru.

“The same standard that one finds at Pablo’z Harare must be found at Pablo’z Gweru,” said Kapuya.

He said they were now working on the colour schemes, lighting, artwork and décor.

On whether an international artiste would perform at the launch as earlier advertised, Kapuya said something special was in store. He said Gweru patrons should brace themselves for good quality entertainment.

“We don’t like to make promises but prefer to deliver. We can assure people that we’ll deliver the full Pablo’z experience, which is on par, if not better than any other entertainment experience you can get regionally or internationally.” – @Kiyaz_Cool

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  • Kabius Kekedu

    Be prepared for modest business and modest spenders in Gweru. Obviously, Gweru is not Harare. You may not go down to selling Super and Scud Pablo’z Gweru, but be ready to sell a pint for a dollar – its actual price. Rude awakening kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • JongweRachembera

    Who are these “big spenders”? There are only vendors in Gweru. All the major industries have shut shop. Gweru, City of No Progress!