Page missing from financial report

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HIGHLANDERS’ members adopted the club’s financial report at the club’s annual general meeting on Sunday despite the statement missing a whole page.
Treasurer Donald Ndebele handed out a financial report to members without page 22.
The report jumps from page 21, which lists donations to the club, to a page which talks about membership subscriptions. What is contained on page 22 remains a mystery to most club members.
Could it have been a case of the club conveniently omitting the bad and exaggerating the good that made them leave out page 22 of the financials?
When an alert member raised the issue during Ndebele’s presentation, his concerns were simply noted and no corrective measures were taken to ensure that the missing page was given to members despite the meeting lasting for more than seven hours.
“I think it was just a case of someone sleeping on duty, especially from the secretariat side, because the treasurer did his books and from the binding process I think that is where page 22 was left out. However, the secretariat should have picked that out and corrected it,” said a club member.
Shockingly though, members still went ahead and endorsed the report without any queries.

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    Members dont know ANYYHING about the Financial Accounts thus why they kept quite.