Panic grips MDC-T. . . As Tsvangirai’s close associates follow him SA

Morgan Tsvangirai

Morgan Tsvangirai

Harare Bureau
PANIC has gripped the MDC-T amid revelations that party leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s close associates have followed him to South Africa to monitor his condition after he was flown there as an emergency case last Friday.

Mr Tsvangirai was reportedly carried into a private plane on a stretcher bed at Harare International Airport around 2AM, although his office sought to downplay the incident, insisting the MDC-T leader had flown to South Africa for a routine medical check up.

While Mr Tsvangirai’s spokesman Mr Luke Tamborinyoka yesterday insisted that the opposition leader was well, party officials were concerned that he was in bad shape and his close associates, the Makone family, had joined him in South Africa.

The officials said it would be advisable to tell the truth about Mr Tsvangirai’s condition to avoid unhelpful speculation which could only hurt the party and cause panic among followers.

Mr Tsvangirai was airlifted to South Africa after his condition drastically deteriorated during a workshop in Kadoma.

He was recently diagnosed with cancer of the colon and has been receiving chemotherapy in South Africa for some time.

“We wish the president a speedy recovery but he is still in the woods,” said a senior MDC-T official.

He added: “Yes, he is responding to medication but his condition is not changing and that is our major worry. What is worrying us is that he keeps issuing statements through Tamborinyoka saying he is stable and urging people to vote yet it is clear he is not well. This attitude is not helpful.

“He has been going for routine check ups for some time now but the fact that he was hurriedly airlifted from a workshop in the company of a doctor is clear evidence that he is seriously ill. You cannot fool people like that.”

The official said MDC-T members were also irked by the manner in which Mr Tsvangirai’s illness was being handled by party officials.

“What has irked other senior party members is the way the president’s sickness is being handled by members of the ‘kitchen cabinet’ such as the Makones. They are ring fencing the president and want to appear as if they are the ones who love him more than any other party members.”

Another source said Mr Tsvangirai’s illness had plunged the whole party into confusion about the future if he were incapacitated beyond recovery.

“Remember we have three vice presidents and our constitution is silent on the issue of succession,” said the source, who sits in the MDC-T’s standing committee.

“Dr Thokozani Khupe is the deputy responsible for administration, Engineer Elias Mudzuri is responsible for organising and Advocate Nelson Chamisa is responsible for international relations,” said the source.

“None of them can claim to be superior to the other although those sympathetic to Chamisa are already touting him as the possible successor,” he said.

“The truth of the matter is that the constitution is silent about that matter and the appointment of Eng Mudzuri and Adv Chamisa was never meant to deal with the succession issue but factionalism that was threatening to tear the movement apart.”

He said it was important for Mr Tsvangirai to appoint someone senior to act in his capacity whenever he travels outside the country for whatever reason.

This, he said, would help in coordinating communication and give it more authority.

Throughout the weekend and yesterday, Mr Tamborinyoka insisted that Mr Tsvangirai was well and that he was urging people to register in readiness to vote in next’s elections.

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  • Gen Gowon

    It does not make sense to have all those vice presidents.The naked truth is that,some members of the kitchen cabinet felt that if something unpleasant happened to Morgan,Thoko Khuphe as the only V/President and being Ndebele would take over reins of the party.Those pursuing a tribal agenda then decided to romp in the additional 2 V/Ps.The functions of those other 2 vice presidents are simply duplication of the roles of fellow executive members of the party.

    • Cetshwayo

      True utshaye khona mfethu. I don’t know why many people cannot see that Tsvangirayi is just as tribalistic as Mgabe

      • peace maker

        That is the naked truth my brother. I also wonder why most of the Mthwakazi people keep following and defending the indisputable facts that these people are up to keeping the Matebeles maginalised.

        • Cetshwayo

          Our people must realize it doesn’t matter if they are labeled tribalists….the bottomline is people from the north would never vote for someone from Mthwakazi, hence it would be wise to ensure that we have our people that represent our interests and fight for the rights of Matebeles. Right now no one is doing that. We are harassed on the highways by Shona speaking cops day and night, we are harassed by Shona speaking Zimra and Immigration personnel at border posts in Mthwakazi land…our people have all fled our provinces to work in SA and other neighboring countries because they will never get jobs in the govt departments in Mthwakazi since all jobs are given to Shona people. When we state these facts kuthiwa sile-tribalism when we are clearly being sidelined and our people are being marginalized. Please stay away from political parties from the north, they don’t care about you…

        • Doctor Do little

          When one is faced with no other choice but two evils it stands to reason that one would tend to lean towards what will be perceived as the lesser evil, if one is thinking according to the rules of logic.

          • Duze


      • moyoza

        they are birds of the same further

    • MakhosiXamu

      This is mere hogwash talk from an imbecile, shame.

      • moyoza

        u sound like ishona lothuvi sihlama

        • MakhosiXamu

          You can hallucinate and go wild just like a wild pig.

  • Cetshwayo

    The reason why Tsvangirayi appointed two more vice presidents was to ensure that a Ndebele person never ascends to presidency in the event that anything happens to him as president. This just goes to show you the extent tribalism in among our Northern neigbhours. Same tribalism is in Zanu PF and that’s why Mthwakazi need to stop following behind Shona leaders and we have our own parties that will represent our provinces and constituencies in parliament. A word to the wise is enough.

    • Mugavimbi_Naledi

      True that ….
      These Shonas!

      • Mvura

        hayo suka ndebeles are just too dumb to be trusted look how their beloved King of Mthwakazi sold the whole country after tasting sugar nxx umsebenzi ngamaqebelengwane too much lomxhanxa kuphela engqondweni

        • saltie

          Lobhengula never sold the country he was cheated by the colonialists to sign a legal document which he could not understand. The colonialists wanted the land

  • Koka

    We have MRP which we can support. This party represents mthwakazi but we are shunning it. Let’s all abandon Harare parties and support one of our own. VIVA MRP

  • VukaniVO

    This person who writes about Mthwakazi is talking about something that people do not know. A white guy called a party in Limpopo to launch a fake thing called Mthwakazi, he lives in London but knows nothing about Zimbabwe although he is a Rhodesian. Before Mzilikazi came to Karangaland in 1840, from Mozambique to Botswana that place was called Guruuswa a land of tall grasses with large masses of wild animals and birds. The Karanga people who built the Great Zimbabwe for their King were defeated by Mzilikazi, they realised that they needed someone stronger to take back their land, especially Matopos the rain shrine where Mzilikazi`s people who did not know farming but raiding Karangas for food, women and young men as soldiers. They asked White men to help them take back their land from Mzilikazi. When Mzilikazi crossed the Limpopo he had only 300 people-made up of Ndebeles recruited in Mpumalanaga, some Tshongas and very few Zulus. So the Karanga are the majority Ndebeles as we know them in Matebeleland today, although we have fake Ndebele names like Khupe (Karanga), Ncube (Soko Mukanya-monkey), Sibanda (Shumba-lion). The Karanga were betrayed and conquered in1890 by the same white settlers who had come for hunting and prospecting for minerals they had asked to help them chase away Mzilikzai back to Zululand even though he was a fugitive and coward fleeing from Chaka. Morgan Tsvangirai please put Chamisa as your acting President while you are still nursing poisoning wounds acquired during GNU (government of national unity) otherwise Mugabe will win elections and put his wife as president THIS TIME NO, VOTE IN LARGE NUMBERS TO REMOVE HIM.

    • Shlama

      Stop reading Chigwedere’s history textbooks. Your article is crap

      • MakhosiXamu

        Wena nguwe ogula ingqondo mgodoyi. History is history and nobody can change that, period. All the History that we learnt came from Europeans.

        • moyoza

          i history yamaswina uyinja yamaswina engela boya sihlama

    • Mutapa Anals

      Mziligazi KaMatshobana crossed Shashe river in 1823 not 1840, then died in 1864 after establishing a kingdom in western Rozvi empire. He crossed from Bechuanaland with a half battalion of 500 well armed and trained impi rebels from Shaka Zulu’s army. Never mind their ethnic composition-mind their mission; which even Mziligazi himself did not know.The Bechauna called the rebel outfit “Ri-Tebele” or Cow-Hide people. Mziligazi whacked the rebel Rozvi empire led by the infamous Changamire Dombo (rebel regent of Munhumutapa) who fled from his capital Khami and sought refuge in VuHera where he died a pauper. His rebel fiefdom chiefs Tohwechipi, Dhlembeu Kulima Kwandikona, Dalangombe, Dhombodhema, Hwange,and sundry were acculturated into the Ritebele culture. So far so good.Just two rebel army commander regents from two seperate kingdoms-Zulu and Munhumutapa empire -slugging it out between themselves. No hard feelings there. Truth be told, Mziligazi was a messenger from Nyikadzimu sent to punish the rebel vandal Dombo who had palverized and impoverished the Munhumutapa lands for two centuries since 1670 when he rebelled against king and country. The whites only came in 1890 by which time Mziligazi was long dead and Ruvangura his militarily inexperienced youngest son was reigning-having been crowned king in 1887.Had Mziligazi not killed his military genius of a son Nkulumane for usurping the throne while he was being whacked tired at the Zambesi Mosi O-aTunya ill fated campaign by Ruwananyika (Lewanika-Dombo’s nevanji who founded BaLozwi-or BaRotseland which is western Kambiya), the white folks would have fooled no-one with their swivel chair and a 2kg packet of brown molasses mistaken for sugar. In short, Mzilgazi’s mission was accomplished; deposing the Rozvi rebels and restoring the Munhumutapa dynasty. He’s was not to establish a kingdom within a kingdom. Let no one misdirect their egos against the Nyikadzimu verdicts. Ruvangura mistook it until Nyikadzimu send word of how the whites would be dispached by Nyikadzimu to end his mistaken beliefs.Gumboreshumba is testimony of that. The whiteman’s mission was also accomplished as was Mziligazi’s mission. What therefore is the land? Was this not an inheritence promised by Mwali Mushikavantu himself? Did he not lead his covenented all the way from Shinar by sign of the fish eagle flying on high? Is Karanga not Tanganyika Swahili for (Chivantu?) Who is Karanga? Anyone with Untuism. Aknowledging Mwali Mushikavantu as the one and only true living creator. Let noone think they are more than others. Everyone from Okavango to the east ocean believes there is one creator and his name is Mwali Mushikavantu.They all descent, they all came from the north. They all hweleketa.They all belong. There is no other kingdom but the kingdom of the covenented. Those from Mesopotamia of Shinar. The builders of the houses of stones in the land between. Long live Mutapa!

    • moyoza

      u must be sick in the head

  • jonso

    Yes Tsvangirai is very right. we should all vote 2018. At least 6 million people should vote.
    Tuku-give us a song to movitate us to vote. Take us to the votes with style.

  • Kezi

    Can those who claim there is no tribalism in Zimbabwean politics explain the rational behind the appointment of Chamisa and Mujuru other than it was a deliberate move to make sure Khuphe does not succeed Tsvangirai?.

  • Robson Fish

    VukaniVO, shame on you for distorting history. You know nothing, absolutely nothing. I dont know what agenda you are pushing but you are a loser. When Mzilikazi was conquered by Chaka,s troops, yes he had over 300 men but, that was in Kwazulu Natal, now known as Durban. As he progressed northwards, he conquered a lot of states that included the Sotho, Swazi and the venda so that by the time he stayed in Pretoria, he had an empire. He never crossed the Limpopo with those 300 people. He actually had more than 40 000 people.He stayed for a long time in Pretoria. When Chaka came to know that he was in Pretoria, Mzilikazi progressed northwards via Botswana. While in Botswana, he conquered the Tswanas there and split his entourage. He sent Chief Gundwane to cross into Zimbabwe from Botswana while he progressed towards the Victoria Falls. Gundwane then led the huge Ndebele state into Matabelaland where they stayed in what is now called Bulawayo. It was during this time that they put Nkulumane to be King thinking that Mzilikazi was dead. When Mzilikazi heard that, he rushed to Bulawayo where he killed all the indunas at a hill called Ntabazinduna. Once settled, Mzilikazi used to forage into Mashonaland to take cattle and women. There were few people who were incoporated into the Ndebele state. We had 3 classes. Those who were found in Matabeleland were called Amahole and these included the karangas you are talking about. The second class was called Abenhla, meaning those who captured along the way from Zululand who included the Sotho, Swazi and Venda. These were the next best class below the ruling elite that included the Khumalos, Masuku. Dlodlos. etc. In short, we had the elite as the first class, the Abenhla as the second class and the Mahole who comprised those who were found in Matabeleland. These were few and did not make any significant part of the Ndebele Empire. These were the people who sold out the struggle to the whites during the Umvukela by joining hands with them. That is why the whites settled in Harare and not Bulawayo even though they crossed the border at Fort Tuli near Bulawayo. The Ndebele were a no-nonsese breed who never sold the struggle to the whites.
    In any case, the shonas or Karangas found in Matabeland had come from the DRC with their hard Mashona type cattle. This land belonged to the Bushmen.
    You talk crap

  • Peter

    Mvuri What a stupid statement from a fool. You have to look at yourself first. Too corrupt to be trusted. Shonas gave the Diamonds to the Chinese for a few luxuries which only a few of them enjoyed. Shonas have turned beautiful Harare into a sewerage city. Shonas have destroyed a money system to use toilet paper for money, Shonas are ruled by a leader who sleeps through out meetings because if he is awake he might f*art and mess himself. Mvura Shonas have disgraced the name of Zimbabwe the only country in the world that had street sleepers and beggars who were starving millionaires because a loaf of bread was 1 billion dollars. You got nothing to be proud of you fool. You are of a tribe of losers.,……

    • Paul

      Well said.