Perimeter wall collapses, crushes eight-year-old boy to death

The perimeter wall which collapsed and killed 8-year-old Nkosiphile Ncube in Suburbs, Bulawayo, on Saturday

The perimeter wall which collapsed and killed 8-year-old Nkosiphile Ncube in Suburbs, Bulawayo, on Saturday

Thandeka Moyo/ Whinsley Masara, Chronicle Reporters
AN eight-year-old boy from Bulawayo died after a perimeter wall collapsed and buried him while he was playing at his home, police confirmed yesterday.

Nkosiphile Ncube, who was a Grade Two pupil at Indlovu Iyanyathela Primary School, died upon arrival at Mater Dei Hospital on Saturday.

The Chronicle visited the boy’s family at their Suburbs home yesterday where his mother Ms Promise Ncube narrated how the incident happened.

“He was playing outside the house on Saturday and riding his bicycle. The perimeter wall just collapsed and fell on him,” she said.

“Unfortunately the wall was too heavy and when he was rescued from the rubble, he was failing to breathe. He was taken to Mater Dei where he was declared dead on arrival”.

Ms Ncube said the family was shattered and failing to come to terms with the tragedy.

“We are not sure what really caused the wall to collapse but since these structures are old, we have accepted that it was just a normal accident,” she said.
Ms Ncube said Nkosiphile would be buried in the city today.

Bulawayo provincial police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango confirmed the incident.

 The late Nkosiphile Ncube

The late Nkosiphile Ncube

“We received a report where a boy was buried by a perimeter wall while playing. When his aunt heard the wall crumbling, she came out of the house and rescued him.

“Unfortunately the boy was declared dead upon arrival at Mater Dei Hospital,” said Insp Simango.

Meanwhile, in an unrelated incident, an eight-months pregnant woman collapsed and died in the Bulawayo city centre yesterday.

The woman from Queens Park suburb was on her way from a doctor’s surgery for a checkup in the company of her two siblings.

The deceased, who cannot be named because most of her close relatives have not yet been notified, collapsed along Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Street and 4th Avenue.

When The Chronicle arrived at the scene minutes before she died, passersby were trying to call an ambulance. The woman was lying on the pavement and appeared to be struggling to breathe.

One of the woman’s sisters, who was crying uncontrollably, said they had just walked out of a nearby surgery but her sister had not been treated as she had been referred to seek help from other doctors.

“We have just come out of this surgery where they said they couldn’t help her. She sometimes experiences difficulties in breathing.

“As we walked out of the surgery, she asked us to allow her to rest as she couldn’t breathe. She is getting worse and I am scared she can die here, she can’t leave us just like that,” said the woman who sobbed uncontrollably.

As passersby argued about what to do, the woman died.

“It was sad to watch someone die helplessly because it actually took more than 30 minutes for an ambulance to be called and arrive at the scene,” said a witness.



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  • QB

    A properly built wall can not fall because of age. I m not seeing any brick force in that ruble. Brick force was never used and its the cause of this collapse. All bricks were independent and worse maybe it wasn’t built up plum.

    My condolences to the lost life!

  • mathe

    Did BCC inspect that wall when it was built, any brick force used or approved material or it was too much mud,

  • jahman

    The state of affairs in the country honestly makes one really angry. How can these politicians continuously seek medical treatment in foreign countries yet our health sector is in such a bad state. The woman collapsing and an ambulance taking that long to arrive in just in town shows the decay we dealing with. Doctors are on strike hospitals are in shambles, people dying of curable disease cause of lack of access to basic facilities. How long can we continue to endure such as a nation honestly???
    RIP to both lives lost

  • ncane

    people are suffering because of the doctors strike that woman should have been rushed to hospital but because of the strike people no longer know what to do, top officials need to intervene and save lives

    • DangerWomanXX

      You’re correct

    • Major Musango

      Dead on arrival …. where does the doctors’ strike come in?

  • Rider~

    So sad, I wonder why she was turned away from that surgery. Please name it

    • makhelwane

      the surgery was supposed to also assist by calling an ambulance to transport her to the refered hospital

  • Wellington

    Some of these deaths are avoidable, but due to the state of this country where leaders are content with wearing scarfs and glob troting things will continue to get worse

  • Martin Chipimo

    Can the new Gvt do something about this doctor strike? We don’t want to continue to see our brothers and sisters dying like this, without any medical assistance.