Petrol attendant ‘steals’ $10 000 via card fraud

Steward Bank ATM card

Codelia Mondela, Court Reporter
A PETROL attendant employed at an Engen Service Station in Bulawayo allegedly defrauded a director at a local company of nearly $10 000 after cloning his ATM card and conducting several unauthorised transactions.

Onias Nkuzuwalela (36) of North End suburb appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Ms Gladmore Mushove facing theft and fraud charges.

He pleaded not guilty to the charges and was remanded out of custody to October 27 pending trial. Prosecuting, Mr Kudakwashe Jaravaza said the complainant, Mr Vunganayi Muvungani, who is a director at Receptive Investments gave Nkuzuwalela his Steward Bank ATM card so that he could swipe for fuel for clients who had cash and retain the money for him.

The court heard that Nkuzuwalela used the ATM card, but never gave the company director any money. The court heard that on July 27, Nkuzuwalela transferred $1 275 to one Mr Dumisani Mhlanga, a manager at a local shop.

After two weeks, the accused person went to an electrical shop in Gweru where he purchased a home theatre system worth $1 490 using the complainant’s bank card.

“On August 12, Nkuzuwalela, through swiping, bought a home theatre worth $1 490 before proceeding to Zuva and Sakunda service stations, Midlands Spar, Value CT Gweru and Food Mart Gweru where he conducted transactions worth $493,” said Mr Jaravaza.

Two days later, Nkuzuwalela returned Mr Muvungani’s ATM card, telling him that there was insufficient funds in his account. On August 14, the complainant gave one Prince Chavuraya, who is Nkuzuwalela’s workmate another ATM card issued to him by FBC Bank.

He allegedly told him that he wanted cash and requested that the petrol attendant should use it to swipe for people who had cash and keep the money for him.

The court heard that Nkuzuwalela took the ATM card from Chavuraya and replicated it and used it to buy groceries and other items which included an LG home theatre system and two television sets all valued at $6 094.

Mr Muvungani went to the bank on the same day and discovered that his money had been used. He reported the matter to the police, leading to Nkuzuwalela’s arrest.

Recently, Bulawayo police warned members of the public from leaving their cards with bank tellers, till operators or any other person in the hope of being assisted in withdrawing money. They said criminal elements take advantage of such situations to make copies of the cards, containing data that is similar to the original, which they use to make purchases or cash withdrawals.— @MondelaC

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  • Brutal Truth

    It takes less than 5 minutes to clone a bank card or a SIM card when you have the right equipment to do it.People should be careful who they leave their items with

    • bh

      I hadn’t the slightest idea. I am one notch wiser today.

  • xhiba

    the owner of the card could have been into money exchange deals

  • Smoothy1

    But does this Director guy know that it is an offence to give your ATM card to a third part??? He is likely to lose the case and RBZ may press some charges against him. He is stupid. Simple.

  • Gxabhashe

    Idiot dont you have sms alerts for your card ,can you prove that you gave them the card ,nxxxxx udom sterekk…

  • big

    So given the current crises of people hoarding cash the country is facing, the so called complainant is very liable to a criminal charge. Further investigations should reveal who from FBC he has been conniving with to siphon cash from the market that was supposed to be banked.

  • ntatshana

    magic card kkkkkkkkkk

  • Munationalist

    Eish some reporting, there is no cloning of the card here, its simply miss use. There is a very big difference, and reporters must educate the public rather than confuse them. For the record , cloning is when someone uses a card reader to take information on an original card, then transfer that information to a card not original. The fake card can now be used to do transactions. The features on the card will not match what is inside it.

  • Chimbulumbunde

    I just can’t comrehend why this Director geezer could leave his debit/ credit card with a third party just so he could accumulate cash in shady deals resulting in him losing so much cash