Plaxedes reincarnates

Plaxedes Wenyika

Plaxedes Wenyika

Showbiz Reporter
THE soulful voice of Plaxedes Wenyika had been forgotten and out of the blue, the songstress has returned with a trademark love ballad titled Now I know.

The song, which hit local radio stations earlier this month, has already proven to be a fan favourite and an announcement that the musician is back with a bang.

Now I know reminds Plaxedes’ fans of when the artiste broke onto the scene in 2002 with songs such as Tisaparadzane and Ndoita Sei. Produced by Mcdonald “Mcdee” Chidavaenzi, the single for hopeless romantics has left lovebirds smouldering with her soulful voice and love-laced lyrics.

It is her first single out of three to be released before her album Soulfully Yours is dropped in September.

“I composed this song with the hope that it would take people back to the basics of love, the emotions and not just the physical. I wanted them to experience the soul music and good love songs,” said Plaxedes.

She said her upcoming album would have 12 diverse tracks.

The last time the artiste released a song was in 2015.

“In the past two years, I’ve been living life. In any case, I wasn’t inspired to do anything about music. Last year, I then decided to go back to studio after seeing a bit of life and with that experience, I believe I’ve something to share through music.”

She said the latest single was available online for free download.

“We’re giving away Now I know for free. Fans can visit my website and send me an email and I’ll send them the song.”

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