‘PLOT TO KILL CHATUNGA’…First Lady says not intimidated

CHATUNGAChronicle Reporter—
FIRST Lady Cde Grace Mugabe yesterday said her son, Bellarmine Chatunga, had been marked for death by a Zanu-PF faction trying to stampede President Robert Mugabe out of power before he finishes his term. The Zanu-PF Women’s League secretary told thousands of Zanu-PF supporters in Chiweshe, Mashonaland Central, how the faction had roped in members of the military to carry out “demonic” acts, including bombing her Alpha Omega Dairy plant in Mazowe with the real possibility an explosion there would kill dozens of orphans at her orphanage nearby.

Without naming the leader of the said faction, or his associates, the First Lady said: “You wanted to bomb my dairy. There’re orphans I’m looking after there. What evil, what demonic spirit possesses one to do that? “You want me to respect you, smile at you and say well done? Oh no! My teeth aren’t crazy. Time will come [to tell all]. Don’t play with me.”

She said the planned bombing of the dairy was designed to induce fear in President Mugabe so that he quits. “Come to the next rally,” she said. “We’ll drop names. This thing of teaming up with soldiers to go and bomb, it won’t work.

“If your plan is to bomb our dairy to induce fear, hoping we’ll surrender power, then you must be mad, very mad.

“Which post are you dreaming of occupying? Whose seat? Didn’t you hear there’s no vacancy at State House? We’re still there, my clothes, my things and my children are there.” During salutations, the First Lady said she welcomed “service chiefs here present”, then added: “Only don’t bomb my dairy, that’s all I ask.”

She then revealed how malevolent forces in the party as well as the military had even hatched a plot to murder her 19-year-old son. “Imagine it has got to a stage where they want to kill my son, Bellarmine. Is it fair to expect me to smile at you?” Sharpening her attack, the First Lady said the leader of the faction behind these shenanigans was of questionable morals, with children all across the country.

“Aren’t you ashamed? Killing other people’s children when you’ve yours, all 20,000 of them? Mugabe only has the three. Spare us these pretences of loving the President, I can read through your lies and I know you’re lying,” she said.

Police foiled a January 29 plot to bomb the First Family’s dairy plant in Mazowe, arresting four men and seizing petrol bombs and propaganda material in a dawn ambush.

Two of the men, Borman Ngwenya, 30, and Solomon Makumbe, 29, are serving army officers. Owen Kuchata, 34, said to be the leader of a fringe party, the Zimbabwe People’s Front, was last week jailed for nine years over the plot.

The trio, along with Silas Pfupa, 37, also face treason charges over an alleged plot to bomb President Mugabe’s Zvimba home. Prosecutor General Johannes Tomana was arrested on February 1 after he dropped criminal charges against Pfupa and Makumbe on the basis that he was turning them into state witnesses. His trial for criminal abuse of office and obstruction of justice is pending.

Zanu-PF national commissar Cde Saviour Kasukuwere told the First Lady to fear nothing, saying party loyalists were ready to die for her and President Mugabe.

“Amai (First Lady) don’t be intimidated. This business of coming to Mazowe carrying bombs, forget it. Mashonaland Central will not accept it. We’re going to die for President Mugabe. If it means we die for him, we must die for him,” Cde Kasukuwere stormed.

“You make grenades with petrol and paraffin. Who do you want to threaten? As I speak right now, they’re busy trying to raise money for bail for those criminals. Why are you doing that? If you defend President Mugabe, why are you defending criminals? Who do you want to bomb? Who chose that target? Why do you go for the President? Amai, we need serious introspection. It’s time to tell each other some home truths. If you love the President, defend him!”

Cde Kasukuwere said the younger generation was also prepared to die for President Mugabe’s cause. “Amai, go and tell the President that war veterans fought for the liberation struggle, but the younger generation is also prepared to die for President Mugabe’s cause,” he said.

“We don’t support President Mugabe, but we believe in President Mugabe. If he forms a church today, we’ll follow him. We don’t want people who fool the President pretending to love him more. You’re busy defending criminals who wanted to kill the President. We know who did it and we’re not scared of you. Amai, Mashonaland Central is here for you.”

Cde Kasukuwere said he had no fear, saying no-one had “title deeds” for Zimbabwe.

“Don’t threaten us,” he said. “There’s no-one who has title deeds for this country. We’re tired of you, we’re now removing the gloves. Let’s go for bare hands. Either you’re behind Mugabe, or get out of the party. If you’re not happy with your present position, just leave. There’s someone who wants to take over that chair.”

Cde Kasukuwere said he was the only intelligence officer who entered the headquarters of Renamo leader Afonso Dhlakama in Mozambique, so people should not brag about their war credentials.

During the Zanu-PF national people’s conference last December, President Robert Mugabe warned service chiefs to stop meddling in Zanu-PF politics. “The military, police and the intelligence are now involved and split as well. Let’s stop this,” he said. “We don’t want factions. Nobody has people. We’re all Zanu PF.”

President Mugabe was given a new five-year mandate as Zanu-PF leader which expires in 2019, a year after general elections in 2018.

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  • chirandu_mukuru

    All lies. Similar to those created to justify the Joyce Mujuru purge. It’s a bedroom coup underway in Zimbabwe, as Jabulani Sibanda correctly said. Now the same people used to eliminate Mujuru are themselves getting eliminated: divide and rule. Having been made to make really nasty pronouncements against Mujuru, it will be difficult for them to unite with Mujuru, making their opposition to those pulling the strings fragmented and therefore weak. That’s Zimbabwean politics in our day. And poor Mnangagwa. He was used together with his clique that included Muzenda, Hungwe and Mudenge to frustrate Zvobgo’s bid for the presidency of ZANU PF when it was still possible to challenge Mugabe constitutionally. And when all were being sidelined, even “eliminated”, the fellow must have been promised heaven on earth. Now, he is left with a handful of dust…wadzambiswa pasi.

    • OHARA


  • Mpisi

    If Chatunga has attained the age of 18 and now an adult and he makes a conscious decision to join the party of murderers and thieves , he is fair game when it comes to the activities of ZANU. This is not news. We are tired of waiting please let’s get to the real thing, start killing each other we want to fill up as many body bags of these useless primates.

  • Mpisi

    It’s all Robert Gabriel Mgodoyi’s fault.Mwana we nyoka inyoka. Lol!!

  • Bambanani

    I cannot imagine Dr Gire becoming the next president of Zimbabwe! But it looks like this is what is going to happen….

  • Bambanani

    So Grace Mugabe believes the State House is her private home? Doesn’t she understand the word “State” in this context?

  • Brigadier Siyasutha Belamba

    Now she is a loose canon. And I think she is desrepectful of people who fought for this country,Siyazi inengi liyasutha but with poverty so pronounced she may be digging her grave

    • Mugavimbi_Naledi

      hayi Brigadier … I know that’s not what u’re saying but avoid using some terms inaccurately. “loose canon” … this sling shot coming DIRECTLY from a conniving hand and a squinted eye taking aim at identified targets!!
      problem we don’t know who those targets are until ilitshe lodges enhlafunweni.
      and we can’t go by what the papers are saying about the targets (lots of deception involved out there at the moment)

  • Zarura Zimbabgwe

    Just kicked my recliner, mukaranga you are out. Time to subdivide the country. How many people have tried and failed to kill this family?

    • Mpisi

      Gaddafi used to think no one could kill him , but one day the tables turned. Gaddafi thought his people loved him so much that they wouldn’t dare think of killing him. The rest is history, his carcass was displayed in Tripoli, his piple as he used to call them were kicking and spitting on the carcass. This very Mgodoyi will go the same way. I am ready to break the seal of my bottle of whisky that I have kept in my cabinet for a while now kkkkkk!
      Handei tione said Johnso!

      • Khalabemgeza MehlokaMthwakazi

        Gaddafi was killed by the British and Americans .
        Mugabe is an old man so let him go the God’s way . The mere fact is that Mnangagwa is not a suitable candidate to succeed Mugabe , that would be another Mgodoyi as such, it won’t make a difference to us as a nation , therefore i support Grace and her G40 .

        • Mpisi

          The person who killed Gaddafi was a Lybian. G40 is ZANU, same circus different clowns.

          • Doctor Do little

            Hear Hear

          • Khalabemgeza MehlokaMthwakazi

            Libyan with a backup of NATO

  • Lunga

    WHO CARES!!!

  • Shu Shu

    I thought there were no factions in ZANU-PF. Now ‘Amai President’ tells us there are factions and one is trying to kill her son.

    Who to believe, who to believe.

    • Khalabemgeza MehlokaMthwakazi

      You are really a Shu Shu thing living inside a bulb . Stay there, we will rescure you out after democratical liberating our country .

  • De Afrique

    And meanwhile the agent matters are taking a back seat. The country needs someone to run it. Assassination plots are a daily staple at this level and security services across the world deal with them quietly to avoid alarm. Moving on please. Next subject: how do we revive the economy?

    • Khalabemgeza MehlokaMthwakazi

      We can only revive economy after dealing with Mnangagwa. Riviving economy should be a team work ,unfortunately Team Lacoster have caused so much problems and as such this Ngwena must go .

  • Tawanda

    But Amai what makes believe you have a birth right to occupy the State House? Your clothes one day will be fire in your life. When your offspring will be taken away from you one by one right under your watch- and you will not even lift a finger. That day is not far away. Be ready for it and dont blame anyone but your ‘greed for power’. Your right hand men will show you the way. We cant wait! These will interesting times. And we will not shed a tear for your suffering. Let your CIO run for life.

    • Khalabemgeza MehlokaMthwakazi

      Shut up , you have just opened your mouth and failed to say sommething , this werb is not an art book , say something then we will listen to you .
      Let Mugabe die while on seat than to hand over powers to Mnangagwa and that is very correct from Grace , what is the difference between Mugabe and Mnangagwa ????
      We need G40s to take this country forward and that is exactly what Grace is fighting for , time for war credentials is over .
      Work and smell the coffee!!!

      • General Sun-Tzu

        G40 my foot… we just need a complete overhaul

  • Rinovav

    In as much as we tend to listen and pretend to care I would highlife the sick think Mai Mugabe is displaying, from a laymans stand point, she is too loud even to the weak, he cortery is ill advising her and there is nothing really in her reserves to fuel up her push to the throne. On another hand we see the merry go talk which she may have escaped herself thinking that she is an energy yet she forgets the holly ground she has trembled. The me attitude that she thinks can be the best thing to happen in Zimbabwe.it is such a folly to a half whit that she says her kid is needed on death bed,strange we really see the institution of which hunting which she personally feels.as I Cross check the nerve I am disappointed and see that which she thinks so dearest may be her downfall, the carpet is turned hazy.we in the intelligence ask where is your safety based? Where is that which you think is untouchable to the exact pause. Pause for thought we will call you grace to stand up and resist the song you are singing we will be sorry to note that the level of security you so hope has been weaned away starting with less minders and state resources which used to be roped for your children,the wa to military men you so wanted to guard your relatives ain’t coming so like the peels of lemon you will sing till the mic is switched off and please do not say we din not tell you as the whisper will be in your ear that
    Things ain’t the same. Do you kno kasukuwere has no bite no thing at all nothing of knot hence he thinks he has all the Intel on him,why would an Intel person talks on matters like so please note it’s cold out here’s I’ll be much colder soon.

    • Kalabemgeza MehlokaMthwakazi

      The fact is a fact, you can try by all means to be clever and set your useless agendas against Grace , but what remains is that Mnangagwa will never lead Zimbabwe , who killed 20 000 people in Matebeleland ???? So is that person the amicable candidate to succeed Mugabe and take our Zimbabwe forward ?
      Grace is so vocal with a good reason , only fools will never see the significance of Grace presence at this difficult moment , we will never allow this country to continue being in the hands of people who have got their hands bleeding the blood of more than 20 000 people who were brutal killed through Mnangagwa’s instructions.
      Ladies and gentlemen, whats wrong with our brains ?????

  • Observer

    KokuGushungo Dairy ndookuneorphanage here? Those are two seperate locations with a substantial distance from each other. Over exaggeration Dr Amai!

  • Observer gonzo


    Exclusive interview with Ian Smith in 1976. Hate Smith, but listen carefully.

  • Nkunzemnyama

    The gugulawundi strategist is now FINISHED.

  • Drum

    Honestly this is a pathetic news paper, The Chronicle. I go online daily to crap news, hapana news pano. One sided stuff, lies. Check out the gallery, since forever same Zanu PF pictures, like seriously!!
    Now, the economy is the issue, all talk talk is not making things better. Our leaders have failed the country, we fools to buy this Grace crap. She’s just a big mouth for nothing. We under dictatorship, modern day slavery. The country is in a shame, no employment, power problems and we think this is all normal. Generally as Zimbabweans we dumb, lets stop fooling ourselves kuti we a better country, reality we the worst munyika, Zanu has destroyed families, the country and Chronicle lies chete.

  • Mugavimbi_Naledi

    kahleni bo … kanti ababanye abababulala ngeGukurahundi bona asibantu, asibantwana babanye??? Omama, obaba, omalume, oauntie, abazawabo, ogogo, okhulu, abafazi, amadoda, girlfriend, boyfriend, friend, teacher, cousin, businessman, abazukulu, omalokazana labakhwenyana babanye??

    Tshono (dis)Grace sizwe, umpempetha kangaka!! Tshono….!!!!

  • Duane

    Jonso’s the third way at work

  • shackie

    lets pray for our country and leaders

  • eliza

    pliz stop it, am sick and tired of this gukurahundi issue,