Points not guaranteed

The Highlanders vs Dynamos match was called off following crowd trouble

The Highlanders vs Dynamos match was called off following crowd trouble

Sikhumbuzo Moyo, Senior Sports Reporter
DYNAMOS are not guaranteed maximum points from their aborted blockbuster encounter against Highlanders when the disciplinary committee deliberates on the case next week.

The match was called off after an hour’s standoff following crowd trouble after fans rejected the Harare giants’ equaliser in the 40th minute scored by Cameroonian striker Christian Epoupa from what appeared to be an offside position.

A law expert said it would be unfair to the players if they were to lose points when they actually wanted to continue with play.

“Look, it was not Highlanders who caused the abandonment of the match. Their players wanted to play, their officials tried all they could to calm the fans to show that they wanted the match to continue, but it did not,” said the law expert.

He said even the match commissioner is on record as saying the match was called off due to crowd trouble, not that the home side had refused to play.

“Highlanders are likely to be punished in monetary terms unless we see things differently because as a football institution they never caused the abandonment of that match, but it was their fans. It’s the fans who need to be punished not the players on the field of play, also they (Bosso) can bring in the force majeure factor where they argue and say even if the match resumed after an hour of stoppage, poor light would have forced the referee to call off the match, which is beyond their control, so to me really Dynamos must not count on the free points as yet,” said the lawyer.

In the event of a replay or continuation of the match from the 40th minute, there could be the issue of travel and accommodation costs for Dynamos which need to be looked at as they had nothing to do with the disturbances at Barbourfields Stadium.

“The way I see it, in the likely event that the disciplinary committee orders a replay, Dynamos might refuse to come to Bulawayo citing costs, but that is another issue altogether. Maybe Highlanders might undertake to foot that bill, but from a legal argument, giving three points to Dynamos will also be unfair to the Highlanders players who were clearly eager to play,” said the expert.

The lawyer said Highlanders’ fans clearly accepted that they are the ones who caused the abandonment of the match as evidenced by their rushed decision to fundraise in anticipation of a huge fine from the PSL.

The hearing will be held next Tuesday and the schedule of offences includes pitch invasion, missile throwing and violent conduct by the fans.

In summons issued on Monday, Highlanders are being charged in terms of Order 31; Acts of misconduct/ offences, which says it’s an act of misconduct when supporters misbehave in any manner whatsoever, inside or outside a ground before, during or after a match, no matter on which ground the match is played.


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  • God of War

    Well the best punishment will be for Highlander’s to play their next 5 home matches in an empty stadium.

    • Nkomazana


    • willy

      Best according to who?

      • Gud Murning

        Peace loving fans.

        • willy

          who are provoked by biased match officials. Why dont these officials leave the talented boys both in Bosso and Dimbare to showcase their talent? Rubbish Kusosa.

      • God of War

        According to standard world practice for such situations.

    • uBhonklanti

      Siyangena eBF.


    • makhosi

      No the best is to us fine us and a replay in Gweru. We as fans will pay the fine.

  • Mutapa Jnr

    Looks like S Moyo is basically indulging himself in wishful thinking. From his narrative above it is evident that he condones the hooliganism that happened at BF and would wish that the PSL do his bidding. Sorry to disappoint you Sikhumbozo, the PSL have charged Bosso for the BF disturbances. By the way Bosso is not just the players, its a collection of the players, team management and fans. Any disturbances caused by any of these actors are Bosso’s responsibility in terms of PSL rules.

    Sikhumbuzo, let me remind you that If, If’s and And’s were pots and pans, there would be no need for tinkers. In case you’re wondering about the idiom it deals with the subject of wishful thinking in life which is an informal logical fallacy with a lot of false optimism. It is very questionable whether strong evidence would or could exist to support the narrative you wish to make on behalf of Bosso. I would like to argue that it is an informal fallacy when it is a real belief for a desired state of events with
    weak or no evidence and a highly improbable likelihood. It is a leap into
    improbability based upon false optimism.

    We need to send a very strong and clear message to all hooligans that these heinous acts must never be repeated again. The best way to do so is ensure that the team where these hooligans are coming from is heavily fined and lose points. By advocating and promoting the mitigation of the punishment the reporter is indirectly supporting soccer hooliganism. STOP IT.

    • Nkomazana

      He didnt say Highlanders should go unpunished.They will pay for the fans conduct, that is a welcome decision, clearly spelt out in the rule book. His concern was on awarding of the three points to Dynamos as this has not been consistent with PSL and ZIFA (refer to the 2012 Hwange-Dynamos matter). However this is a decision sorelely left to the disciplinary committe to decide as our league is at times run using decisions and rules not in accordance with FIFA standards

      • Khumbu

        So who said Dynamos will be awarded three points here. Please care to furnish us?

        • Nkomazana

          If you take time to read again you wont ask that question again. Thats exactly wat Im correcting, he(SM) is loooking at possible outcomes!!

      • Mutapa Jnr

        The reporter has no right to start pleading for Bosso as if he works for their publicity department. He works for Chronicle which is a government owned paper and should advocate for all teams without bias. S Moyo is basically trying to influence the PSL Disciplinary process by suggesting what they should not do. He should stop that

        • Nkomazana

          Why didnt you complain when the editor published a story about Olinda’s love affair yesterday? Is it news enough from a state owned paper?

    • Sxaxa

      Mutapa Jnr..You contradict yourself at many levels. You seem to bring a level headed opinion at the same time making inferences that only your opinion is upright without taking into consideration the divergent views that the soccer community holds on this matter. You are putting words in the mouth of the reporter and crucifying him for the conclusions and interpretations that you seem to draw from this report. Sk is simply giving out a probable outcome or simple a view that could be taken into consideration and in the process its obvious the disciplinary committee would use whatever statues in their disposal, they will not consult this reporter. You further go on to say SK is indirectly supporting hooliganism? Please STOP it yourself, just give your differing opinion without silencing another- we are all entitled to that its healthy.

      • Legal Eagle

        I actually think that those that are carrying out these investigations will have to go very carefully about how the mete out this punishment. If not done in a proper way what is to stop unscrupulous people from using such a method to earn points for a team by starting crowd problems at a game that might decide the championship at a later date. One individuals opinion was that the game should be awarded to Dynamos on a scoreline of 3-0. Would that be fair to other title contenders who might lose the title because of goal difference for goals that were not scored? We will see the outcome because what ever takes place here a precedence will have been set. At this time and point there has been no comment from those that run football as to the interpretations of the rules in a similar situation so what if this happens again this weekend? There will be some very confused match officials who will either do the opposite of what this man did for fear of reprisals or will do exactly the same and those watching the game will be even more confused.

      • Mutapa Jnr

        Your lack of comprehension does not imply that I contradict myself. SK is working for a government owned paper and needs to be fair minded and should not side with hooligans. Many complaints have already been sent to the parent ministry of information and publicity to rein in on errant reporters like SK who are giving bosso big publicity at government expense. He works for government and he needs to be fair to all teams not just Bosso.

    • Bosso4Life (the actual deal)

      There you go again playing the platform prefect and dictating terms to journalists over whom you have no rightful authority. Scribes are also entitled to the enjoyment of basic human rights; particular the one that’s related to freedom of expression. My advice …..go ahead and read stories; do your analysis soberly, then comment responsibly. That’s the civilised way of doing it. And talking about conflict mitigation; your irresponsible contributions are quite evidently causing conflict among platform users and that in my opinion is the same as instigating mob violence. The only difference is the mob in your case constitutes a virtual one that comprises writers on this platform.The violence you’ve therefore instigated is verbal abuse between the different schools of thought among readers and that can be more damaging than physical abuse.

      • Mutapa Jnr

        The reporter works for a government owned paper. As a tax payer I expect everyone work works for Zimpapers to be fair minded and not advocate for one team. If S Moyo wants to work in the publicity department for Bosso, he is free to do so anytime but not at the expense of Zimpapers (They own the chronicle by the way). My comments were based on the need to have all teams represented in government owned newspapers like the chronicle.

        • Whyisvm

          Dynamos should play zanu pf and leave Highlanders out of their cultural Sh!t.
          Asifuni bumbuloo !

          • Mutapa Jnr

            You are obviously addressind a very different set of issue which has nothing to do with the fact that a reporter working for a ZANU PF government owned paper is freelancing at government expense as a press officer for Bosso. His managers have been informed that we cannot waste money paying for someone who is essentially working for Bosso

    • Mqino

      uyazigulela wena poor analysis from a grown man like you. By ‘we’ who are u collectively referring to? are u aprt of the disciplinary committee?

  • Ronald Sibanda

    Sikhumbuzo; you and your imaginary law expert are mad. Raving mad. Liyahlanya sibili. Munopenga. What kind of logic is that? What does your so-called law expert know about laws of the game? Did your good-for-nothing bush lawyer cite any precedents? Highlanders or any soccer club is responsible for the behaviour of its supports, pure and simple.

    • Nkomazana

      Practising lawyers are actually the right people to look into such matters baba coz they have had special training in interpretion of statutes.There needs to be one who will be furnished with the laws of the game after undergoing their studies in law. Kanti ubaba uChiyangwa who heads the refrees committe holds which paper as far as refering is concerned kanje?

      • fresh

        This Skumbu guy is giving us his warped thoughts and what he wishes for, packaged as legal opinion. Everywhere in the world teams are punished for the bahaviour of their supporters. Please write as a jorno not as a supporter…

      • Legal Eagle

        Any team of note will have legal representation for various situations. If I was Highlanders Lawyer or Dynamos Lawyer I would need to familiarize myself with all aspects of the game and the running of football and that club. In any case even Zifa have their Lawyers who help them interpret the rules and laws Governing the game and will scrutinize documents before they are notarized. These Lawyers would be useless if they did not know about the game.

  • Mbuluki Mguni

    some years back Dynamos officials bananka uCoach weHwange and nothing was done do you still recall that incident????????

  • Mzi

    As usual, this newspaper is misleading the nation! Remember the Chronicle on Saturday before the game when they launched an attack on the referees saying they were biased towards Highlanders. This to me, grossly led to the fans causing trouble. Newspapers should always tell the truth and be neutral and not openly declaring support for one team. This is the reason why i will never part away with my precious dollar buying the chronicle. I would rather read it on the internet because of such stupid headlines. What does lawyers have to do in the beautiful game? I think the writer needs to be reminded about taking football matters to court!

    • sgubudu


    • BHOVA


  • pachena

    Sikhumbuzo is a really funny journalist. Credibility is at the centre of news reporting. Now if you right a report in a national paper basing on views of a certain law expert, whom you are not even ready to name, is your article credible? Trying to influence forthcoming events through reporting, in the same manner you incited you darling team’s hooligans through you Sarturday article?

    • Patrick Tee

      Pathetic indeed…some of us have since stopped taking this kind of reporting seriously.

  • Mbla

    Make Bosso to play five games in an Empty stadium

    • makhosi

      Asifuni bumbulu

    • kimmy


      • makhosi

        Asifuni bumbulu

  • Tsikwela

    I have interacted with some very dull people…..this reporter is miles ahead VERY VERY DULL DULL….what makes up a football team????

  • The Silent Observer

    As a Bosso Fan, I am Disappointed we keep arguing about an obvious issue. Highlanders were the Home Team and the Rules of the Game are clear. Had the crowd trouble emanated from the stand accommodating Dynamos Fans, then this could be a mitigating factor for Highlanders. But as All of Us who were at the stadium saw, the crowd trouble was at the Empankweni stand and Highlanders Fans were clearly agitated by the “Off-Side” Goal. If the Game of Football is to be influenced by Fans in the Terraces, it ceases to be A Game. I am convinced that had the match proceeded, Highlanders were going to win. Highlanders is vicariously liable for the behaviour of its Fans at the Stadium, moreso when playing at HOME. AS FANS, WE MUST NEVER TAKE THE RULES OF THE GAME INTO OUR OWN HANDS. WHEN MATCH RESULTS ARE DECIDED IN BOARD ROOMS, NOT ON THE SOCCER FIELD, IT TAKES AWAY ALL THE EXCITEMENT FROM THE GAME.

    • Dr Fayke Phd

      What it is about for some here is not the right or the wrong. It is when people try to make as if this team is the only one that has had this type of a Problem. This is far from true. Some that have since toned down their lingo at the beginning of this debate seemed to insinuate that Ndebele people are generally Hooligans. That is far from true as is evident in the footage that not everyone raided the pitch. It is up to our Governing bodies to stamp this out and the first step is to also take a look at those that are officiating. If need be as well increase the Policing of games in accordance with the teams playing. Highlanders against Dynamos wherever they play will always have the potential of this type of thing happening. Unless some have short memories this has happened in the past. There are even some here who are using different names to make it look like an outrage. This is easy to see because some names are so new to this platform that you can smell them.

    • Nkomazana

      Disciplinary action against the Sunday incident has to be taken, that is inevitable. Highlanders has to pay for its fans’ conduct. No question about that, its a clear FIFA rule.
      The problem is that the argument here is no longer about the Sunday game, people are now verbally fighting. We are all Zimbos people……peace brothers peace!!!!

  • Bosso4Life (the actual deal)

    The quoted expert’s explanation seems sweet. I tend to agree with his thinking. But this being Zim where soccer bodies are renowned for their politically motivated agendas, we quite likely will be seeing the worst scenario playing out. We shall see.



  • Tsikwela

    Whether you we like it or not….our behaviour has gifted a team we were going to beat a share of the spoils, if not a larger share. Because you do not like a Linesman’s decision does not mean that the game has to be stopped!!!

  • Shlama

    Dear sports editor, please take Skhumbuzo to Engutsheni.

  • No to violence

    This kind of journalism makes me cry. Mr editor please let’s leave jokes for the pub. Chronicle is a national paper

    • Mutapa Jnr

      Lets remember that The Chronicle belongs to Zimpapers which in turn is majority owned by the government. We might need to approach the responsible authorities and advise them of reporters like Sikhumbozo who promote hooliganism before and after Bosso games. The guy is basically a Bosso Public Relations guy on a government salary. If he wants to join Bosso Press dept , he is free to do so but cannot use a public government owned paper like the Chronicle for bosso publicity matters

      • Dumi

        Funny. You will do nothing to him. I dare you to.

        • Mutapa Jnr

          Have already reported him to his superiors and the Ministry of Information. This is a government owned paper and must never be abused by anyone including you sir.

          • Dumi

            Ulamanga Let us see what will happen. You think we are stupid? You are just an internet troll with absolutely no power to do anything with all your Altar egos Kimmy and what next.

          • Mutapa Jnr

            I am aware that you are one of the Bosso hooligans who caused the abandonment of the match at BF. This time you need to be hit hard especially where it hurts the most. To deal with hooliganism, we need to weed out those who promote it before it happens. One example is S Moyo who writes articles before and after the games that essentially incite hooliganism. I am aware as a hooligan you love the reporter because he panders to your whims. His Chronicle days are numbered mate. The count down has began.

          • Dumi

            Lies you are aware of nothing. Any person who acts like he is his own father then calls himself Son has got to be skorp dry. I double dare you to take your action. You are just another liar on this platform. Talking to your self eish!!

          • Mutapa Jnr

            I am happy to know that you are now aware that SMoyo works for a government paper and there are ways of dealing with errant employees like him with a lot of bias. I would expect him to be fair minded and work for the good of football not the bosso hooligans like you. The point has been made strongly and I hope you have the capacity to comprehend issues.

          • Dumi

            I have the capacity to comprehend what you are. I first thought you were a “SPOOK” I was wrong. You just an insignificant Troll who tries to fit in. No one is fooled by you. I will wait to see what your imaginary contacts within the chronicle do to the reporter. When they start doing auditions for the new Peter Pan movie you might want to try and audition.

          • Mutapa Jnr

            If you aren’t an idiot, you made a world-class effort at simulating one. Try to edit your writing of unnecessary material before attempting to impress us with your insight. The evidence that you are a nincompoop will still be available to readers, but they will be able to access it more rapidly.

            I’m sure you’ll go as far as you want, but do you really want the world knowing you have the literacy , competency and comprehension of a second grader?

            The ability to communicate, whether written or verbal, is paramount to one’s ability to make a good impression. I certainly wish schools weren’t churning out people with the
            educational equivalency of a group of eight year olds.
            Take pride in yourself and attempt to comprehend basic generic issues of life

          • Dumi

            Touched a nerve now did I? Sticks and stones comes into play. You are a moron if you think communicating means agreeing with whatever bile you pump out. Which school is that? The one you went to? You are now getting angry because you know that I speak the truth. 6 months from now that reporter will be still with the Chronicle and there is F/all you can do about it sucker.

          • Mutapa Jnr

            Your writing has to be a troll. Nothing in our universe
            can really be this stupid. Perhaps this is some primordial fragment from the original big bang of stupid. Some pure essence of a stupid so uncontaminated by anything else as to be beyond the laws of physics that we know. This is an epiphany of stupid for me. I don’t have enough strength left to deride your ignorant questions and half baked comments about unimportant trivia, or any of the rest of this drivel.

          • Dumi

            KKKK You think trying to use such phrases makes you intelligent. Silly boy. Go and play outside.

          • Mutapa Jnr

            Stupid gotten so dense that no intellect can escape. Singularity stupid. Blazing hot mid-day sun on Mercury stupid. You emit more stupid in one second than our entire galaxy emits in a year. Quasar stupid

          • Dumi

            I knew it. Who is the hooligan now? You can play outside in the shade stupid.

          • Mutapa Jnr

            a putrescent mass, a walking vomit. You are a spineless little worm deserving
            nothing but the profoundest contempt. You are a jerk, a cad, and a weasel. I
            take that back; you are a festering pustule on a weasel’s rump. Your life is a
            monument to stupidity. You are a stench, a revulsion, a big suck on a sour

          • Dumi

            I have achieved what I wanted. To show everybody on this Platform what a low class you are. Listen to yourself. If you think that words can hurt me then you are a bigger idiot than I thought. Sticks and stones maybe. As I said who is the hooligan now? I have no further need of communicating with you. Job Done. Miros kkkkkkkk

          • Dumi

            I actually wanted to say Roddy KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

          • Dumi

            I did wonder where the BLACK MAMBA was. Venomous.

          • Duze

            How did you know that it was that clown that they hounded off the New Zimbabwe?

          • Dumi

            With a snake you just prod it and it gets angry and tries to bite. He used to be very aptly named. KKKKKK

          • Mutapa Jnr

            I dont give a monkeys fart what you think! Assuming of course
            cretins like you think, that’s another matter altogether

          • Mutapa Svosve

            Hey Hey wena, please be careful of what you say to my son, otherwise you will have me to deal with! And mark my words i will find you wherever you are!

          • Dumi

            Fuseki idiot Since when is Rovimbira your son. That man is the biggest tribalist in this world. Come to me and I will squash you like rat ndwangu.

      • April 7

        You are stretching your useless imagination too far.You are waxing lyrical on hooliganism but stone silent on poor officiating. lol

        • Mutapa Jnr

          The point is that Sikhumbuzo Moyo works for a government paper but wants to appear as if he is a bosso publicity officer. His bosses are not happy about his bias. I am sure they will talk to him and ensure in future he covers all teams fairly and stop promoting bosso hooligans

  • RejectedStone, Cornerstone

    Ngaritambwe futi inyatsorohwa zvakanaka Bosso iyoyo.