Police battle with mystery of missing mum, child

Whinsley Masara Chronicle Reporter
BULAWAYO police are battling to solve the mystery of a missing 28-year-old woman who vanished on February 3 with her three-year-old daughter.

Bonnie MacLaren and her child, Nani, both of Suburbs, were reported by a domestic worker as missing — but police say her brother has since tried to withdraw the missing person’s report.

Neighbours yesterday told The Chronicle they were worried about them.

MacLaren’s domestic workers identified only as MaMoyo and Nyoni said they last saw her on February 3 taking Nani to a pre-school in Matsheumhlope suburb.

McLaren’s brother, identified only as Heymish, claimed that she had gone out of the country as neighbours insisted that there was something not adding up. One reported hearing “disturbances” from the house.

Assistant Inspector Abednico Ncube of Bulawayo Police said they received a report of a missing mother and child. He said the three people in the woman’s home were now claiming that she was not missing and police investigations would focus on them.

“They reported to the police that Bonnie and her daughter were missing, but suddenly they now claim no-one is missing, although the two are indeed not home,” Ass Insp Ndebele said.

“With these contradictory and confusing statements, we have sent investigators back to the house to probe the two domestic workers and the brother for a clearer story. We need to understand the story behind the whole drama.”

A neighbour claimed that the woman had a Nigerian partner, and they regularly heard noise emanating from the house.

The neighbour also said they had been wondering about MacLaren’s whereabouts as they had not seen her or heard her child playing for some time.

A vendor near her house said she had been suspicious and asked one of the domestic workers who said there was no information on the two’s whereabouts.

Heymish told The Chronicle on Wednesday: “I heard from the workers that she’s abroad. I don’t know who made the missing person’s report. She’s not in danger.”

Later, he said his sister was in Harare and claimed to be chatting with her on WhatsApp.

Police sources yesterday said Heymish’s mother, Musa MacLaren, who is alleged to be living in Esigodini, was not answering her mobile phone.

Asst Insp Ncube said police are appealing to the public for information that may lead to the location of the MacLaren and her daughter.

“MacLaren is 1,65 metres tall, white, of medium build with brown eyes and black hair. She was last seen wearing a pair of black jeans, black T-Shirt and maroon shoes. She was driving a silver grey Honda Fit with registration number ABA 6888,” said Asst Insp Ncube.


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  • Max

    Interrogate the brother, he knows i guess.

  • Minto

    This stupid reporting,how do you ask for information on a missing person without their picture bakithi.Shuwa you think a description will get you what you want?

  • Department 6

    If they say she is out of the country, check with immigration if she really went out side Zim.
    moreso why doesnt the bro give contact details where she is

  • God of War

    Probably dead in my opinion.

  • Dodo

    even ZINARA can assist