Police impound 185 pirate taxis

Zinara vehicle licensing inspector, David Masinge stresses a point to Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango during a verification process of impounded vehicles’ discs at Ross Camp yard yesterday

Zinara vehicle licensing inspector, David Masinge stresses a point to Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango during a verification process of impounded vehicles’ discs at Ross Camp yard yesterday

Nqobile Tshili Chronicle Correspondent
POLICE in Bulawayo have impounded 185 pirate taxis operating in the city and arrested a number of drivers in a crackdown to restore sanity in the transport sector.

Police launched the campaign against pirate taxis last week on Wednesday and by Monday 185 vehicles had been impounded.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango said the clampdown was an ongoing process to rid the city of illegal public transporters and faulty vehicles.

Insp Simango said police partnered with Bulawayo City Council (BCC), Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (Zinara), Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra), Vehicle Inspection Department (VID) and Vehicle Theft Squad (VTS) to conduct the operation.

“We’ve impounded 185 vehicles as part of strategies to fulfil promises we made when we launched our Client Service Charter in November last year. We promised people from the City of Kings and Queens that we’re going to bring sanity on the roads and we’re doing just that,” said Insp Simango.

She said some of the drivers who were arrested did not have licences, adding vehicle owners who employed unlicensed drivers risked arrest.

“We’re not just targeting drivers but owners of the cars because it’s illegal to employ someone who doesn’t have proper driving documents. If we find faults on the vehicle we take the owner to task as well,” she said.

Insp Simango said pirate taxi owners should formalise their operations instead of playing a cat and mouse game with police.

“They should register their vehicles as taxis if they want to be in the transport business. They’re in business yet they’re not remitting anything to the government. Therefore, they’re stealing by not paying taxes for their businesses,” she said.

Most of the pirate taxis that were impounded are Honda Fit vehicles.

She said pirate taxis were also causing accidents as they often stopped suddenly to pick passengers from illegal points.

The Chronicle news crew yesterday witnessed VID, BCC and Zinara officials checking the impounded vehicles for faults, licensing and outstanding traffic tickets.

Zinara vehicle licensing inspector, David Masinge said some of the cars were operating illegally as they were not registered in the country’s vehicle database.

Masinge said the motorists were committing fraud by having counterfeit licence discs.

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  • My name is your name

    Paying the Government for what exactly? Running the country to the ground?

    • Mixed Race

      Maybe it is not worth paying the tax because of how they misuse it,however if we look at this issue more deeply,you realise that these unscrupulous private small vehicles that they are making registered kombis run out of business.I have seen many kombis parked on the roadsides because they have no customers whilst these little cars with unlicensed drivers carrying people endangering their lives.Yes the kombi people have serious problems with their public image,however this is not a justification for having their business stolen by these worse individuals who are criminals as they break laid down rules and regulations.We have to start from somewhere to implement sanity in our country,I like this young policewoman Insp.Simango.
      Make sure that these corrupt VID people do not sabotage your exercise as they give silly excuses to release some of these seized vehicles.Keep a record of all the seized vehicles and use reputable garages to give independent reports of the vehicles to be cleared.The owners can pay for those technical reports to teach them heavy lessons.

  • Mam Promise

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  • khulu undubeko

    the pirate taxi drivers are seeking a living, things are hard

    • vusumuzi

      wena uyimpimpi !!! uyitshaya ngaphambili uyitshaye ngasemva. One minute you say police are right with spot fines coz Govt needs money, here you say they should leave these guys!!!. Go ask where the source of Taxes went , why a Judge is Overruled by Chirihuri , and spot fines continue , why Managagawa Minister says spot fines ok. Its a sign of a broke State . Thula ndoda and think again about konke ekwenzekayo and see ukuthi konakale ngaphi. Dont shut rush to mislead Zimbabweans.

      • khulu undubeko

        on the other hand the police have to raise the money for other important things / for treasury and also the pirate taxi people are trying to make a living there is drought which has been declared a national disaster

      • majetsha


  • Reginald

    Inspector Simango vakabatana zveshuwa!!! She can arrest me anytime!

    • todiizvazvo


    • nsingo

      arresting you for what kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Anti corruption

    This is an open letter to Zanu PF as Government to tackle both the commuter operators and Police corruption concerning the operations of public transport. It has been said time and again that police officers manning road blocks should go to the vehicle and demand the required documents and inspect the vehicle in the presence of commuters, but alas the conductor always takes money to the police what it is for both parties know better. I have done my own research and they say its for overloading which has the blessing of both parties which gain money at the expense of commuters lives due to overload and unroadworth vehicle and unlisenced drivers. Please could you give us a better Zimbabwe to live in free from corruption, take S.A for instance the driver goes alone and commuters sit 3 per seat yet here we sit in 4s and you still sit 3 passengers in front making it difficult for the driver to control the car in an emergence. Please lets stop this rot and save souls

  • Bul-24/7

    The Chronicle’s online business page is 8 days old. How can this be possible in this time and age of instant detection and correction technological advancements in media publishing?

  • Lunga

    Those Honda fit and vitz drivers are a dangerous hazard on our roads!If they respected the highway code then I would say there is need for their services because of transport shortages,other than that keep them off the roads if they endanger lives of passengers and motorists alike.

  • ola!

    once upon a time there was R.O,C people never went for umtshova when going to emaNda. Then there was independence and buses were free if you were going to a rally in Hre.Then there were kombies, labo windi zupco was nowhere to be seen.People in their desperation endured constant insults fare rises because” liyana lamuhla” or routes were terminated because”abanye basele egodini”.
    the solution is lies in “once upon a time there was a vibrant economy lets bring it back”. Its sad how this name calling and being in the UN security council will reopen all those closed companies.Wither art thou fruits of Mega Deals ?

  • sinamakhosazana

    why are the police impounding the people’s ex Japanese cars when they are aware that these are likely to be owned by voters, the people are enjoying the land of milk and honey

  • mesmerise

    looking good Precious…