Police to scrap spot fines, roadblocks


Auxilia Katongomara, Chronicle Reporter
THE issue of spot fines will soon be a thing of the past as police are now implementing new technologies to deal with offending motorists, Home Affairs Deputy Minister Cde Obedingwa Mguni has said.

He told Parliament on Wednesday that police would soon be doing away with receipt books at road blocks.

Cde Mguni was responding to a question by Bulawayo Metropolitan MP Dorothy Ndlovu who had asked why motorists are detained by police demanding spot fines, yet motorists would not be carrying cash and police do not have swipe machines.

“There is a new company which has come to change the way in which the police are operating so that they do not carry any receipt books.

We now have a machine which will enable a vehicle’s number plates to be scanned.

“The person would state the owner of the vehicle, a slip will be printed to enable the person even though he does not have cash on him to approach the nearest police camp and pay,” said Cde Mguni.

“We will be having such machines. We are leaving old ways. We want to stop corruption which is there”.

Cde Mguni said 357 police officers were suspended last year on allegations of corruption.

“The disciplining mechanism which is there in the police has actually seen the suspension of more than 357 police officers last year who had been doing other things that are outside their working scope,” he said.

“Therefore, it is also the duty of the public to understand what is expected from a policeman so that if that police officer commits something outside the working scope, he has to be reported so that we deal with the police officer.”


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  • mafikizolo

    There’s no mention of removing road blocks here. I don’t see how this machine will stop corruption. It is just replacing the receipt book. Remove or reduce the road blocks!

    • makhosi

      good observation, this reporter, Auxilia, is always offside

  • Mwalimu

    This is madness! Reduce the number of road blocks to one per every 100km on highways

  • Lux


  • Cetshwayo

    These guys are stupid, the police will simply tell you that your fine is $20 but we can make a deal and you pay less. As long as the machine is working with people corruption in this corrupt nation is not going anywhere

  • Seles

    It would be interesting to know how far Mguni went educational wise. If he thinks this will stop Police from demanding bribes at road blocks then his IQ is lower than that of a grade zero rural infant.

    • makhosi

      Good point, there will always be negotiations leading to bribes.

      IQ has nothing to do with age.

  • Zarura Zimbabgwe

    There will be back in one form or the other, if ever there are taken out….

  • Stallone Gohwe


  • Kuda

    this Deputy Minister is a joke, he always says things which never come to fruition. I have never taken whatever he say seriously

    • vusumuzi

      A disgrace to the Ndebele Community and an embarassment to the Traditional Leadership to have someone so “high” in Govt LYING . Yes he is a Zimbabwean but an embarassment to us his brothers and sisters. One has to make sure he doesn’t embarass the surname , his community , and the country at large. So are the other Ndebele top leaders who are in cahoots with the corrupt leadership. For what ? for money , to lie and never be ashamed, living a lie calling yourself a Liberator wena Ulisela , utshontsha imali yezwe lomumbu !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • big

    So it means roadblocks are not going away.

  • Magwegwe

    Does this guy know what he is talking about. First He just calls it a “machine”. For starters the ZRP mobile Speed cams havent worked since Smith was in power, now they want to introduce License Plate Recognition(LPR)/Automatic Number Plate Recogniton(ANPR) which is an advanced piece of technology. This piece of technology needs to be integrated with a a 3rd party ERP(in this case the VID database) and an accounting software. This Company that the minister is talking about wants to simply make a quick buck, probably there is a ZANU PF link to it.

  • Confused

    Which roadblocks have been scrapped ??? Bad reporting.Very misleading story.

  • clement moyo

    Aiwa kani kungoti mirei. If we win the 2018 elections we go back to road blocks with our even sharper spikes.

  • Essexvale

    This new machine story ……? My take on minister Mguni’s explanation is that the system does not have effective checks and balances to eliminate embedded corrupt practices in the police services; particularly traffic section. Besides, simply because payments under the system will be made at police stations, does not guarantee accountability. The books at any station can be cooked just as thoroughly as at a road-block. Nah …. I’m not buying in !!

  • Joy

    Obedingwa ???

  • Ralph

    This is one of the many reasons Zimbabwe is a bad nation. This is blatant fraud by Chronicle, a sr to corruption. Just because you want sales does not allow you to lie and write fake headlines. Just work harder and chronicle will be a better paper. Nowhere is there mention of road blocks being scrapped. This culture of lying is killing us as a nation. M disappointed. Why did you not verify with chombo who last time was saying spot fines are there to stay? You just want to throw raw news without doing serious work as journalists? Don’t take readers for granted

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  • 1975

    extremely misleading headline, Auxillia im sure you must have been tired when you wrote this story but thats not an excuse, and your editor as usual is good at allowing rubbish to be published.