Pregnancy storm after teens’ incest

Leonard Ncube, Victoria Falls Reporter
AN 18-year-old Form Two pupil in Binga who had an incestuous relationship with his 13-year-old cousin has appeared in court after the girl fell pregnant.

Their parents are brothers in Chabumbuluka Village under Chief Saba, Binga and share the same surname.

The schoolboy reportedly told the girl that it was only their fathers who were related when he proposed to her in April last year.

They had sex on several occasions in the bush until the girl discovered she was pregnant in September, the court was told.

The girl was doing Grade Seven at a local school and has since dropped out after giving birth last month. The schoolboy, who cannot be named to protect the identity of the girl, was charged with having sexual intercourse within a prohibited degree of relationship when he appeared before Hwange magistrate Ms Ailene Munamati.

He pleaded not guilty claiming that he didn’t know that the girl was his relative.

The court invited the schoolboy’s father and uncle (names withheld) who testified that the two knew they were cousins and even used to stay together at their paternal grandfather’s homestead before his death.

The accused was lucky to escape with a non-custodial sentence after the magistrate convicted and sentenced him to 12 months in jail which was wholly suspended for five years after considering that he is in school.

Asked what he planned to do with the baby, the pupil told the court that he would pay the damages to the girl’s father. The magistrate questioned him how he would pay damages to his own paternal uncle.

Testifying in court, the complainant said: “I told him that he is my brother and he said he didn’t care as he loved me. He said only our fathers are related and not us.”

The prosecutor Mr Bruce Maphosa said:

“The accused proposed love to the girl on April 18. The two had unprotected sex on several occasions in the bush. In September 2017 the girl discovered that she was pregnant and fled from home.”

A report was made to the police leading to the accused’s arrest.


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  • Brutal Truth

    See the reason why we need to build more brothels & give more condoms in Matabeleland while building more schools & giving more books in Mashonaland regions.This is not even an insult.This is common sense

    • Khulu

      fuseki wena, nja!

      You don’t even know what common sense is….

      • Galveston

        The correct word is voetsek. It’s Afrikaans.

    • zibulo

      when they were young and immature , in the Gugurahundi army massacring innocent civillians, and not dissidents, 20 000 of them, when they were ZANU youths, insulting Nkomo together with Mgabe , they knew not what they were doing. All those who derided Nkomo are themselves the most hated , for those who still live .Whilst doing so, the heavens and earth could see and hear , and in due time , nature took its course , they are no more, departing in various strange, or painful ways, because they were troubling other humans without reason. By the word was the world formed, by the world do we curse and be cursed. Surely God brings down in his way the so-called educated , to make Himself Great in all . We had them “rowdy/naughty/crazy youths who derided adults/other citizens without reason and are no more. carry on young person but remember heaven and earth witness what we all say and do

      • Legal Eagle

        I think you waste your time answering someone so filled with hate. We all know that these type of things happen. Just for interest sake on 28th November 2017 a Chinomora man was sentenced to 20 years for molesting his 10 year old daughter. It was established by the court that he had being doing this since she was five.On the 8th of March 2018 a Harare man was sentenced to 15 years in jail for raping his 17 year old Daughter. On the 21st of March a Harare man appeared in court accused of raping his 6 and 9 year daughters and s*domising his son. Case of this sort are world wide so a comment that it is Matabeleland only is rather stupid.

        • Galveston

          Thank you for those timely reminders! Actually when one reads the Harare Herald, one discovers that, even when viewed proportionately, the amount of violent sexually related crimes in the Mashonaland region far out-strips the same committed in Matebeleland.

          • Legal Eagle

            Statistically that is true.

          • Zim – Resident

            One other contributing factor Matebeleland is smaller in size as compared to Mashonaland. So if something bad happens in Matbland its known almost by everyone because of a smaller society it is. As for Mashlnd more unspeakable things are happening most of them they are not reported / go to the press.

            So for one to be insinuate that Matblnd has got more omens than Mashlnd is a biased comment.

          • Galveston

            Absolutely! But then there is the little piece of dog turd calling himself Brutal Truth who takes every opportunity to flaunt his anti Ndebele sentiments on this platform. The man’s gone so far down the road of blind hatred that he actually believes the penny lies that he peddles.

    • Sukuzukuduma

      uphiswe ngumhudo pasi

    • Khonapo

      What is common sense and no insult is that the government must roll out a programme of financing parafini hats, rolli manyatela and seven days brew beer calabashes khonapo empumalanga. Drunkenness is a key result area there.

    • Minister X

      You are spot on my brother. I like the way you tell it as it is without fear or favour!

  • siphilanzima

    le yimhlolo

  • Major Musango

    18 years … he is old enough to go to prison. He did not just misled the then pre-teen but also statutorily raped her several times.

  • mafu

    kungaba lokuloyana endabeni enje

  • Mahuswa

    Mhlolo leyi