President acknowledges Zim crisis


Tendai Mugab, Harare Bureau
President Mugabe has admitted that there is a crisis in the country and concerns raised by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces and citizens relating to the state of the economy are genuine.

Air Marshal Perence Shiri Commander Airforce of Zimbabwe greets President Robert Mugabe while Roman Catholic Priest Father Fidelis Mukonori looks on at State House, 19 November 2017.

Air Marshal Perence Shiri Commander Airforce of Zimbabwe greets President Robert Mugabe while Roman Catholic Priest Father Fidelis Mukonori looks on at State House, 19 November 2017.

In a televised State of the Nation address at State House last night, President Mugabe said Zimbabwe would now chart a new path aimed at restoring normalcy in the country.

His address followed a meeting he held with military commanders yesterday that focused on several issues both at Government and party levels.
President Mugabe, who was flanked by the service chiefs, admitted that Zanu-PF was also facing challenges that required attention that would be dealt with at the forthcoming Extra-Ordinary Congress that he said he would preside over.

“As I address you, I am also aware of a whole range of concerns which have come from you all citizens of our great country, and which thus deserve our untrammeled attention,” he said.

“Today’s meeting with the Command element has underscored the need for us to collectively start processes that return our nation to normalcy, so all our people can go about their business unhindered, in an environment of perfect peace and security, assured that law and order obtain and prevail as before, and ensure well into the future.”

President Mugabe continued: “Among the issues discussed is that relating to our economy which, as we all know is going through a difficult patch. Of greater concern to our Commanders are the well-founded fears that the lack of unity and commonness of purpose in both the party and Government was translating into perceptions of inattentiveness to the economy.

“Open public spats between high-ranking officials in the party and Government, exacerbated by multiple, conflict messages from the party and Government, made the criticisms levelled against us inescapable. Amidst all this, flagship projects already adopted by Government stood stalled or mired in needless controversies. All this now has to stop, as we inaugurate a new work culture and pace which will show a strong sense of purpose and commitment to turning around the economy in terms of our policy, ZimAsset.

“Government remains committed to improving the social and material conditions of the people. Government will soon unveil an entrepreneurial skills and business development programme which will empower and unleash gainful projects at our growth points and rural areas.”

President Mugabe said all issues raised concerning the party would be attended to.

“In respect of the party issues raised both by the Commanders and by the general membership of Zanu-PF, these, too stand acknowledged,” he said.
“They have to be attended to with greater sense of urgency. However, I am aware that as a party of liberation, Zanu-PF, has over the years, written elaborate rules and procedures that guide the operations of all its organs and personnel. Indeed the current criticism raised against it by the Command element and some of its members have arisen from a well-founded perception that the party is stretching or even failing its own rules.

“There has to be a net return to the guiding principles of our party, as enshrined in its constitution, which must apply fairly and equitably in all situations and before all members. The era of victimisation and arbitrary decisions must be put behind us as we all embrace a new ethos predicated on the supreme law of our party, and nourished by an abiding sense of camaraderie.

“To all this must be a general recognition that Zanu-PF is a party of traditions, and has been served by successive generations who are bound together by shared ideals and values which must continue to reign supreme in our nation. Hints of inter-generation conflict must be resolved through a harmonised fusing of old, established players as they embrace and welcome new ones through a well-defined sense of hierarchy and succession.

“Indeed all these matters will be discussed and settled at the forthcoming Congress, within the framework of a clear roadmap that seeks to resolve once and for all any omissions or contradictions that have affected our party negatively. The Congress is due in a few weeks from now. I will preside over its processes which must not be prepossessed by any acts calculated to undermine it or to compromise its outcomes in the eyes of the public.”

President Mugabe said it should be cherished that Zimbabwe was born out of a protracted liberation struggle and heroes of that war should be remembered and taken care of.

Commenting on the intervention by the ZDF to contain a potentially volatile situation in the country President Mugabe said: “The operation I alluded to did not amount to a threat to our well-cherished constitutional order. Nor was it a challenge to my authority as Head of State and Government. Not even as Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces. To the man, the Command element remained respectful, and comported with the dictates and mores of constitutionalism.”

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  • Bulawayo born

    if this man does not go this week ,the people must revolt we can’t wait for December Congress .we want to build a New Zimbabwe without hate speech against whites , tribalism and revive the economy .Mugabe must go one way or other , we have suffered enough

    • muntu

      what about elections one person one vote

    • Oginy’zapu uginye utshefu

      learn to seperate party politics and government issues because the war is fought within the top echelons of zanu as they thought Mnangangwa would be ultimate choice for president which mgabe tried to throw it away. mgabe knows the next zanu president must be from matabeleland which chiwenga does not want as the unity accord spelt out

      • Bulawayo born

        ndoda yeka ukuphupha emini kanje Mugabe wanted his wife to be president of Zim,ucabanga ukuthi Mugabe ebewathanda amaNdebele

  • Mkhusto

    Utshengise ukungasihloniphi utshengise ukusidelela.
    Asilandaba labo growth point bakho silendaba lokuthi uzihambele khulu

  • Brutal Truth

    Tsika madziro mudhara!Hapana iyoyo.A democratically & constitutionally elected President cannot be removed at the whim of an overzealous army General

    • s

      he was not democratically elected. he refused the reforms which we want up to today. those reforms which he refused are the ones which are almost taking him out. he manipulated people to vote for him and also backed by useless/ stupid zanu guys like you. anyway, I canu urge with you. people are about to stop calling and GOD will now judge him and all the thieves like you. mugabe always steals people’s vote. in 2008 he lost and today he still wants to do the same.

      • musa

        the same generals were for bob until he chucked their fellow la lizard out. the same generals including la lizard ensured the people’s 2002 & 2008 votes were stolen. the story changed when they saw that they were on the firing line.

      • Muzi

        he was elected into that office by a majority vote, some had even endorsed him to stand in the next coming elections, the generals should respect the constituiton otherwise GOD is watching. The truth should not be suppressed

        • Gugu

          The constitution Permits impeachment if one is not performing. This one is not performing.

  • ntini

    we need to respect the elections, he was elected into office lawfully and some ZANU people had endorsed him for the coming elections , it wont be right to remove him before the expiry of his term of office.We need to learn from the Anglican church when they forced Bishop Hatendi out only to replace him with Bishop Kunonga and the the congregants were so happy but what did Kunonga do to the Churh

    • makhosi

      rubbish, 37 years is too much!!!

      • Essexvale

        Don’t just hallucinate early in the morning like this?

        • Dubs

          That is definitely not Essexvale. NguRoddy.

  • musa

    “Zanu PF, has over the years, written elaborate rules and procedures that guide the operations of all its organs and personnel”

    zany pf rules were flouted in constituting the central committee meeting so it was an illegal meeting and whatever was resolved there is null and void. that is why bob will preside of the zany pf congress in december

  • muntu

    road blocks and policing seem to be postponed

  • Daddy va Natsie

    Putting Mugabe under house arrest, booting him out of Zanu
    PF and forcing him to resign…those were the easiest of actions. The real
    challenge is addressing the injustices and any criminal acts that Mugabe may
    have committed. Already there is talk of granting Mugabe immunity, letting
    Mugabe hold onto his wealth and properties and by extension according those
    same privileges to his wife and sons. This is being sold as an act of magnanimity
    on the part of the Army generals. Some are saying that bringing Mugabe to
    justice might invite the ire of Sadc or the international community.

    I beg to differ. Remember the justification that we were
    given by the army as a reason of toppling Mugabe. We were told that the main
    reason was to remove the ‘criminal elements’ surrounding Mugabe. In other
    words, if Mugabe with his wife and kids, were the beneficiaries of the missing
    15 billion dollars, if Mugabe and his family siphoned and diverted
    international aid meant for Zimbabweans to personal overseas bank accounts, we
    are being asked to overlook that. Recently Grace and her son were reported to
    have imported top of the range luxury vehicles. I guess the message to the
    starving unemployed masses is ‘sorry Mugabe and his kids deserve the stolen

    However, what we also know is that Mugabe’s accusers – the army
    generals, even Mnangagwa himself are not angels. Much of Zimbabwe’s wealth and
    resources have been fleeced by the very same people that now claim to be saving
    us from Mugabe. One wonders whether the ‘edict’ not to investigate and recoup stolen
    national treasures from the Mugabes is based in part out of a fear that full
    justice maybe opening a can of worms that one day might
    bring down the generals and Mnangagwa himself?