President ED spotted in fast food outlet queue

President Mnangagwa in the fast food outlet in Chegutu

President Mnangagwa in the fast food outlet in Chegutu

Harare Bureau
President Mnangagwa yesterday took Chegutu food lovers by surprise when he unexpectedly joined the queue in a fast food outlet, bought his lunch and even tipped a cashier.

The Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, who is now famous for his accessibility, has discarded extravangances of the former regime’s tradition in many areas.

For instance, he has done away with the habit of hiring a marquee for official engagements, opting instead for modest tents for VVIPS.

He also uses his escort vehicles to accommodate photojournalists and walks about to greet the crowd during rallies.

Yesterday afternoon he brought Chegutu to a standstill after he commandeered his full motorcade to Chicken Inn in the city centre.

Hundreds jostled to capture the rare moment on their smartphones and they recorded the scene free of any interference from Presidential security details.

President Mnangagwa, who is widely tipped to win the July 30 elections by a wide margin, has left many convinced that Zimbabwe is now witnessing a different political game to that of former president Mr Mugabe, who maintained a buffer zone between himself and the masses.  Isabel Mtongerwa, the Chicken Inn cashier who served the President could not believe that she met him face to face.

“I could not believe that I was serving the President,” she said. “It has never happened in my life and somehow he proved to be worthy of my vote.

“He ordered a two-piecer and a Minute Maid, paid $3,75 with US$20 and told me to keep the change. He is very welcoming and makes you feel comfortable in his presence.”

Management at Chegutu Chicken Inn could not believe a rare visit by the number one citizen.

The food outlet’s manager Mr Peter Mutate said as an organisation, they felt honoured to serve the Head of State.

“We can describe him as an amazing man, very friendly and free to interact with,” he said.

“In other words, he is a people’s person. Some of our staff members felt free to greet him.

“At the end of the visit, many people were left convinced that indeed the country is now witnessing a different political game.”

One food lover at Chicken Inn, Mr Lovejoy Ngondo, said: “We have seen for the first time that this is a real President who is human like us. He eats Chicken Inn like us. At least he lives the same way we do. We can trust him with our lives.”

Many who spoke to our Harare Bureau said after walking side by side with the President on his way to and from the food outlet it was now clear that Zimbabwe was witnessing a new political dispensation where leaders are closer to the people.

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  • SO?

    How is this News, Buying chronicle is a waste of a good $1

    • cheap chronicle

      Chronicle is not $1, its 1 bond, that’s worth about 55 real US cents right now

  • BonzoReChihuta

    Zimbabweans are smart enough to read Zim politics. The day we have jobs, money in the bank, etc we will know the politics has changed. That’s all we need.

    • musa

      actually they are not that smart. read the comments on this thread and see for yourself.

      • BonzoReChihuta

        Hahahahaha ndaseka


    I knew he is capable of that when i saw the first lady serving tea at a remote area.

  • Ntombi Tshabangu

    He tries had and I applaud him but until we don’t have cash shortages and until UZ graduates can look forward to jobs like us during our time I shall not be attracted

    • mthulisi

      Go and listen to Gen Chiwenga’s speech at Masvingo rally. He made it clear that Zimbabwe is now a cashless economy and everyone must swipe. His question was why do people want cash when they can swipe

      • musa

        yet just a couple of weeks back the coup general was photographed with a wad of US dollar notes. yep he is right, cash for the elite & swipe for the masses

        • God of War

          This illegal president gave a disabled girl $500 in crisp USD yet they want us to be cashless. Why was he carrying cash if the rest of us are being told that we don’t need it. They are all frauds.

          • Izwi likaMthwakazi

            hard to get bond note is for the povo while real money US$$$$ is for the big guys. Where did he get the crisp greenback it shows banks collude with these zanu chaps to suffer the masses at their expediency

  • Worried Citizen

    I think this is good news. ROME was not built in a day anyway. I think we are moving in the direction away from intimidation and hate. I think you now have my vote Mr President.

    • musa

      because he bought a two piecer? we definitely deserve our presidents as zimbabweans

    • kevin

      He has your vote because he bought a 2 piecer from Chicken Inn , how gullible can you be ! seriously !

    • God of War

      Are you seriously giving him 5 years of your future just because he bought a 2 piecer of chicken inn? There is something wrong with you and you need to get your relatives to brew traditional beer for you very fast.

      • Citizen

        You are spot on God of War!Imagine the calibre of our fellow citizens! They are so excitable by minor things meant to hoodwink them into foolish electoral decisions this year!

    • chrogic

      You are so feeble minded!

  • Bongani Dlamini

    Have never liked the guy, but I must admit this chap is somehow trying.

  • Guest

    Calm down now Mr Ngondo, he just went in to buy some chicken.

  • Samaritan

    We don’t elect people to buy Chicken and eat but we elect people that will make everyone/majority to afford Chicken and eat.

    • Galveston

      Nice one mate!

    • Bikibiki

      Lapha ukulumile jaha. Ungubani igama lakho? Kukhanya uyindoda ebona kude mfana.

    • dongamuzi

      Samaritan for president! you an intelligent observer!!wish you could be his adviser

  • Mad Hatter

    KKKK The chronicle even drew an arrow.

  • Galveston

    All fine and good; yet he cannot seem to end evil economy killing Mugabe system of patronage, which rewards cronies and family. Good example is Kasukuwere who’d become obscenely loaded during that era and now seems set to continue with his fairy tale existence under the current regime, while ordinary citizens sleep in bank ques for a lousy $20 (in coins) a day!! The thing is obviously a staged managed event meant to win votes. Clever indeed, but we’re not fooled!

    • Unapologetically Zanoid

      Only idiots will sleep in queues!

  • Major Musango

    He told his motorcade to stop and came with his personal aides including the guys with guns and in uniform and you say he was ‘spotted’ … don’t murder the Queen’s language.

  • God of War

    Next they will put a headline that he visited the toilet and didn’t leave skid marks on the chamber pot.

    • Galveston

      Thanks for the up vote; and here’s one for you too!! Mind you; it’s not a matter of “you scratch mine and I’ll scratch yours.” Your smart comment certainly deserves it!

      • taffy

        You hungry for likes and comments lol

        • Galveston

          No ….. just appreciative.

    • Vemeso makuru

      Painenge pasina kuipa wena. Aita chakanaka ngachipembenzwe. Chamisa rode on a bike nyika yakadhuma wani.? Zvobva nokuti wafarira zvipi?

  • Advocate C Moyo

    He had a $20 note.? And we are encouraged to swipe?. He should had swiped or bought his piecer with bond note.

  • Mumanyikawakaroka

    Vote Ngwena 2018, a man who comes to the trenches to see how life is out there. This is what we were used to during the liberation struggle, a life together through thick and thin. How else would he know the cost and quality of ZimLife without coming onto the ground?. You know our bootlickers, they will lie to you that everything is okay, everybody is happy and before you know it comes Operation Restore Regasy.

  • Wellington

    When Nkosana Moyo started his tour around the country people said he was insane, there we have a country’s president stage managing buying a 2 piecer. The choice is yours guys come July 30

  • Nkinsela

    #ED has my vote

  • Mabuza

    I first saw him at ZITF (2012) passing my stand, he was walking alone visiting stands with 2 security walking a few meters away from him. He was a minister then, I was never a fan but I think he is just a simple guy in principle.

  • Mlambapheli

    If he is truely one of us we need to see him queing with us at the bank, that is where the struggle is not at Chicken Inn. We dont have a problem with spending our money, problem is accessing it from the bank..

  • Jonso


  • Nkunzemnyama

    Only a fool will be impressed his grand standing. His responsibility (amoung others) is to revive the Zim economy where all of us will benefit and be a happy nation once again. Did he cure for his money at the bank as well? I doubt.

  • Confused

    Whether you like it or not,the President is trying his best.It is not an easy task to change an economy that has been wasting away for such a long time.At least we are thankful for a culture change.Keep it up Mr.President !!

  • Chokwadi

    The behavior of an abusive husband, a narcissist and sociopath : he bits the wife to a point of death, then always comes back apologizing,begging and promises to change, she stupidly believes him, he is extra nice the first week and the cycle repeats again. By the time she gets a divorce she is damage and has wasted a lot of her time

    This is our last time Zimbabwe, at least for our generation. Vote for Chamisa, MDC is an experiment worth having.

    ED is Mugabe, and ZANU can never change : you can’t make a prostitute a house wife, they know how to be corrupt and they will be corrupt again sooner or later.

    • Jonso

      Chamisa is a liar.
      1. He lied to us that President Donald Trump promised to support us with $15 billion if he wins. Was that true?
      2. He lied about the former vice president Joshua Nkomo, and the family had to fume over the issue.
      3. and he is lieing to people every day. If he can lie at that fast rate before he enters office, what more when he is in the office. Unfortunately the boy needs 10 years of learning. Which are two terms of Munangagwa.

      • thanks

        say hi to your mother from me. she gave me a and my friends a real good time one night a few years ago !! shes like a very flexible gymnast type !! sweet

      • Vemeso makuru

        Tingazobaika nenhema mangwana. Chamisa a liar.

      • Chokwadi

        You are right, he lies…


    Breaking news: ” $20 real USD cash note spotted in fast food outlet ” !!!!!

  • Vemeso makuru

    Never heard of it since my life history. Kudii.? Ed has my vote. Eveniri campaigning wakagona wena. Seasoned politician.

    • PATRICK Mashingaidze


  • Vemeso makuru

    It’s only that you use different bànks. Vamwe vanosangana naye achiishayawo.

    • zimbo

      truth always, you should be ashamed of yourself to try and defend this evil person, would you think he goes to a bank ???? ndine hurombo nekuzungaira kwako. if only yu ev ever worked in yo life and fail to get your peanuts salary and get charged 30% to get coins for transport fess you would understand how the masses of thus country feel.i ev no words for you

  • Taonaziso Chowa

    This is my president… Zimbabwe has an opportunity to keep this loyal and humble man!

  • Zanunxaaa

    The man is stupid.He boasts of 38 years experience in government yet he does not want to own up the fact that part of the experience is murder,stolen elections,rape,murambatsvina,gukurahundi,2008,economic meltdown….HE IS A FOOL,HE SAYS THE PAST IS DEAD BUT LEANS ON PAST ‘EXPERIENCE’…HE MUST GO HANG….HE HAS LOADS OF US DOLLARS AT HIS HOUSE AS HIS JUNTA SHARE FROM CHIADZWA,DRC AND WANT TO ACT HOLY..WHERE & HOW DOES HE POSSESS $20 WHEN THE COUNTRY COFFERS ARE DRY AND WE USE BOND NOTES..CHRONICLE AND YOUR PRESIDENT YOU ARE SICK…GO TAKE YOUR MEDICATION #kwekwehim #handeyikwekwe

  • Mlambapheli

    If he is truely one of us we need to see him queing with us at the bank, that is where the struggle is not at Chicken Inn. We dont have a problem with spending our money, problem is accessing it from the bank..

  • murenga

    Wat a humble leader

  • zanu bloodsuckers !

    fcuk ZANU PF 4ever and always !!!

  • Messi