President Number three! – Cde Mnangagwa takes oath of office today

Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa

Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa

Felex Share, Harare Bureau
PRESIDENT designate and Zanu-PF First Secretary Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa will today be sworn-in as the country’s Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces with several Sadc leaders expected to witness the occasion.

The event will be held at the giant National Sports Stadium in Harare.

Thousands of people are expected to witness the inauguration of Zimbabwe’s third President but the second executive one since  independence in 1980.
Cde Mnangagwa takes over from President Mugabe who resigned on Tuesday.

Government yesterday availed 125 buses to carry people in all the 10 provinces to the giant stadium as it urged employers to give employees an opportunity to attend the inauguration.

“In view of tomorrow’s inauguration of the President-elect Cde Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, Government is urging employers to afford their employees an opportunity to attend the ceremony which is expected to conclude any time after 1 O’Clock,” Permanent secretary in the Ministry of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Mr George Charamba said yesterday.

National Assembly Speaker Advocate Jacob Mudenda said invitations were open to everyone including the opposition as Zimbabwe opens a new chapter engendering the spirit of togetherness.

“The ceremony is on tomorrow at the National Sports Stadium,” Advocate Mudenda said.

Foreign Affairs secretary Ambassador Joey Bimha yesterday said some countries would be represented at Head of State and/or Government level while others would have high level representatives.

“We sent the invitations yesterday (Wednesday) and we expect to receive confirmations today (today),” he said.

“As of now, Presidents Jacob Zuma (South Africa), Edgar Lungu (Zambia), Ian Khama (Botswana) have confirmed they will be coming. Namibia will send their Vice President (Nickey Iyambo) while the Democratic Republic of Congo will send a special representative. Sadc executive secretary Dr Stergomena Lawrence Tax has also confirmed she will be coming and the Speaker of Parliament of South Africa (Baleka Mbete) will also be coming.”

Ambassador Bimha added: “We invited all the Sadc countries and other leaders for the event and the list will obviously grow overnight and we will get to know the other Heads of State or representatives coming.”

Britain’s Africa Minister Rory Stewart arrived yesterday.

Most of the leaders are expected to arrive in Harare this morning. Minister of State for Harare Provincial Affairs Mirriam Chikukwa said Government had availed 125 buses to the provinces.

“Gates will be opened by 6:30am and proceedings will start around 9am,” she said.

“We know people would want to go and buses have been provided by Government. We have 30 buses for the host province Harare and we are going to have 15 buses in Midlands where the President-designate comes from. The remaining provinces will have 10 buses each. We are encouraging those with transport to assist Government also.”

Minister Chikukwa called for unity and peace.

“My appeal to Zimbabweans is that let us come and enjoy but let us not be over-excited,” she said.

“We must continue to be disciplined. The President-designate is disciplined himself and we have to emulate that. Let us remain calm and do what we are supposed to do within the confines of the law.”

Cde Mnangagwa succeeds President Mugabe who resigned after being recalled as Zanu-PF First Secretary and President by the revolutionary party’s Central Committee last Sunday

The resignation was preceded by an intervention by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces who stepped in to weed out criminals who had surrounded the President culminating in his recall by Zanu-PF.


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  • musa

    new wine in old skins

    • benjamin

      kikikiki.. try to be optimistic. Let’s hope he and the team he is going to assemble get to appreciate that the economy has been in shambles for a very long time and an urgent solution is needed to curb the continuous downfall and bring some sanity in the economy in order for it to attract massive investment which would in turn lead to substantive jobs. They must start dealing with real numbers, not this business of counting street vendors and bus terminus hwindis as employed or self employed people. A person with a diploma or degree in some discipline who has due to failure to find employment decided to fend for his survival by selling pirate CDs or vegetables cannot be considered employed. LET US BE REAL, LET US BE TRUE TO OURSELVES and realise this country needs urgent panel beating. ATTRACT INVESTMENT, both domestic and foreign!!!

  • Lux

    Embarressed much to mention Zimbabwes first president was cannaan banana, zims gayest president lol

    • benjamin

      He refuted those allegations unto death.

      • Lux

        No matter how much you refute,the truth always has a funny way of sneaking out…

      • Hameno

        jafta was willing to contest that! I hear the 1st President loved teaching his guards how to dance with a stiff banana!

  • Bongani Dlamini

    Hope this man has done a 360 degree change, walked away from his devilish self, has changed shadows OR else we are in for some huge disappointment if not more pain and misery.

  • Afrikan

    Finally someone writes the correct thing…I have read countless online publications all saying Emmerson is the second president of Zimbabwe. Robert was the second because Canaan was the first. On a different note…they have already started creating divisions…why is the Midlands getting 15 buses just because Emmerson hails from there. So the Midlands will be the favoured region this time around,not Robert’s Zwimba. This is just perpetuating the last mindset of regionalism. Unfortunately…not yet uhuru Zimbabwe!

  • Shlama

    Government yesterday availed 125 buses to carry people in all the 10 provinces to the giant stadium as it urged employers to give employees an opportunity to attend the inauguration.

    Different actors same script……..zwii mina


    President Mnangagwa is not President Number three. A country is a country by its physical geographic borders that never change, not the Politics of the day. So, if we go by this definition, the Presidents of the land between the two rivers have been as follows:

    1. President Clifford Dupont – resigned 31 December 1975;

    2. Acting Preident Henry Everard – left 14 January 1976;

    3. President John Wrathall – died in office 31 August 1978;

    4. Josiah Zion Gumede – left 1979 end of Zimbabwe Rhodesia;

    5. President Canann Banana;

    6. President Robert Mugabe;

    7. President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

    So strictly speaking President Emmerson Mnangagwa is President number 7.

    • Cde Male Goat

      You mthwakazi love your Rhodesia too much! Mnangagwa is the 3rd President of Zimbabwe!


        You Male Goat – loves only the name ZIMBABWE too much, not the land between the two rivers!!