President promotes 29 ZNA officers

President Mugabe

President Mugabe

Tedious Manyepo, Harare Bureau
President Mugabe has promoted 29 Zimbabwe National Army officers into different substantive ranks.

The promotions, which are in terms of Section 15 (1) (B) of the Defence Act (Chapter 11:02), are with effect from September 1, 2017.

One senior officer, Colonel Stephen Sigauke, has been elevated to the rank of substantive Brigadier General, while 10 others have been lifted to the rank of substantive Colonels.

Eighteen field officers have also been promoted to the rank of substantive Lieutenant Colonels.

Conferring the new ranks to the senior officers at Army Headquarters yesterday, Chief of Staff Administration Staff, Major General Douglas Nyikayaramba implored them to keep working hard for the good of both the organisation and the country.

“Your important responsibility is to ensure that the constitutional provisions as provided for in the Constitution of Zimbabwe are met,” he said.

“The defence of our national sovereignty and territorial integrity in terms of all the various forms and also in terms of protecting all the gains of independence are protected. Your man management skills should also be up to scratch.

“As a result of hard work, commitment, dedication and professionalism to duty, as well as your loyalty to leadership and to the people of this great nation, you have been rewarded, so we wish to congratulate you.

“Your promotion is as a result of the work that you have shown throughout the years, before and after independence.”

Maj-Gen Nyikayaramba urged the senior officers to educate their subordinates on the vices that come with the fast developing technological advances.

The newly promoted colonels are John Dzingai, Blessing Kashiri, Richard Huchu, Boyce Mugulah Moyo, Edgar Dube, Mathias Chigombe, Andrew Willfred Magadza, Hudson Munyaradzi Muchemwa, David Charambira Moyo and Ephraim Moyo.

Those promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel whose investiture ceremony was superintended by Brigadier General, General Staff, David Sigauke are Henry Kaseke, Shepherd Maromo, Tryvern Kutshwa Nkoma, Taurai Zvikwende, Charles Zhurunawo, Percy Dzvuka, Webster Marufu, Dennias Charuma, Stanly Kudzai Mwalamba, Tiriwashe Gurure, Claudius Munashe Ndlovu, Joshua Mushivete, Edward Mutukwa, Manasa Mahapa, Joymore Murizani, Willie Mandigo, Mandlenkosi Khumalo and Sinikiwe Tauya.

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  • Mthwakazi

    It goes without saying that they are all Shona-Zezurus. The tribe that the man at the top trusts and want to surround himself with.

    • Robert Mangamela

      Hamba uyofa!!!

      • Mthwakazi

        Not until i blow your mum and have her swallow my load.

    • Ijaha leNkabazwe

      The commander of the army is not a Zezuru and he makes recommendations for these appointments.Let us not tribalise everything.

      • Mthwakazi

        That’s only one person out of how many. Refrain from talking out of your pooper valve. You are not a bright person according to your comment.

        • Ijaha leNkabazwe

          I don’t know why you sound angry . Officers move from major to leautenant colonel ,then colonel and finally brigadier. If you know Ndebeles who were overlooked then you have a point.Give examples.What I know is officers who feel aggrieved do appeal. Sibanda as LtGen has final say and recommends to Mugabe for promotion. Sibanda does this on recommendations from his major generals ,who also receive recommendation from brigadiers. Its a pity that tribalism clouds our judgement at times.I know these things my own brother was a brigadier and yes I am Ndebele

          • Mthwakazi

            Man, you are clueless and I won’t dignify your comment with a response. Guess where I’m moving. You are right. Onto better things.


            ZIPRA was better trained and in conventional warfare than ZANLA. Logically you would therefore expect a huge number of them at the top – but that is not the case, why if there is fairness? ZANLA people were trained typically in guerrilla warfare. ZNA is a normal conventional army, not a guerrilla force.

          • Ijaha leNkabazwe

            I fully agree with the fact that ZIPRA were overlooked for promotion particularly during the Gukurahundi days where many were simply dismissed. After unity that changed that is why people like LtGen Sibanda, Major Gen Moyo , Maj Gen Dube ,Brig Gen Kumalo ,Air Vic Marshall Basutu etc rapidly rose within the army and airforce structures. Unless we know of Ndebele officers (ex-ZIPRA or not) who were due for promotion now I don’t think its fair to assume that this promotion was tribal-based


        Just that one man is now a point of argument to prove fairness, really? Shame. There are no recommendations he makes man; he is dominated left right and centre.

        If Mphoko, who is VP is powerless; how can that Army Commander be any different? Nobody even considers him a possible successor, all because of his tribe. Thats Zim for you – making the abnormal normal. They are so used to it and are not even embarrassed nor do they even have any shame!!

  • zibulo

    promoting soldiers , as if we are in a war zone. no money for public services, yet the army is fully funded. Could have police actind as reservists instead of ever increasing the army size and budget. Ask anyone and they will agree, except those who blindly accdept a LIFE PRESIDENT yet they have nothing and are worse off than at Independence

    • khamarada

      you say the police should act as reserve when they have their own pressing issues to deal with criminals

      • zibulo

        increase in criminality due to deteriorated economic environment , caused by a regime which looted and then beefs up its own security agains;t the people’s wrath by increasing and continuos recruting in the army, what promotions when there is no m oney at the Exchequer. Zimbabwe never had a group of policemen like we hae at roadblocks, and the citizens rarely dared the police, they respected them. Do you , today ? a small army and a reserve


        Actually the Police are more in demand because of crime and therefore necessary. I say dissolve the army; it is not necessary. Actually we don’t need armies in Africa; they must just go. Really what are they for; apart from helping keep dictators in power? For years Botswana never had an army in its earlier days of independence and everything was just fine. There is no African army that can withstand an invasion by either western powers or eastern powers like China. So they are useless. Besides, most of these armies are equipped and trained by these same powers. So they are useless!

  • Orange

    Is the surname of the newly promoted Brigadier General Sigauke? It looks different from what zbc reported.