Prof Moyo, Kasukuwere accounts frozen

Professor Moyo

Professor Moyo

Harare Bureau
Government has frozen bank accounts of former Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Decelopment Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo and former Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Minister Mr Saviour Kasukuwere pending investigations in their business activities.

The two were identified as members of the G40 cabal that had surrounded former President, Cde Robert Mugabe, taking advantage of his advanced age to engage in criminal activities.

The duo also skipped the country’s borders when the Zimbabwe Defence Forces launched Operation Restore Legacy and their whereabouts are still unknown.

Home Affairs and Culture Minister Dr Obert Mpofu confirmed the freezing of the bank accounts last night, but referred further questions to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

“Yes, the Reserve Bank has put adverts regarding to that and you can contact them for more details,” he said.

In an advertisement to all financial institutions, the RBZ said: “You are directed to identify and immediately freeze all accounts in the name of the above-named individuals and any accounts in which the said individuals are directors or have a known beneficial interest.

“You are further directed to submit, in writing, a written letter to the Unit, by no later than the 8th of December, 2017, listing and giving particulars (including balances) of all the accounts that you would have identified and frozen in terms of this directive. Where you have not identified any relevant account, you shall nevertheless submit nil return.

“The effect of the freeze is that, (except any inflows into the account, which shall be processed normally and immediately notified to the Unit) no other transaction shall be processed from a frozen account, until further the Unit directs otherwise.”

Efforts to get a comment from RBZ governor Dr John Mangudya were fruitless last night, as his mobile phone went unanswered.

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  • Msongelwa

    Fighting corruption must not be directed to only members of G40, but everyone must be subjected to lifestyle audit coz I know other ministers who can’t explain their source of wealth and I wish people like Chombo can name his friends in crime as he wasn’t alone in accumulating all his wealth, Mugabe allowed all this to occur under his eye and he must also declare his assets and if good investigation is to be done people will know that he is chief culprit on corruption, nawe Mpofu ungazenzi omsulwa siyakwazi ukut njengoba usuyimpunyela njee wathatha ungaphiwanga amadayimani eMarange sicela ubisele leyomali .

    • Ijaha leNkabazwe

      Don’t worry let them G40 be targeted for now as they enter court the rest will be revealed.Badla bonke ababhadale bonke

    • Bambanani

      You are right Msongelwa. this selective application of the law has always been the strategy for the zanu govt. If they don’t like you, they persecute you until you are finished. Akubanjwe wonke amasela

  • Ndlovu4482

    Kanti uJonathan ufela his petty cash,, this govt is also corrupt

    • MakhosiXamu

      Chiwenga and his soldiers looted diamonds in Chiadzwa left right and centre. ED’s trips to China were financed by looted resources.

      • Doctor Do little

        When we told you that you were in denial. Have you been on the road to Damascus?Political correctness is about denial, usually in the weasel circumlocutory jargon which distorts and evades and seldom stands up to honest analysis.

  • The Observer

    It is grossly affair for the whole country to be dragged into Lacoste–G40 saga!

  • Nkosinathi

    Please arrest all those who commited genocide. This government is serious. Arrest all those who stole diamond. Please arrest Mugabe as number one criminal. All who participared in gukurawundi please let the rule apply. Moyo must be banned from coming back

  • Bekezela Moyo

    this is very unfair…remember the government is the people….its the people who decide and come elections we will decide who will lead this nation to prosperity…..

    • MakhosiXamu

      The Govt, is on a revenge mission because Prof Moyo was and is still opposed to the Gukurahundi master mind. ED, Shiri and Kashiri were the brains behind the Matland massacres. Those being persecuted were opposed to ED’s machinations which involved the Military …what a shame.

      • Nkunzemnyama

        Udakiwe msunukanyoko . What about your god Mugabe?

        • Mugavimbi_Naledi

          i think inhlamba yakho le is directed at yourself, not MakhosiXamu … and deservedly so!!
          exactly how u look is how pple see u … and based on this comment, pple are right about u

          phucuka … in your ideas and your very self!! while doing so, plz climb down from the trees … foliage!

          • Nkunzemnyama

            Ungenaphi wena bloody cio. Udakwe zimbanje. Malebe ka nyoko.

          • Doctor Do little

            Is this really the real Nkunzemnyama or is it the one that clones? I mean Mugavimbi_Naledi might be a lot of things but a CIO? I dont think so.

          • Nkunzemnyama

            It is well known you are the same IDIOT using many usernames.

          • Doctor Do little

            It is well known by who? If you think I argue with myself and insult myself then the it is easy to see who the idiot is.

          • Nkunzemnyama

            Mbumbu kanyoko. You are a fool. Zonke izikhotha mdidi ka Grace are disappointed. Kuphethe amsotsha manje.

          • Doctor Do little

            Disappointed by what? Uligwala that every-time you resort to swearing peoples mothers when you are made to look stupid.. Nguwe kanye the cloning creep. If ever you have been reading on this platform you would know who were the biggest critics of that family. Wena is seems you were asleep. Anyhow I don’t debate with vulgar fools so good day to you.

          • Nkunzemnyama

            You call boot licking a debate hahaha.Go demand your primary school fees msathanyoko. Tserk.

          • Doctor Do little

            What ever you say LAWE..

          • Nkunzemnyama

            Mdidi kanyoko

        • MakhosiXamu

          The funny part is that your mother is a woman, shame.

          • Nkunzemnyama

            Tseki skhotha mdidi sika mugabe lo grace.

      • Doctor Do little

        I am sorry to say Makhosi Xamu. This is a different side of you. When we used to talk about this Gukurahundi situation you always denied it and said that it was not so. What has changed your mind now:? Had you not commented I would believe you now, but you always rubishe that topic. You need to get a better angle because this one makes you look silly.

  • Tinotenda Charles Satumba

    its so sad where Zim is going which part of forgiving includes all this there are doing to those who were against them

  • Audrey

    Why on earth would a Directive be called an Advert?