Prophet Magaya faces $500k adultery suit

PROPHET MAGAYADaniel Nemukuyu and Bongani Ndlovu
CONTROVERSIAL Harare preacher Prophet Walter Magaya holds a two-day crusade in Bulawayo starting today – but his mind will be firmly in Harare where lawyers are filing a $500,000 lawsuit brought by a man who claims he had an affair with his wife.
Harare man Denford Mutashu says Magaya exchanged saucy text messages with his wife, Nomsa Ruvazhe, and was recorded on tape admitting to having an adulterous affair with her.

Magaya’s Healing and Deliverance Ministries is one of the fastest growing churches in Zimbabwe, with claims that he can perform miracles.

He will take centre stage at AmaZulu Sports Club in Bulawayo today and tomorrow with thousands expected to attend services which will begin at 5PM and end at 9PM over the two nights.

His publicists say he will dish out “anointing that breaks the yoke of the devil and resurrection power” at the free-to-attend services.

But the Chitungwiza-born preacher, a father of two who is married to banker, Tendai Katsiga-Magaya, requires a different kind of anointing for himself to beat accusations of infidelity and avoid the huge payout.

Mutashu’s lawyer, Norman Mugiya, wrote a letter of demand to Magaya on August 4 but the preacher had not made a settlement out of court.

Mugiya, speaking yesterday, said they had been left with no choice but to take the matter to court, with papers set to be filed at the Harare High Court today.

Mugiya said they were in possession of racy text messages and a printout of mobile phone communications between Magaya and Ruvazhe.
“Our client is in possession of video recordings where you admitted to have had an improper relationship with his wife,” wrote Mugiya in the letter of demand.

“Our client then intercepted love text messages in her (Ruvazhe’s) phone from you, Mr Walter Magaya, and our client also made a printout of the communication between yourself and our client’s wife.

“Our client also noted that the affair between yourself and his wife has been going on for sometime and we are also in possession of communication which you made with our client’s wife while in South Africa.”

The lawyer claimed Magaya was still sending love text messages to Ruvazhe even after meeting Mutashu in a bid to reach an out-of-court settlement.

“What is sad is that even after you had a meeting with our client to resolve the matter at your church premises, you are still exchanging love text messages with our client’s wife through your close associates whom you treat as counsellors at your church and also bodyguards,” read the letter.

Efforts to get a comment from Prophet Magaya were fruitless as his close associates blocked our Harare Bureau from getting his side of the story.

Mutashu said trouble started when his wife went to Magaya’s church. The preacher allegedly asked her to stay at one of his lodges for three consecutive days without Mutashu’s knowledge.

After Mutashu’s “frantic efforts to locate his wife”, he found her with Magaya who claimed he was “spiritually assisting her”, the lawyers say.

Ruvazhe, added the lawyers, had left the matrimonial home for Magaya’s “company”, and has been acting “aggressive and rude” to her husband.

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  • Jotham

    This guy blessed Sharon’s marriage?. Yebo bakithi. Kambe Abafundisi kanye laba Prophet benzani sibili. Sebehlupha laba bantu . What happened to a once renowned profession. What comes to mind: UGumbura , UPius , kathesi UMagaya asazi bantu.

    • simmad

      kikikiki…..Khuluma sibili, kwenzakalani ngalaba bantu???

  • Tsitsi Magaso

    “Spiritually assisting” haha that’s a good excuse when having an affair with a married woman. What puzzles me how the husband managed to record telephone conversations. Surely if it is not a sting operation the wife should be savvy enough not to get caught

  • Jotham

    Stop threatening others – God is not a robot. God is for all of us – performance of miracles does not mean God’s power is involved.

    • Lewis Jones

      Very Good Advise Jotham! Some religious sects have the astounding belief that they and they alone have access to the Almighty God, His Word and Blessings. Lets see if these people will ever make it to Heaven.

    • David


  • Tindo

    Miracles already taking place in Bulawayo. Apa munhu wa Mwari havasati vatosvika mu stadium. heeeeeeeeee satan asingade-asingade. Mbiri kunaniko iwe? Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesu!!!! Hokoyo satan!!!! You cannot touch Byo – Byo is on fire!!!!!

    • Zoe

      Hehede regai ndiseke zvangu kkkkkkkk hahahaha bwa bwa bwa, Prophet Magaya chaivo an affair with a married woman?

      1. I have met the wife, what a beautiful, mighty woman of God, Prophetess Tendai Magaya, a woman in perfect shape, with a beautiful heart, a beautiful smile and the most humble prophetess of them all, mondiudza Kuti munhu ane mukadzi akanaka kudaro would risk it with a married woman? Ini zvangu ndaramba.

      2. Kana vaine shavi revakadzi, I’m sure there are more beautiful single women in his church, than this low life, ministry attacker satanist of a woman.

      3. Yes I know the set up of his guest house, he can’t possibly have an intimate affair pachena pakadaro

      4. Ini zvangu Prophet na Prophetess Magaya ndovaziva havaite zvinhu zvakadaro

  • Tindo

    Saka uri kupindura sei kana usinganzwi chikaranga nhai sis tsitsi. Mbiri kunaniko iwe? Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesu. Va Magaya vakanganisa, aiwa havana kukanganisa; chiporofita kukanganisa aiwa hakusi kukanganisa, kuita deliverance kukanganisa aiwa hakusi kukanganisa; Ita mhere-mhere kuna Jesu tinzwe iwe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Satan chinonyepa chichiti Mwari vakanganisa. Let there be light in Jesus Mighty Name!!!!

    • Tsitsi Magaso

      You pressing the wrong button. I don’t care very much for self proclaimed Bible Bashers .Been there and got the T-shirt. I frankly don’t care who is sleeping with whom. I am not going to be told what to do by anybody. I am also not one of those gullible women who believe in all this miracle prayer nonsense. If you believe in it fair enough, but don’t tell me what to do. Frankly anyone who gives a Spiritually mumbo jumbo excuse, when caught deserves to be sued. Leave me alone go preach to someone who cares. Frankly I don’t give a damn

  • Pray Always

    Ladies and gentlemen – Please! Stop insulting one another in the name of The Almighty. You are supposed to be good Christians. Please show some love and understanding. Only The Almighty is qualified to judge according to his commandments.

  • Ndlukula Ye Sizwe

    Uyatshinga uTsitsi!! And rightly so, let Magaya have his day in court and let it rule over this evidence kababa lo. Jotham is right to say perfoming miracles is not necessarily a sign of a holy anointing. Many a “man of God” have we seen falling by the wayside. Has Tindo been to all of Magaya’s lodges? I doubt it. He (I assume its a he) needs to concentrate on worshipping God and not a fallible human being.


      the devil is panickin big time. Touch not the annointed ones of God Psms 105:15 JUST leave the Man of God alone

    • Tindo

      i have been to the guest house and have assisted many in making bookings at the different guest houses. So I am well informed. The truth shall set everyone free in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Otherwise demons are in trouble right now in Bulawayo. Glory to Jesus!!!!

  • gugulethu

    zvema miracles tanzwa endai imi muno beliva but handi jugde hangu.

  • Tsitsi Magaso

    Well that’s very sneaky of the husband. Though I think a Player will make sure to keep her phone with her at all times

  • Aliphelithemba

    There is no smoke without fire.God is never to be mocked.All that is done in secrecy will be shouted from rooftops!! If indeed Magaya detained this woman for three days,exchanged text sms and this video recording ,then Magaya had his moments of weakness….but curses and threats are the trademarks of satan.

  • David

    False prophet!

    • Jotham

      That is true. Majority of men can not control their pencils they write every – Shame.

  • Highest Favour

    There are certain things that seems to amaze me.

    Who in his right senses would want to be recorded making admisisons of any sort of such behaviour. do you not realise that this all does not make sense. is the media a court room people. why is it teh lawyers are making franctic efforts to try to try this case in the paper where it is not even easy to cross examine them, why would they be so eager to tell us about this and that of the case on things that we cannot be able to check them on. Please wea re tired to hear of this so called video of the man of God admiiting yet it is very well non existent. please stop fooling us by trying to make money through innocent men.

    And what is this nonsense about love messages being sent through assistants, who does that. Prophet Magaya is a busy man, he can even hardly answer his Phone. I want to try to understand how someone would say confidently that a man has sent a message through an assistant, aaah. Can I pose a question, lets just say i ask my wife to send a message to my boss that I am not well and not coming to work. Would my boss be pyschic say my wife has send it. Do you not see that this is a stunt by lawyers to try to broaden their so called evidence so that if they fail to prove or produce anything they that they can link to the man of God they can just say its the assistants who would do for him.

    Why don’t we go on to say that the assistants eat for him, preach for him, breathe for him also…hahaha..comon guys open your eyes.

    Never will we in this Good nation of Zimbabwe allow conman to con people because they are popular or because they seem to be rich as the papers say. Never will we let the devil disturb the deliverance and healing of people in this nation jsut because some greedy people have decided to try to make easy money

  • tadana


    ……PHD to name and shame in holy war?

    H-Metro Reporter

    Following sustained “attacks” on their leader, Prophetic
    Healing and Deliverance Ministries has accused a “rival” church of
    orchestrating a campaign to harm the person of Prophet Magaya.

    PHD believe this is all part of a holy war over numbers at
    the churches’ services at a time many believe religion has become a lucrative
    business courtesy of congregants’ offerings.

    The year 2014 has seen PHD’s numbers rise remarkably,
    especially for their Sunday services where 60 000 chairs are hired every week.

    In a statement to
    H-Metro yesterday, PHD’s Pastor Maxwell Tengwana said they have information of
    certain senior members from a “rival”
    church who have embarked on a smear campaign against Prophet Magaya.

    He said they have information on these members visiting police
    stations, printing fake PHD fliers and now allegedly pressuring Denford Mutashu
    in the alleged adultery case.

    “The current onslaught against Prophet Magaya is the work of
    certain senior members of what is now clearly a rival church. Their agenda is
    to try and destroy the Prophet and with it the church because they believe the
    numbers at PHD services are at their expense.

    “As is public knowledge, certain churches are about wealth
    and there is a feeling that since the emergence of PHD, numbers have not been
    adding up. We have been averaging 80 000 congregants every Sunday and this has
    not gone down well with the leadership at some of these churches.

    “Now we understand there is a budget to try and destroy
    Prophet Magaya and we know the people who are spearheading the campaign. We
    were quiet about it but now we are being pushed to the wall and very soon we
    are going to name and shame them,” said
    Pastor Tengwana.

    He added that they are getting tip offs each time a plan is

    “We are aware that they are promising fortunes to people who
    can tarnish the image of Prophet Magaya. For instance, a senior member of this
    church went to Waterfalls police and demanded information on a child who died
    after attending a service at our church.

    “This senior member abused certain priviledges that he has
    in community by virtue of his past and we are made to understand that he
    planted the story that the child died at church and one paper even went further
    to claim that Prophet Magaya faced murder charges.

    “It was an embarrassing lie and even though Prophet Magaya
    had decided to drop a lawsuit against the paper we are going ahead and whatever
    comes out of it will go to our charity programmes.

    “When the child’s story backfired these people then printed
    a funny flier that was purportedly done
    at PHD. Again that did not work, they have now turned to Mutashu, serialising a
    document that was published last month.

    “The same senior member was at Food World on Friday, we even
    know what time he went to Mutashu’s
    office and being made to wait outside for a bit. It was not surprising to see
    Prophet Magaya in the newspapers the following day.”

    He says they are confident that their legal team will take
    care of the Mutashu issue.

    “The Mutashu issue is very simple and Prophet Magaya will
    deal with whatever court process there is
    but what is getting out of hand
    is the behaviour by these members from another church. We feel it is time we
    NAMED and SHAMED these people.

    “But we will have to meet with Prophet Magaya tomorrow or Tuesday
    to get his blessing before we do that. We are fortunate that we are made aware
    of every trick they have, the monies they are promising people to try and
    tarnish Prophet Magaya, we believe this has to be made public soon.”

    Pastor Tengwana says they believe the smear campaigns are
    timed to try and disrupt PHD services or crusades.

    “If you check, the timing is to try and affect attendances
    at our services. For instance, the timing of the Thursday stories was to affect
    our crusade in Bulawayo. It did not work and we had a record attendance in the
    history on Bulawayo.

    “Then on Saturday the attempts were to affect attendances
    for today’s service. Prophet Magaya is not there to milk money from people
    attending PHD Services, he is not about wealth. He is about deliverance and there is proof to that. That
    is why he is giving to the needy week in, week out.

    “Just last week we were in Mabvuku and donated to the
    disadvantaged elderly, a former destitute was given a four-roomed house. In
    Bulawayo we saw a number of people leaving their wheelchairs and crutches,
    which is what Prophet Magaya is about.

    “For the two days of the crusade there were NO offerings
    because it is not what we are about. People in Bulawayo were shocked that we could
    do that and this includes pastors based there.

    “On Friday Prophet Magaya even donated food to 200 elderly
    in Bulawayo, which is what he is about. He is not about self-riches and the
    reason people are flocking to PHD is they see the hand of God in what he does.
    That is why people continue coming, he is delivering what the church has always
    been about.

    “So if others are failing to deliver what they promise their
    congregants, it is not Prophet Magaya’s fault that some of those congregants
    have stopped going to their services.”

    It seems the gloves are off for what might be a bruising

    Source: H-Metro

  • For God’s Love

    H- Metro reporter
    PROPHET Walter Magaya’s legal representative, Everson Chatambudza is facing what he views as a unique case where documents meant for him are being given to newspapers days before they eventually reach his office.
    Chatambudza is convinced that the ”adultery ” case involving Food World boss Denford Mutashu is more than just a legal matter.
    He believes it is deliberate media circus to tarnish his client’s name through malicious allegations while using privileges of court papers. When H- Metro sort his comments on the papers filed by Mutashu at the high court, Chatambudza said he has only read about it in the newspapers. He believes this has been a deliberate tactic by Mutashu just to tarnish Prophet Magaya.
    Interestingly, Chatambudza and Mutashu ‘s lawyers operate from the same neighborhood with their offices LESS than a kilometer apart. Chatambudza cited the letter of demand by Mutashu which was EXCLUSIVELY published in the H-Metro of July 31 only to be served to his client dated August 4.
    “Unfortunately this matter is media circus. Papers are being given to newspapers days before the concerned parties are saved. You wonder what the motive is.
    “ You can see that the tactic is for the media to have a field day on our client who will not be in a position to give his side of the story without the papers from Mutashu.
    “For instance the letter of demand, which was in H-Metro on July 31 was only served to us dated August 4 and recycled by other newspapers on August 13.
    “The alleged court papers were in the media on Satarday,which means they were lodged on Friday and having been done on Thursday or even earlier but up to now neither my client nor myself have had a copy.
    “There is more to it than a normal legal matter. So as things stand there is nothing for us to say. Only when the papers are eventually served will we be in a position to respond accordingly.”

  • Jotham

    Right on the mark.

  • Daniel

    This story is just so dubious, I will be surprised if Denford doesnt end up behind bars himself. As the story unfolds it becomes clearer that there is no case against Magaya. H-Metro sees it and its just a matter of time before everyone else realizes the truth.But what about those impressionable people who believe everything they read? If I were Magaya’s lawyer I would counter-sue. I mean not one fact has been presented. Basically a man woke up one morning and decided to create a fairytale at the expense of not only Magaya, but the tens of thousands who believe in the work he is doing. This is intolerable.

  • canndy

    Mutashu how can you claim money,is your wife on market.

  • tadana

    ….Makandiwa disowns anti-Magaya agents


    ….No battle for UFI spokesperson’s post

    By Arron Nyamayaro

    The UNITED Family International Church has distanced itself from an alleged
    smear campaign against popular Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries
    founder, Prophet Walter Magaya.

    Anyone doing so is pursuing a personal agenda that does not have the blessings
    of reowned Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa according to UFI
    spokesperson, Pastor Prime Kufakunesu.

    At the weekend, a PHD official said they are aware of a senior UFI member
    who has been on a campaign to tarnish the image of Prophet Magaya in a project
    that involves the media.

    While PHD’s Pastor Maxwell Tengwana said they would seek Prophet Magaya’s
    greenlight to name and shame, H-Metro is convinced the implicated individual
    attends UFI services.

    Pastor Tengwana said they were aware of this individual’s visits to
    Waterfalls Police Station last month, which led to a false story that Prophet
    Magaya was facing murder charges and a visit to Food World where Denford
    Mutashu is a boss.

    Mutashu recently levelled adultery allegations against Prophet Magaya and the
    visit by this official last Thursday is being linked to the media articles that
    followed.However, Pastor Kufakunesu on Sunday night urged Christians to remain
    rooted in the word of God and not to demonise men of God.

    “As UFIC we have no reason to fight Prophet Magaya and his ministry
    and if there is anyone going around claiming
    to be from us doing it on his own,” said Pastor Kufakunesu.

    He added that PROPHET Makandiwa had also been attacked from all angles in
    the early days of UFIC but was not distracted, “Prophet Makandiwa is known
    for supporting other ministries to the extent of providing them with the PA
    system and not go against his gospel as a man of God.

    “Prophet Makandiwa can rather be attacked than attack people and from
    the start he has been recieving such attacks but remain rooted in the word of

    “He was openly attacked but he never retaliated and the attacks drew
    him closer in hearing what God speaks to him other than what people say about

    “If Magaya is being attacked, he is undergoing what Prophet Makandiwa
    was experiencing in his ministry and as Christians we must remain rooted in
    what the word of God says.

    “I remember Prophet Magaya was
    once quoted thanking Prophet Makandiwa for opening the doors for a free gospel
    that brought and captives free and cannot go against him today.

    “It is too far- fetched to say that Prophet Makandiwa is up against PHD neglecting the
    gospel to the poor, captives and preach good news to the world,” said
    Pastor Kufakunesu.

    Meanwhile, Pastor Kufakunesu scoffed at the reports that there are some from
    UFIC fighting to take his position
    including journalists.

    There had been speculation that his position that his position was under
    threat and there were plans to replace him, especially as the UFI spokesman.

    Names touted include that of the former Deputy Information minister,
    minister Bright Matonga.

    “As UFI we are guided by policies not by people’s experiences or
    claims that they can be good church spokesperson because of their media
    backgrounds. If i am to be replaced,
    procedures are to be followed accordingly and the person must not be a novice.

    “i recently recieved a call from one of the media houses asking about
    Bright Matonga and we strongly suspect someone is being mischievous to spread
    such rumours.

    “Once might come saying i have a background of working with the media
    or so that not lure church leadership to consider him or her
    but his faithfulness and dedication in discharging church assignments for a
    long period is what counts most,” he said.

  • lizard

    why tarnishing Magaya?? vanhu munorwadziwa chete

  • canndy

    it is true that these stories are being fabricated and are meant to tarnish Prophet Magaya’s image,What we are hearing is not true because there is no proof of that,someone should have ask before publishing the story.

  • canndy

    it is clear that Mutashu is being pushed by someone who doesn’t like Prophet Magaya.