Prophet Magaya faces $500k adultery suit

PROPHET MAGAYADaniel Nemukuyu and Bongani Ndlovu
CONTROVERSIAL Harare preacher Prophet Walter Magaya holds a two-day crusade in Bulawayo starting today – but his mind will be firmly in Harare where lawyers are filing a $500,000 lawsuit brought by a man who claims he had an affair with his wife.
Harare man Denford Mutashu says Magaya exchanged saucy text messages with his wife, Nomsa Ruvazhe, and was recorded on tape admitting to having an adulterous affair with her.

Magaya’s Healing and Deliverance Ministries is one of the fastest growing churches in Zimbabwe, with claims that he can perform miracles.

He will take centre stage at AmaZulu Sports Club in Bulawayo today and tomorrow with thousands expected to attend services which will begin at 5PM and end at 9PM over the two nights.

His publicists say he will dish out “anointing that breaks the yoke of the devil and resurrection power” at the free-to-attend services.

But the Chitungwiza-born preacher, a father of two who is married to banker, Tendai Katsiga-Magaya, requires a different kind of anointing for himself to beat accusations of infidelity and avoid the huge payout.

Mutashu’s lawyer, Norman Mugiya, wrote a letter of demand to Magaya on August 4 but the preacher had not made a settlement out of court.

Mugiya, speaking yesterday, said they had been left with no choice but to take the matter to court, with papers set to be filed at the Harare High Court today.

Mugiya said they were in possession of racy text messages and a printout of mobile phone communications between Magaya and Ruvazhe.
“Our client is in possession of video recordings where you admitted to have had an improper relationship with his wife,” wrote Mugiya in the letter of demand.

“Our client then intercepted love text messages in her (Ruvazhe’s) phone from you, Mr Walter Magaya, and our client also made a printout of the communication between yourself and our client’s wife.

“Our client also noted that the affair between yourself and his wife has been going on for sometime and we are also in possession of communication which you made with our client’s wife while in South Africa.”

The lawyer claimed Magaya was still sending love text messages to Ruvazhe even after meeting Mutashu in a bid to reach an out-of-court settlement.

“What is sad is that even after you had a meeting with our client to resolve the matter at your church premises, you are still exchanging love text messages with our client’s wife through your close associates whom you treat as counsellors at your church and also bodyguards,” read the letter.

Efforts to get a comment from Prophet Magaya were fruitless as his close associates blocked our Harare Bureau from getting his side of the story.

Mutashu said trouble started when his wife went to Magaya’s church. The preacher allegedly asked her to stay at one of his lodges for three consecutive days without Mutashu’s knowledge.

After Mutashu’s “frantic efforts to locate his wife”, he found her with Magaya who claimed he was “spiritually assisting her”, the lawyers say.

Ruvazhe, added the lawyers, had left the matrimonial home for Magaya’s “company”, and has been acting “aggressive and rude” to her husband.

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  • Tindo

    I have personally been to the guest house. The guest house set-up is like dormitories. There are no private rooms. You will be more than ten people in one room. At any given time the ministry can accommodate as many as 600 people at the different guest houses. People coming to the guest houses are coming from zimbabwe and all over the world. Now tell me reporter, how is it possible for Magaya to detain this woman at the guest house when the guest-house arrangement is not a private arrangement. Media you are wasting your time. Jehovah El Gibbor will fight all these batttles for the prophet. Chakatochaya pa Bulawayo nhasi media yakazara tu nyaya. Ndipo pamuchaona kuti hakuna chinomisa simba ra Mwari. Dzungu hakusi kungwara.

    • Pray Always

      Are you a true Christian?

    • NICO

      TINDO taura hako all this is just a sighn kuti PHD IS GOING far chete.

  • Tindo

    Zvekwamusina kuswera siyanai nazvo. Kana usina information zviri safe not to comment.

    • Tsitsi Magaso

      What are you on about.What gives you the right to tell me what to do Dawg. Who died and made you Chronicle Editor- in- chief

      • Tindo

        Musango humane nekuti muchabata pane zodzo zvikaita zvimwe. Make sure you comment pane nyaya yaunonyatso ziva.

        • Tsitsi Magaso

          This is a free world you Moron. Take your wisdom bullshit and piss off. Write in English don’t assume I can read shona because of my name. Do the Engutsheni staff know where you are?

          • Pray Always

            Such language!! Oh dear. Do Christians talk that way too?

  • Tindo

    Magaya and Gumbura are two completely different people. Watch yadah tv if u would want to know who magaya is

    • Jotham

      That is how all the activities start – a bit of this and a bit of that. Next in line is outright raped period.

      • Tindo

        Join Prophet Magaya on yadah tv for more information about this man and his ministry. Udumo kubani? UJesu!!!!

        • Jotham

          God’s word is not for mobs or gangs. He might have a million followers but that does not mean God is performing his miracles. Numbers do not indicate that God is present.

  • babasviri

    Do not play with power of the Lord refering to you repoters Bongani Ndlovu and Daniel Nemukuyu, you will see it. Though you might want to plis your master but this time you made the wrong approach.

    • Jotham

      Stop threatening others – God is not a robot. God is for all of us – performance of miracles does not mean God’s power is involved.

      • David


  • Tindo

    Miracles already taking place in Bulawayo. Apa munhu wa Mwari havasati vatosvika mu stadium. heeeeeeeeee satan asingade-asingade. Mbiri kunaniko iwe? Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesu!!!! Hokoyo satan!!!! You cannot touch Byo – Byo is on fire!!!!!

    • NICO

      mbiri kuna JESUp!

    • Zoe

      Hehede regai ndiseke zvangu kkkkkkkk hahahaha bwa bwa bwa, Prophet Magaya chaivo an affair with a married woman?

      1. I have met the wife, what a beautiful, mighty woman of God, Prophetess Tendai Magaya, a woman in perfect shape, with a beautiful heart, a beautiful smile and the most humble prophetess of them all, mondiudza Kuti munhu ane mukadzi akanaka kudaro would risk it with a married woman? Ini zvangu ndaramba.

      2. Kana vaine shavi revakadzi, I’m sure there are more beautiful single women in his church, than this low life, ministry attacker satanist of a woman.

      3. Yes I know the set up of his guest house, he can’t possibly have an intimate affair pachena pakadaro

      4. Ini zvangu Prophet na Prophetess Magaya ndovaziva havaite zvinhu zvakadaro

      • Tindo

        Correction Zoe, Mai Magaya is not a prophetess. Ndivo vega vasingafambi ne title yemurume wavo. Asi zvimwe zvese zvawataura zviri correcto. Thank you Lord for this family and for raising a prophet like him in our time. Zvatiitira pedo pane kuenda Nigeria. Aiwa pressure yekuenda ku Lagos hatichina. Thank you Jesus!!!

      • David

        As long as you are talking of a human being, they r capable of anything coz they r a human being and a human being faces temptations from the devil,being a prophet does nt exempt one from temptation, even Moses angered God with his temper.
        Abraham lied.
        Elijah smote armies with fire.
        All these were prophets but they had this human element which showed they could make mistakes.

        I am not saying Magaya is guilty, even if these are false allegations…Magaya will still not be perfect coz he’s human.

        Never put your trust in a human being, because you’ll be disappointed,I tell you.

      • Miritz

        Ihwo hu prophetess hwaa kutengwa nhai, saka varume vese vaive maporofita munguva yakare sei vakadzi vavo vaive vasiri ana prophetess…. hahahahahaha. Watch out. The end is near

  • Tsitsi Magaso

    You pressing the wrong button. I don’t care very much for self proclaimed Bible Bashers .Been there and got the T-shirt. I frankly don’t care who is sleeping with whom. I am not going to be told what to do by anybody. I am also not one of those gullible women who believe in all this miracle prayer nonsense. If you believe in it fair enough, but don’t tell me what to do. Frankly anyone who gives a Spiritually mumbo jumbo excuse, when caught deserves to be sued. Leave me alone go preach to someone who cares. Frankly I don’t give a damn

  • Muzwangendaba

    Tsitsi Magaso kkkkkk wathinta abafazi wathinta imbokodo

  • Budza

    video recordings? love text msgs? communication printouts? mr editor do you have these things? or did you see them and verified that they are indeed from the concerned parties? if you did fair and fyn but kana usina am just advising you against touching the anointed ones. remember the bible talks of persecution of the church. not necearily PHD but the church where the power of God is witnessed. The problem with touching the anointed ones is that you will personally attract the wrath of God himself.theres no way magaya would detain a particular lady at guest hse bcz of the setup ikoko. a room have 10-15ppl at any given tym. dai tawanirwa nyasha tataura zvatiine humboo nazvo. wat matters is are people being delivered? are they recieving what they came for?
    Mbiriiiiiiii kunaniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii weeeee? satan chinonyepa!!!!

  • Ndlukula Ye Sizwe

    I guess the husband already suspected that his wife was playing games. Theres a very simple easy to install app you can install on a smart phone that can record all your phone conversations. If the wife is not tech savvy she would be easily caught

  • gugulethu

    zvema miracles tanzwa endai imi muno beliva but handi jugde hangu.

  • David

    False prophet!

  • marsh

    Anointed kudiniko ,can’t you these are a bunch of unbelievers.You cannot compare Elijah ,Elisha or Isaiah with Magaya ,the people who just support everything ,every system and they do not condemn immorality and just suck money from people.we better have wisdom.If any of the old testament prophets appears I believe with modern set-up he will not have crowds and will be denied and humiliated because he wont promise comfort in this present world.

    • Logic

      But at what point did this become about sucking people’s money? You realise that your entire post is riddled with irrelevant, not to mention unfounded fallacies. I mean who are you to set the comparison bar amongst God’s chosen prophets? ” …you cannot compare Elijah, Elisha or Isaiah with Magaya…” Furthermore, what makes you think that the old testament prophets wouldnt pull crowds today? If they managed to be well known throughout their respective communities those days, how much more today with the advantage of technology? At least try to throw in one actual fact next time you want to slander a man of God, or anyone for that matter

  • Jebes Muchapondwa

    I want to try to structure this response about the adultery charges being
    leveled against the man of God Prophet W Magaya,to fit all platforms of
    the media be it Facebook, herald, Newsday or any other. I want to point
    out a number of points that clearly
    demonstrates that we as a nation have become a lay back community that
    easily give in to gossip, have become tolerant to people who play victim
    without scrutinising them, and have been restistant to any man of God
    who draws crowds to God to the extent that it apparently is a fact that
    no man of God will ever be accepted unless he runs a small unknown
    ministry or is in a dead ministry with no results, miracles, healing or
    prophecy. My responses will be so long and I may have to post them in

    Part One:

    There are a number of things I have questions about in the whole claim by Chimutashu and his Lawyers.

    1.In the statement given to Herald, Chimutashu’s described him as “poor”
    and Prophet Magaya as “Rich”. Following some comments also from some
    readers some mentioned the “richer the defendant, the more he should
    I don’t need to dwell much on laws of compensation because one thing for
    sure the man of God did not have this affair. But for the sake of
    proving that Chimutashu is not a credible witness even in court if I was
    to be a court judge

    a)I am sure with law of compensation, one should not seek to be enriched
    by what he would claim as damages, simply because he is “poor” and he
    has accused a seemingly “rich” man e.g if you have a peugeot 404 worth
    $500 and u claim Bill gates’ limo wracked your vehicle. You dont demand a
    helicopter from him simply because he is rich. This action by Mutashu
    clearly show he is seeking riches coz he is POOR!!!, his lawyer said it.

    b)The claim that the Prophet bought the wife a $10000 dollar, serioulsy?
    So where is it bring parked. In Chimutashu’s garage? And he locks his
    gate at night to secure all his assets, including that car. Seriously
    which man on which planet allows a wife to drive in a car bought by
    another in his gate and let her drive it and even ferry kids from school
    and the two still staying together. I will not laugh at this as my
    intention is trying to make everyone see how ridiculous this sounds.
    This makes no sense and further proves this case is fishy and fabricated
    and that Chimutashu is not a credible witness.

    C) Chimutashu claims to have not known the whereabouts of his wife because
    she had been ordered to go to Magaya Lodge. Eish, one has to understand
    the process one has to go through to be booked and the guest houses to
    even claim such nonsense. For one to be booked, the Prophet does not do
    it himself. There are people who work there and forms to be filled.
    There over 1000 guests at any time so much that the Prophet can’t even
    have more than 2 minutes with any one guest because they all want
    attention with their problems. The guest houses accommodate so much
    people so.much that a possibility of any activities of anyone having an
    affair would not be possible.

    Let me post this..we will continue from d) on next post

  • tadana

    MUTASHU you too greedy for money bt haulume…