Prophet mania grips Zim: 85% of population seek their services


Pamela Shumba, Senior Reporter
ABOUT 85 percent of Zimbabweans consult prophets, faith and traditional healers for medical ailments, a development that has jolted the Government to enforce regulations and arrest those who are not registered.

According to a study conducted by the Ministry of Health and Child Care, a majority of Zimbabweans are shunning doctors and consulting prophets for illnesses.

The Deputy Minister of Health and Child Care, Dr Adrian Musiiwa, yesterday said the Government was concerned about the increasing number of unscrupulous people who claim to be healers and compromise people’s health.

“In this country there is freedom of worship but it does not extend to freedom of healing. A study conducted by my ministry at the beginning of this year showed us that about 85 percent of people prefer consulting prophets and faith healers instead of going to hospitals.

“Healing is for the Ministry of Health and churches are for worshipping. Whoever feels that they are capable of healing people should be registered under the Traditional Medical Practitioners Council (TMPC) so that we monitor them and make sure that they are not compromising people’s health,” said Dr Musiiwa.

Apostolic sects are among those popular with Zimbabweans

Apostolic sects are among those popular with Zimbabweans

He said many patients were losing their lives while some were resisting medication due to instructions from prophets and traditional healers which contradicted conventional advice from qualified medical practitioners.

“There are a lot of unscrupulous people claiming to be faith healers thereby compromising people’s health. We have more than 900 000 people living with HIV and are on anti-retroviral treatment.

“Some faith healers claim to heal HIV and they tell our patients to stop taking their drugs. The patients default and they end up developing resistance to treatment,” said Dr Musiiwa.

He said the ministry was concerned about faith healers who were making people drink and eat dangerous concoctions and weird herbs that affect their health.

Dr Musiiwa said this is a setback in the health fraternity and calls for strict monitoring of prophets and traditional healers.

“We therefore need to know who else is attending to our patients and what they’re telling them to do. If they’re giving them wrong information then we have to intervene as a ministry.

“If a church believes that they have a pastor who is powerful to treat and heal people they have the right to vouch for their pastor and recommend him to operate under the Traditional Medical Practitioners Council. The ministry will then allow him to register and monitor him. We must know how they do it so that people are not taken for granted,” said Dr Musiiwa.

The deputy minister, however, said the ministry would deregister those who do not follow the ministry’s health regulations and use unhygienic substances to treat people.

He warned people to be wary of false prophets and urged them to first ask for a TMPC licence before seeking their services.

Dr Musiiwa added that the ministry was organising workshops for faith healers to discuss how they could complement each other in protecting people’s lives and keeping them healthy.

Last month President Mugabe blasted “pastors” who steal from congregants in the name of God.

He said individuals should worship God directly instead of relying on so-called “men of God.”— @pamelashumba1

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  • Mkhusto

    ……and Grace Mugabe and family need deliverance

  • Mendeka

    I heard that a powerful healer revealed a big snake in Mutate said to belong to Chiyangwa and that the President ordered that the it be delivered to him at State House. Where is the snake now or is it under New management? Therefore some of these healers are very powerful.

  • Zapalala

    Kkkk stupid minister pple have no choice but to go to these fake prophets at least they are willing to help. Who can fly them to RSA and Singapore like the elite do. I don’t like these prophets but on this one they are doing national service and helping the nation. Do u have that medication in your hospitals. If u have why are u flying all the time out of the country seeking medication. Hayi fuseki yekani abantu Mani lina bosathani

    • Uje

      Good point, its all because of poverty. You visit a hospital and you que for the whole day. I have family who died of a mere heart problem thats treatable in good hospital in well managed countries.

  • Ndumiso Sithole

    So if one is sick he can not ask his pastor to pray for him? There is freedom of worship but not healing? No wonder this country is messed up some ministry officials akulanto abayaziyo.Just get excited for nothing.

  • Wellington

    These guys baswela okokwenza, fix the economy you bastards and leave people to do what they want their lives

  • qondani

    They can’t afford your hospital fees

  • Proudly zii

    Pamela Shumba, may u kindly go back n ask this crazy minister if they hv finished monitoring the doctors n nurses who are causing pple to loose lives in Hre hospital, mpilo, ubh etc. He shld also tell us why they are worried about us dying at the hands of prophets when they don’t care about us dying in state hospitals. When someone z administered wrong drugs, no explanation, wen one z operated akasiiwa chigero n gloves mudumbu no explanation, monitor those first motipa mhinduro iri satisfactory not kutishandisira diplomacy nw mafesa competition from prophets motiitira noise. VaMusiiwa marwadziwa nekuti hamuchaita mari kumasurgery nemapharmacy enyu ndochokwadi. Bye bye regai zvangu ndimhanye kumasowe nhasi iFriday.

  • nxumalo

    Munotipa mari yekuenda kunorapwa here stupid shut up we are orphans no leaders to talk about leave us pliz mbwa dzevanhu liyahlanya lina yiyaphuma lisiya e south africa lifuna life lina liphila satan

  • makhurane

    kkkkkkk prophets are doing a great job to heal the people,the reason why you minister and your father the vampire don’t attend to the prophets its because you have more money to fly to singapore and south africa there,these people abala mali they do rather go to prophets where they don’t pay anything,,prophets i support you on this one,

    for these doctors they are not concerned about the lives of people,all they are seing is not a patient its a client,they just concerned with money,that is why they make you sick and sleep in their surgeries for months on a dizz that can be cured in one week because they know the more you stay sick the more money but God looks at health not money so get away you medical practitioners and your medicines

  • God of War

    A fool and his money are soon parted.

  • QB

    I think this Doctor Musiiwa is one of these Doctor Accountants who are also charging people thousands of dollars in our hospitals. If health facilities were of good state and trust worthy then why is it that our masters seek help beyond borders. Who doesn’t know that God offers free healing and Doctors want money on the table before anything. This thing of people refuse to take medicines I can also condemn, one can be prayed for and get healed but he has to ask for the doctors to re-examine him or her so that he or she maybe confirmed healed and therefore use the doctors reports as his testimony backup. #we have freedom of healing as long as we are using our monies to acquire that healing. Abantwabethu bafunda emakhaya angelangitsho amabhuku kodwa lithi yonke into iqondile elizweni lina lithatha abenu libasa emazweni. Minister ohloniphekayo siyeke senze okulingane izikhwama zethu ngoba nawe wenza okulingane isikhwama sakho njalo yithi esikubeke lapho. Yekela ukufuna ukubusa lempilo zethu akube uThixo owazingezimpilo zethu hatshi wena ngoba uyisidalwa njeee njalo usesihlalweni leso hatshi ngokuthanda kwakho kodwa ngomusa wakhe.