Prosecutor arrested

Chronicle Reporter
A PROSECUTOR stationed at the Bulawayo Tredgold Court was yesterday arrested for allegedly forging a signature to decline the prosecution of four police officers. Malvin Nzombe was picked up from the building in the afternoon. The four cops who escaped prosecution were facing criminal abuse charges.

Nzombe allegedly committed the crime in February this year. Bulawayo provincial police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango confirmed Nzombe’s arrest, but could not give further details.

However, a source told The Chronicle that Nzombe hid the docket on the four police officers’ case. “Sometime in February, four police officers were brought to court for prosecution. Nzombe, who was on duty at the set down office, declined to prosecute them without consulting the area public prosecutor,” said the source.

“He also kept the docket to himself and didn’t submit it back to the station as per requirement. We spent some days trying to locate the docket until we discovered Nzombe had hid it inside a locker.”

Nzombe allegedly claimed he put the docket in the locker for safe keeping as he was aware that the police were looking for it.


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  • musa

    about time. all corrupt public officers must be prosecuted. investigate the officers to for corruption


    Now go for officers !!.

  • khulu undubeko

    deal with these corrupt prosecutors, this is a step in the right direction